Anime Showdown Trello Link, Wiki, Discord Invite & FAQ


Thinking that Anime Showdown Featuring an official Trello board, we’re here to help you with a link to the official Anime Showdown Trello and answers to all your frequently asked questions.

Anime Showdown is a Roblox fighting game where you can control various anime characters and unleash their power and moves in PvP to defeat other players in battles.

Melon Revenue Game created on 1/17/2022.

Anime Showdown Discord invite link

You can also join the official Anime Showdown community Discord server For more information about the game and to interact with the game developers and community.

Anime Showdown Twitter

There is currently no Twitter account for Anime Showdown.

Is there an anime showdown wiki?

No, there is currently no Anime Showdown wiki and we don’t know if there will be one.

Anime Showdown Trello Link

Currently, there is no publicly accessible Trello board for Anime Showdown. We’ll update this post once developers create a Trello board or wiki!

While you’re here, check out the rest of our Trello link database for popular Roblox games! Don’t forget to check out the latest Anime Showdown codes too!

Anime Showdown Trello FAQ

What is Trello?

Trello, a project management and collaboration tool, organizes your projects into boards. Trello is a collaboration tool that shows you at a glance what’s being done, who’s doing what, and where. Imagine a whiteboard with sticky notes. Each note is a task for you or your team. Imagine each sticky note containing photos, attachments and documents from Salesforce or Jira. There is also a place for you to comment and contribute. Imagine that you can now take your whiteboard with you wherever you go, on your smartphone and access it from anywhere via the internet. That’s Trello!

Many Roblox developer groups use Trello to provide guides, tutorials, tier lists, update logs, FAQs, and other information about Roblox games to players.

Anime Showdown controls

Shift (Hold): Sprint
M1: Basic attack
M2: Massive attack
Space (Hold) + M1 (Ground): Up
Space (hold) + M1 (in air): Air Launcher
M2 (in the air): Aerial Slam
Q: Dash
F: Black
F (Time, on certain moves): Perfect block
C: Move the meter charge
R: (When lower white gauge is full): Evasive

Anime Showdown Moves Tips

Not all skills are perfectly blockable.
Movements cost a move meter (the blue meter at the top), which you can recover by charging with the C key or landing M1 attacks.

Anime Showdown Armor Levels

Super Armor absorbs 50% damage instead of 100% on all non-armor-breaking moves.
Some skills can BREAK armor, meaning they can cancel an attack with armor.


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