Android Studio Flamingo stable release, things you need to know


Ishtiaq Hanif


Apr 13, 2023 21:08 EDT

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Google What is the announcement? The latest stable version of Android Studio 2022.2.1, codenamed Flamingo, on its Android Developers blog. It is the official IDE for creating apps that run on Android. This version comes with four major updates.

UI Tools

  • Jetpack Compose and Material 3 templates – Since Jetpack Compose is now recommended for new projects, templates use Material 3 and Jetpack Compose by default.
  • Live Editing (Writing) Experimental – Using Compose, this feature pushes code changes directly to the emulator or connected device to iteratively build the app. Changes are saved automatically. Developers can see UI updates in real-time.
  • Themed app icon preview support – You can see a live preview of how the app icon will react based on the theme or wallpaper.

Themed app icon preview.

  • Dynamic color preview – This new feature enables you to dynamically change the UI color profile based on the device’s wallpaper.


  • Create an analyst job classification – The new version of Build Analyzer can now group tasks into categories like Manifest, Kotlin, and Android Resources. They are arranged according to the time taken to build. You can easily identify the parts that consume more time.

Construction of analyst job classification

  • One-click automated profileable build and run – After configuring the profileable app, it can automatically build and run a non-debuggable build with one click.
  • Link support for SDK extensions – The IDE automatically scans for errors and automatically updates APIs to the correct version.
  • Android Gradle Plugin 8.0.0 –.comes with new gradle version a List Improvements, behavior changes, and removal of the Transform API.


  • Updates to App Quality Insights – It comes with a lot of tools to improve app quality and performance.
  • Network Inspector Traffic Interruption – It allows you to create and manage rules to adjust app behavior. You can edit and interrupt the app’s responses.
  • Automatically connect to the foreground process in the Layout Inspector. – The foreground process will be automatically attached to the layout inspector moving forward.


  • IntelliJ Platform Update – The new IntelliJ 2022.2 platform update includes performance improvements for the IDE, rendering on macOS and Kotlin when searching for code, and auto-completion.

How to update

If you haven’t received an update notification from within the IDE, you can update manually from within the IDE. Here. The system requirements are unchanged, so your existing system will work fine. For new users, you can follow the step by step guide from Android. Here.

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