Android 11 gained market share over Android 12, Android 13 is going strong.


Smartphone running on Android 11

According to April 2023 Android distribution statistics obtained by 9to5Google, Android 11 R leads the race with 23.5% market share. It’s been years since Google stopped updating these numbers on Android. Distribution Dashboardbut the above data is now available through Android Studio.

The latest public release of Android 13, which came out in August last year, has seen a lot of improvements over the past few months. It has seen a huge jump from 5% market share in January 2023 to 12.1% in April 2023. It seems to have consumed part of the older versions, all of whom have shown their numbers to decrease by varying amounts.

Here is a comparison between the Android version distribution for the months of January and April 2023:

Android version January 2023 (%) April 2023 (%)
Android 13T 5.0 12.1
Android 12S 18.9 16.5
Android 11 R 24.4 23.5
Android 10 Q 19.5 18.5
Android 9 Pie 13.2 12.3
Android 8 Oreo 9.5 6.7
Android 7 Nougat 3.7 3.3
Android 6 Marshmallow 2.8 2.5
Android 5 Lollipop 2.1 1.9
Android 4 KitKat 0.7 0.6

Third Party Data The picture provided by StatCounter paints a slightly different picture, where Android 12 has the highest share of 22.22% as of March 2023. Meanwhile, Android 13 sits at the third position with a market share of 17.65%.

In comparison, iPhones have fared better when it comes to adopting the latest software. Apple’s iOS 16 update was running on 72% of iPhones five months after its public release. It should be noted that the entire development of iPhone including both hardware and software is strictly controlled by Apple which is not the case with Android. However, the latest numbers have been revealed shortly after Google started rolling out Android 14 Beta 1.

Source: 9to5Google


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