An upcoming Outlook feature aims to promote a better understanding of gender.


Microsoft Outlook

Using the correct pronoun for a person promotes inclusion and makes the other person feel respected. With that in mind, Microsoft has finally started working on a feature for the Outlook web client to allow users to reveal who they are.

Microsoft is working on the ability to add pronouns to the profile card of Outlook web clients. Major social media players such as Instagram have long since started adding the ability to declare gender identity pronouns on user profiles. However, popular email services such as Outlook have not yet fully embraced the use of pronouns.

Currently, you can add pronouns to email signatures in Outlook, but you don’t have the option to display them in your profile card. That will change next month, as Microsoft aims to bring the use of pronouns to Outlook profiles in March.

Microsoft has informed about the upcoming functionality. Microsoft 365 Roadmap pagebut as is the case with all items listed there, it lacks full details on how the feature will work.

Using Pronouns in Outlook Profile Cards

Microsoft has not shared when it will bring gender identity pronouns to other Outlook clients. But until that day comes, you need to log in to with a Microsoft account to put your pronouns in a profile, thus helping others know how to address you.

In March this year, apart from the availability of pronouns in Outlook profile cards, a nifty integration between Outlook and Teams is also expected. And for Outlook users on iOS devices, get ready to embrace a new navigation bar next month.


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