Amid the survival horror revival, Parasite Eve deserves its turn.


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  • With new IPs and remakes of beloved classics, the survival horror genre is back to conquer.
  • Parasite Eve was a clever mix of genres filled with unique mechanics, and this is the perfect opportunity to bring this hidden gem to life.
  • Square Enix should reevaluate their priorities and give this classic a chance instead of a poor choice that no one wants.

Lately, the gaming industry has taken on a slew of survival horror games, both new and remakes of old classics, and we can’t help but be happy for the return of the genre that graced our childhoods. made to Packing crisp visuals and fluid gameplay, reimagining beloved adventures, and the impact of their past versions on the current industry are worth seeing thanks to modern developments.

With the return of the survival horror genre, seeing Parasite Eve make a grand entrance will be a much-needed treat. Parasite Eve was one of the PlayStation 1’s surprise hits, a mix of genres that defied convention. And the revival of the series could be another nostalgic trip down memory lane, with the game turning 25 a few days ago. Considering Square Enix’s somewhat shaky position, the game’s return could give it a breakthrough.

The triumphant return of survival horror.

We fondly remember when Resident Evil was first released and it blew everyone away. What we didn’t expect was the chain reaction it set off that shaped the survival horror genre. The gems that followed became highlights of their era, as the clever implementation of mechanics reinforced the sense of impending danger while also effectively exploiting the limitations of the technology.

Fixed camera and Tank controls provided an era-appropriate experience. As Janki controls and hordes of enemies created an anxiety that was just right. In addition to the more action-oriented Resident Evil and Dead Space, we had Silent Hill and Fatal Frame – great stories, and the first horror experience in a horror environment.

After Resident Evil 4 blew everyone away with the shift to a simpler over-the-shoulder camera and revolutionary mechanics, there was a saturation with many games after that and the genre slowly declined as the focus shifted. Moved to action games. After Capcom established a more realistic experience in Resident Evil 7 and embarked on a remake project for the Resident Evil classics, an inevitable revival began.

Gamers were amazed at how well the modern ideas and their clever execution worked with the classic genre, facilitating its triumphant return. Capcom surpassed all expectations with their exceptional remake of the classic Resident Evils. Callisto Protocol was a new IP that, although not well received, brought freshness and contributed to the revival of the genre.

With the high expectations for the Dead Space remake and then the desired reception, hopes arose for revivals of other classics. This soon turned into euphoria as a remake of Silent Hill 2 was announced, and three new Silent Hill games were the cherry on top. The rewards for survival horror fans don’t stop there as Fatal Frame also returns with Fatal Frame: Mask of the Eclipse released for modern consoles, much to our immense delight.

The most exciting news was the remake of the legendary Resident Evil 4, and its release took the world by storm as Capcom did the impossible task of improving an already exceptional game beyond expectations. With their massive success and more games on the way, it’s safe to say that the survival horror genre is really back in the competition, and that’s why I believe it’s the perfect time for Parasite Eve to return.

Parasite Eve – A classic gem

In the 90s, SquareSoft (now Square Enix) was largely working on its popular turn-based RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Cross. This is essentially where they developed the Active Time Battle (ATB) mechanic used in their later titles. Square experimented with multiple concepts, as their games featured similar but unique mechanics in each entry, and resulted in some unusual games like Xenogears and Parasite Eve.

With the rise of the horror genre in Japan and the expanding influence of Resident Evil, the company decided to move forward with a horror novel adaptation that plays much like their RPGs. This resulted in a unique fusion of the two genres in Parasite Eve, like it was Resident Evil meets Final Fantasy. The game was more of a theatrical RPG experience, the way it played, And remains an upscale classic.

The game sets an interesting premise. Aya Bria, a rookie NYPD officer, attends an opera and suddenly everyone in the audience bursts into flames (was the music that intense?) The opening sequence was a visual marvel for its time, as the sudden combustion and The way it was brilliantly presented was a great sight. Sensing that something is wrong, Aya and the Mastermind try to take Eve out to foil his as-yet-unknown plot.

The audience bursts into flames in the opera scene of Parasite Eve.
The audience bursts into flames in the opera scene of Parasite Eve.

The game also hides the real boss behind a final dungeon and a new game plus, with a shocking reveal and conclusion. The game’s visuals were its strong suit as they provided a faithful recreation of many New York scenes, and the gothic atmosphere fit a spooky theme. Also, Parasite Eve’s utterly ominous music reinforced this sense of dread.

The real highlight of the game was the gameplay mechanics that defied many conventions. On top of the survival horror elements, the game followed an RPG approach to combat, with a stoppable real-time combat using Square’s ATB bar. Random encounters can be triggered in a fixed camera setting, as you move through predefined paths in a limited open world. A remake could take the fight to new heights.

We need a remake for Parasite Eve.
by the u/ControllerMartin I Gaming

During combat encounters, you can move freely to avoid attacks or transform yourself while the ATB bar is charging. Actions allowed you to execute a break for the objective, or use Parasite Energy (this game’s MP) to perform support actions. The game also integrated RPG-style progression in the form of your weapon and equipment loadouts, which the player can customize prior to battle.

However, the game was not without its flaws. The interesting premise was held back by a linear and straightforward plot, which also affected the replay value. Parasite Eve 2 tried to improve some of these shortcomings as it also strengthened the horror aspect, but it also had to abandon some of the innovations of the first, such as bringing in tank control and dropping the ATB mechanic.

Parasite Eve 2 no longer has stoppable combat.
Parasite Eve 2 no longer has stoppable combat.

3rd Birthday, the final game in the Parasite Eve series, was highly controversial. The third-person shooter had interesting gameplay due to its tactical over-dive mechanic that made combat more fun and strategic. However, the overly vague storyline and its disconnection from the series, and especially the overall portrayal of Aya’s character, drew much criticism.

Third Anniversary is a complete third-person shooter.
Third Anniversary is a complete third-person shooter.

Square Enix stands at a crossroads.

Despite its flaws, Parasite Eve is Square’s most underrated franchise with enough potential to do very well in the current era. This is reflected in the excessive hype following the Symbiogenesis trademark which fans thought was a new Parasite Ewe but were left with utter disappointment as the NFT malfunction that turned out to be Symbiogenesis.

Turns out the “Symbiogenesis” that people speculated was related to Parasite Eve was just an NFT project.
by the u/ppfdee I JRPG

With the complete failure of Marvel Avengers and Forspoken, Square Enix is ​​facing a tough time. Nevertheless, it all went down to the hated NFT formula, further fueling criticism. Because of his current tendencies, fans don’t even want him to see Parasite again to completely ruin Eve. A port of the games is highly desirable for the current generation even though they have been stuck on platforms for a long time.

I believe that if handled with care, the remake of Parasite Eve can serve as a redemption for Square Enix. The upcoming Final Fantasy XVI looks like a great masterpiece, and we’ve already seen how well strategic real-time combat can work in modern titles with its implementation in the Final Fantasy VII remake. Has the ability to produce excellent regeneration. .

Although our hopes were dashed once before, I believe it’s a great time to revisit the franchise, the survival horror genre in full bloom. Sadly, Square Enix is ​​too busy with completely soulless projects like terrible NFT games. We hope Parasite Eve gets the recognition it deserves, either classic ports, or better yet a worthy reimagining that leaves us pleasantly surprised once again.

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