Amendments to the UK Online Safety Bill could increase jail terms for social media owners.


Britain’s online safety bill could be amended next week to include jail terms for social media owners who fail to meet the law’s requirements. As the bill stands now, social media companies could be fined up to 10 percent of their global revenue if they don’t implement measures to keep children safe on their platforms. Senior managers of firms may be detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure. Required actions are not implemented.

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Clearly, the prison terms are not what the Conservative government leadership supports, but 36 Conservative backbenchers want tougher sentences included in the rebel bill. The rebels are generally unopposed but have the support of the Labor Party, which is the main opposition party with 175 seats.

The amendment also has the support of an unspecified number of child protection charities. He believes the bill will only be effective if owners face the risk of personal liability. There are similar personal liability rules in the construction and financial industries. The rebels have said they are open to concessions, but personal responsibility must be maintained.

The Conservative government has a majority of 68 in the House of Commons which means it could win its way through the vote if the party is united. According to BBC News, the government is in serious danger of defeat.

Source: BBC News


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