Amazon RxPass enables unlimited prescription drugs for $5 a month for Prime members.


Amazon What is the announcement? A new perk for Prime members called RxPass. It allows users to pay a monthly fee of $5 and get free access to drugs that address 80 common health conditions. As part of the offer, Amazon will deliver the medicine to your home for free and explains that there are no hidden fees.

Amazon RX Pass

“Prime members already get fast, free delivery on prescription drugs, and RxPass is another way to save with Amazon Pharmacy,” said John Lowe, vice president of Amazon Pharmacy. Paying more than $10 will see their prescription costs cut by 50% or more, plus they save time by skipping a pharmacy visit. “We offer our customers amazingly simple and low-cost Excited to offer what they need every month.”

To obtain RxPass, Prime members in the United States (the service is not available elsewhere) must visit or the Amazon mobile app and create or update an Amazon pharmacy profile. From there, you can go through the sign-up process to check your eligibility and prescription information. Customers with enrollment or prescription questions can speak to an Amazon pharmacist 24/7.

Amazon said its pharmacy services are available whether or not you decide to pay with insurance. By using RxPass, people who take two or more medications a month can save “significant” time and money. You can learn more by visiting RxPass web page.

As a reminder, if you’re a student or receive SNAP, Medicaid, or other qualifying government assistance, you can qualify for Prime at the regular price ($14.99 instead of $6.99) after a 30-day free trial. . To see if you qualify. go here.

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