Amazon Prime Gaming is now available in India.


Prime membership in India offers benefits like exclusive deals, free, fast delivery, ad-free music, and rewards where eligible members can earn 5% reward points on their purchases on Now, the e-commerce giant has added another item to the list – Amazon Prime Gaming.

Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime Gaming is a subscription service that gives its users access to a number of gaming titles. You can get free in-game content like power-ups, and skins on popular mobile games that are updated frequently. In addition, every month, Amazon will add a large number of new titles to the service.

The games you claim on Amazon Prime Gaming can be kept with you forever. However, in order to claim some of these bonuses, you will be requested to log in to third-party games stores such as Activision, Bungie, Epic Games Store, or Rockstar Games.

Service charges will apply. $18 or 1499 a year in India. You can also choose to pay a monthly subscription. 179 rupees or about $2.20.

Previously, Rishi Alwani, games market analyst What was the report? That Amazon India was gearing up for Prime Gaming launch. He found a description of it in the Prime subscription section of the site but clicked on it and got an error. Probably the work was in progress at that time. now, The service has gone live.!

Source: Tech Crunch


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