Amazon deal: Prime X6 and WD_Black NVMe 1TB SSDs on sale for up to 54% off


WD Black SN770

If you’re looking for some good SSD deals to choose from, WD_BLACK or Crucial might be your option. Amazon is offering 54% and 41% discounts on the 1TB WD_BLACK SN770 and SN850X NVMe internal SSDs, respectively. Additionally, the 1TB Crucial X6 Portable External SSD is also available at a 45% discount.

The original MSRP of the WD_BLACK SN770 is $129.99, the WD_BLACK SN850X is $159.99, and the Crucial X6 is $109.99. However, with these deals, you’ll save $70, $65, and $50, respectively. So, get your hands on the deal that best matches your needs today!

Crucella X6 Portable SSD

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