Amazon cuts software development job openings by 99% amid economic downturn


Amazon has largely cut software development jobs to just 299, compared to 32,692 positions it opened last May. The development was spotted by user TheoDip, who used the Internet Archive to look up job openings last May. Compared to now. If you’ve been following the news about Amazon’s job cuts, it’s no surprise to see that the company is trying to run a tight ship given the economic conditions.

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Earlier this month, Amazon CEO Andy Jessee published a blog post announcing that starting on January 18, the company would be negotiating with the employees it had laid off. The cuts primarily affected the Amazon Stores and People Experience and Technology (PXT) solutions teams, but Amazon is likely not looking to hire elsewhere in the company just yet.

Thanks to inflation throughout our world, central banks have raised interest rates to crush consumer demand, and by extension, inflation. With low demand, companies cannot justify their unprofitable activities and have to reduce their workforce and with less disposable income, the newly unemployed have less disposable income, which Consumer demand falls. With this focus on profits, companies prefer to make their remaining workforce more productive rather than hiring new ones.

Although Amazon has reduced its job openings, workers who have been made redundant in recent months have apparently been able to find new jobs within months of being laid off. About 79 percent of recently laid off tech employees were able to find new jobs within just a few months, though not all of them reentered the tech sector.

Source: Theodore P


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