Allen Week 2 is in the final stages of full production, says Cure.


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  • According to Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake 2 is now in the final stages of development.
  • In a recent financial report, the studio’s CEO revealed how the horror title is moving towards its 2023 launch.
  • Additionally, the quality of the game and the pace of development have impressed the CEO.
  • Also, the financial report states that the horror game is “awesome” and fans will love it.

According to Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake 2 has entered the final stages of full production ahead of the game’s release this year. The developer is slowly moving towards the title’s 2023 launch and has now begun work on the final major phase of development. While there’s still some polishing to do, the game’s quality has impressed studio CEO Tero Vertla.

In recent treatment Quarter 1 2023 Financial Report, Vartala updated investors on the upcoming horror game. He talked about how Alan Week 2 has excited everyone at the studio and he is working with the entire crew. The project will only slow down as the long-awaited sequel nears launch as its final development continues. According to the CEO, the treatment is going to be titled “Great“The game will begin this year:

Alan Wake 2 A great game is on its way and everyone is excited about Remedy. We’ve started the last major phase of full production to get the game ready for launch later this year. The project is fully staffed, but we will be able to gradually start reducing the size of the team as we move towards launch.”

Later in the financial report, Tero Virtala explains how Alan Wake 2 is the main focus of Remedy Entertainment. According to the CEO, the game has a lot of promise and the pace of development has impressed him. The quality of the upcoming horror adventure is already impressive and Vartala believes everyone will be proud of it.

Earlier, Remedy Entertainment explained how Alan Wake 2 was in development. 2022 Annual Financial Report. The studio reassured fans that the game is going to make its 2023 release date, stating that it “Complete production steps” Further in the docs, the studio expanded on Alan Wake 2 mentioning how the sequel fits in.Premium games with additional paid downloadable content“Model.

So we will probably get DLC for the game after the initial release. We also find some more information about Alan Wake 2’s theme in the documentation. Cure says players can expect more “Twisted, layered, and deep dived“In the world we saw in the game in 2010. So, the third-person horror game will be the studio’s first foray into survival horror.

Also, there will be an Epic Games exclusive on PC due to Alan Week 2. Agreement between the two parties. Epic is covering the full development and marketing costs of the game, according to the documents. Because of this deal, Remedy will receive only 50% of net revenue after recouping Epic publishing and development costs. The studio now owns the entire IP. Buy it from Microsoft And it will not change.

In both of these reports, Remedy mentions how gamers will love the sequel and seems confident about its financial return. Considering how Alan Wake Remastered failed to generate any revenue, they definitely need a horror title to live up to its potential. It sold far less than the studio expected. And didn’t generate any royalties until the latest update in November.

The original was more successful for Remedy Entertainment. Over 3 million sales copies during his lifetime. Along with the 2012 spin-off Alan Wick’s American Nightmare, the series More than 4.5 million units were sold.. with A television series from AMC Even in development, the future of the franchise looks bright. However, only time will tell if Alan Wake 2 will stick to its survival horror landing and release this year.

Remedy also explained how the horror title is coming together in 2023 on all fronts. So, everything points towards Alan Week 2 launching this year. But, whenever it comes out, the game will definitely be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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