Alleged Screenshots of Microsoft’s “New Bing” Leak Powered by ChatGPT


A look at the early Chat GPT integration that's reportedly coming to Microsoft Bing.

Microsoft is apparently on board with plans to integrate the ChatGPT AI chatbot into its Bing search engine at first. Today, a student named Owen Yen posted screenshots of the intended Bing ChatGPT feature On Twitter and also On his Medium page. Yen said he was able to access a preview of the Bing ChatGPT feature before it was discontinued.

Yen claims that the addition of ChatGPT will be labeled “the new Bing”. The normal search bar will be replaced by a large white box where you can type up to 1,000 characters. While the current version of ChatGPT can only access information up to 2021, this new version will apparently be able to access more recent information.

Sources for answers are shown in the new Bing search engine powered by ChatGPT.

A nice feature that will appear to be part of the Bing ChatGPT search results is that you will see links to where it got the information to answer your questions. This will allow you to see if the answer really contains the correct information. It can also allow websites to get traffic and hits from Bing.

The Bing ChatGPT integration will allow the chatbot to ask follow-up questions.

According to Yen, Bing’s use of Chat GPT will allow users to do more than just answer questions with it. You can ask him to create a poem or a short story. The chatbot will also ask follow-up questions. However, the interim search engine answers will still be in Bing, and you can switch between the old and new versions via the toolbar.

Keep in mind that Yen apparently has access to an early version of Bing with ChatGPT features, so it’s possible that one or more of those features won’t make it to the final public version. Hopefully we’ll get more information about this big Bing change, including when it will go live to the public, very soon.


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