All Weapons Ranked [June 2023]


Following is a comprehensive Fortnite Weapons Tier List to help you stay up-to-date with the best and worst weapons in Fortnite. With so many weapons in the game getting introduced and vaulted every season it gets a bit confusing to find the meta. Therefore, the Fortnite Fortnite Tier List will help you get in line with every gun and secure a Victory Royale!

Key Takeaways

  • Fortnite packs every player with tons of weapon choices that are divided among ten distinct playing types. 
  • The weapon types are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Exotic, Transcendent, Handmade, and Trainee. 
  • Difficulty level, power rating, damage stats, and synergizing capacity with gameplay mechanics are the base factors behind ranking all Fortnite weapons. 
  • Combat SMG, Sidearm Pistol, Auto Shotgun, Striker Burst Rifle, and the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) perfectly fulfill the ranking criteria given their awesome DPS (Damage Per Second) that winning Fortnite players search for.
  • They are the best weapons of the entire Fortnite horde, given the fabulous onboard Reload time and Magazine Size. 
  • On the split hand, Revolver, Striker Pump Shotgun, and Boom Sniper Rifle rank the lowest in our tier list as they are pretty underperforming for the action-packed Fortnite meta. 
  • Veteran players may, however, find these suitable for specific fighting conditions. 
Fortnite Weapons Tier List Table 
Tiers  Weapons 
S-Tier  Combat SMG, Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), Red-Eye Assault Rifle, Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle, Drum Gun, MK-Seven AR, Rocket Launcher, Pump Shotgun, Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, Rail Gun, Hunting Rifle
A-Tier  Sidearm Pistol, The DUB, Two-Shot Shotgun, Thunder Shotgun, Ranger Assault Rifle, Maven Auto Shotgun, Shadow Tracker, Ex-Caliber Rifle, Hop Rock Dualies, Combat Shotgun, Cobra DMR, AR (SCAR), Suppressed AR, Tactical AR, Minigun, Sideways Minigun, MK-Seven AR, Combat Pistol, Tactical Shotgun, Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper, Submachine Gun, Rapid Fire SMG
B-Tier  Hammer Assault Rifle, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Striker Burst Rifle, Hand Cannon, Machine SMG, Tactical Pistol, Twin Mag SMG, Havoc Pump Shotgun, AR, Burst AR, Heavy AR, Scoped AR, Infantry Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Sideways Rifle, Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle, Boom Bow, Mechanical Bow, Guided Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Pistol, Charge Shotgun, Lever Action Shotgun, Double Barrel Shotgun, Lever Action Rifle, Suppressed SMG, Tactical SMG, Primal SMG
C-Tier  Revolver, Striker Pump Shotgun, Boom Sniper Rifle, Lock on Pistol, Stark Industries Energy Rifle, Primal Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Primal Bow, Unstable Bow, Crossbow, Quad Launcher, Egg Launcher, Proximity Grenade Launcher, Dual Pistols, Primal Pistol, Six Shooter, Heavy Shotgun, Primal Shotgun, Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle, Burst SMG

All Fortnite Weapons Comparison

Weapon Weapon Type Damage Damage per Second Fire Rate Magazine Size Reload Time(s) Critical Hit Damage
Designated Marksman Rifle  DMR 45 112.5 2.5 10 2.75 1.5
Sidearm Pistol Pistol 25 168.75 6.75 15 1.54 2
Combat SMG SMG 17 204 12 32 2.64 1.75
Thunder Shotgun Shotgun 92 69.92 0.76 8 5.8 1.85
Shockwave Hammer Utility Item 75 Nil 1.07 5 20 Nil
Red-Eye Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 32 112 3.5 25 2.75 1.65
Ranger Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 31 124 4 25 2.7 1.5
Two-Shot Shotgun Shotgun 57 88.35 1.55 8 9.24 1.75
The DUB Shotgun 123 233.7 1.9 2 2.7 1.5
Maven Auto Shotgun Shotgun 77 107.8 1.4 6 6.27 1.75
Deku’s Smash Uncategorized 100 0 0 0 0 0
Shadow Tracker Pistol 29 195.7 6.75 16 1.3 Nil
Ex-Caliber Rifle Marksman Rifle 45 27.9 0.62s 3 5.2 2.5
Hop Rock Dualies Pistol 44 174.24 3.96 18 2.7 2
Striker Burst Rifle Assault Rifle 27 104.2 3.86 20 2.86 1.5
Heavy Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle 120 40 0.64 1 4 2.5
Hammer Assault Rifle Assault Riffle 27 156.6 5.8 20 2.42 1.5
Hand Cannon Pistol 76 60.8 0.8 7 2.2 2
Machine SMG SMG 14 189 13.5 33 2.7 1.5
Twin Mag SMG SMG 16 208 13 20 1.3 1.5
Tactical Pistol Pistol 23 156.4 6.8 15 1.5 2
Boom Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle 10,75 10,75 1 5 4.1 2.5
Striker Pump Shotgun Shotgun 91.2 59.28 0.65 5 5.5 1.85
Revolver Pistol 54 81 1.5 6 2.2 2

S Tier 

Fortnite Weapons Tier List S Tier
Fortnite Weapons Tier List S Tier

The S-Tier Fortnite Weapons are some of the best weapons in our eyes. These weapons were undoubtedly the most famous guns in the game, may it be because of their damage, accuracy, DPS, fire rate, etc.


The Designated Marksman Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle with an attached sight, it shoots at a high rate of fire. Furthermore, it is moderately accurate when fired from the hip. Additionally, it has a scope for more accurate fire at extended distances.

Damage Damage per Second Fire Rate Magazine Size Reload Time Critical Hit Damage
45-58 112.5-145 2.5 10 2.75s-2.12s 1.5x

DMRs range in damage from 45 to 58 per shot (112.5-145 damage per second). Medium Bullets are used by all DMRs. Also, the DMR has a 1.5x headshot multiplier.

Combat SMG

 Fortnite combat smg
Combat SMG

The Combat SMG is an all-around great weapon. It can be obtained in every rarity from Common to Mythic. Moreover, it proves better than most other options in each category. It is a fast-firing SMG with a narrow spread, but it has severe recoil, which must be managed in order to shoot effectively.

Damage Damage per Second Fire Rate Magazine Size Reload Time Critical Hit Damage
17-22 204-264 12 32 2.64s-2.04s 1.75x

Furthermore, Combat SMGs deal between 17 and 22 damage per shot (204 – 264 damage per second). Light Bullets are used by all Combat SMGs. And except for the Mythic variant, which has a 2x multiplier, all other Combat SMGs have a headshot multiplier of 1.75x.

Red-Eye Assault Rifle

Damage Damage per Second Fire Rate Magazine Size Reload Time Critical Hit Damage
32-40 112-140 3.5 25 2.75-2.25 1.65x

If you are good at First Person Shooter games, then this gun is best for you. This gun has a Red Dot Sight which takes you into First Person when you ADS. If you are not a fan of FPS, then this gun is not for you. This gun is famous for its accurate shots and high speed at which it can kill opponents at medium to long range. If you find this gun, be sure to pick it up.

Havoc Suppressed AR

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
21-25 126-150 6 30 2.25-2.75s 1.5x

The Havoc Suppresses Assault Rifle is one of the most recent additions to Fortnite. It was added in the Season 2 of Chapter 4. Just like most other Assault Rifles the Havoc AR uses Medium Bullets and is fully automatic. It’s undoubtedly one of the best weapons in the current season if not the whole game. Which is why we decided to include it in the S-Tier of our Fortnite Tier List.

Thanks to Havoc Suppressed AR’s consistent fire rate, you can easily take down enemies for significant distances. On top of that, the suppression will help conceal your location from the enemies. The Havoc Suppressed AR can be found in all 5 rarities. In addition to that, Fortnite has also introduced the Highcard’s Mythic variant of this AR. 

Drum Gun

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
21-22 168-176 8 40 3-3.2s 1.5x

Drum Gun is by far one of the most favorite guns of the Fortnite fanbase. Even though it’s classified as an Assault Rifle, the Drum Gun is best used as an SMG due to its extremely high fire rate. The beloved AR/SMG was introduced in Season 4 in Uncommon and Rare variants. However, it was vaulted in the following season (Season 5). 

Later on, during Season 8, the community picked the Drum Gun in “The Unvaulting” event which made way for its return to Fortnite. Unfortunately, the Drum Gun was vaulted yet again in Season X and hasn’t made a proper comeback since then, despite the longing by the Fortnite players.

MK-Seven Assault Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
18-22 162-198 9 35 2.8-3.4s 1.5x

MK-Seven Assault Rifle was the first non-sniper weapon that introduced First-person shooting in Fortnite. And just like that it was an instant hit in the Fortnite community. From streamers to casual players, everyone ran the MK-Seven AR and had a blast with it. It was added in the lobby at the start of Chapter 3.

The clean red dot sight allowed players to engage in gunfights from afar. Along with good range, the MK-Seven had an easy-to-control recoil pattern. Since so many players, including us, loved MK-Seven we decided to put it in the S-tier. MK-Seven AR was vaulted when Season 2 of Chapter 3 started.

Rocket Launcher

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
70-130 52.5-97.5 0.75 1 2.52-4.68s N/A

Well, how can we leave out the Rocket Launcher? It’s one of the most iconic weapons in Fortnite and was part of it right from the start. The Rocket Launcher excelled in the game due to the building feature. Rockets were very useful to take down players’ build and knock them through either fall damage or straight-up explosive damage.

The Rocket Launcher was initially available in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants. The design of Epic and Legendary Rocket Launchers is different from the lower rarities. Being introduced in Pre-season, the Rocket Launcher has been repeatedly vaulted and unvaulted throughout the rest of the seasons. Regardless of its availability status, the Rocket Launcher remains in the game as an S-tier weapon.

Pump Shotgun

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
92-128 64.4-89.6 0.7 5 3.7-5.1s 1.85x

Going back to the start, the Pump Shotgun was introduced in the introductory days of Fortnite. As far as shotguns are concerned the Pump Shotgun has been the main high-damage CQC weapon for thousands of Fortnite players. It excels in close range and can even down a player with a single shot to the head. However, since it’s a pump shotgun you won’t have that much leniency to miss your shots.

Although being one of the most loved guns and having the highest damage output up close the Pump shotgun solidifies its spot in the S-tier.

The Pump Shotgun has been one of the most commonly available weapons in the game. Although it is vaulted currently it won’t be surprised if it makes a comeback soon. The Pump Shotgun is available in all rarities. The appearance of Epic and Legendary Pump Shotgun is a little different.

Bolt-action Sniper Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
99-121 74.25-90.75 0.75 1 2.5-3.3s 2.5x

Fortnite has introduced all kinds of Sniper Rifle since its release. However, the OG fans won’t forget the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle which was one of the first guns to be included in the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite. The Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle was the go-to weapon for long-range battles. It’s capable of taking down enemies with a single shot to their head.

Of course, the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle comes with a scope that can be used to take accurate shots from a distance. However, it’s important to take the bullet trajectory into account. Luckily, the players don’t need to worry bout the damage falling off while using the Bolt Action. Nevertheless, since it’s one of the first Snipers in the game and was loved by the majority, we had to include it in the S-tier.

Fortnite released an exotic variant of the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle called the Dragon’s Breath Sniper. It had extremely high stats including 90.75 DPS, 121 Damage, and 0.75 rate of fire. The Dragon’s Breath Sniper also had the ability to light up wood on fire.

Rail Gun

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
90-99 90-99 1 1 2.7-3s 2x

Back in Season 7 of Chapter 2, Fortnite introduced an exceptional weapon known as the Rail Gun. The Rail Gun was a futuristic Sniper Rifle that had some great functions. First and foremost, players could charge up their shots by holding down the trigger button. During this time, the Rail Gun emits a red beam (also visible to enemies) which can be used to predict the trajectory of your shot. 

However, the greatest thing about the Rail Gun is that, when fully charged, it can even break through walls and cause damage to players if the aim is right. On top of that, the shot can even knock back the player, which could be crucial if they’re at a high place. In summary, the Rail Gun was amazing and fun to use, it is by far the greatest Sniper Rifle introduced in Fortnite, which explains our ranking.

Hunting Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
86-100 68.8-80 0.8 1 1.6-1.9s 2.5x

The Hunting Rifle is the beloved weapon of the Fortnite community. You must have seen loads of compilations of this gun on the internet. That is because the Hunting Rifle is one of the most satisfying weapons in Fortnite, everything from the bullet sound and landing a headshot feels just so right with this weapon at hand. 

The Hunting Rifle falls in the category of Sniper Rifle but it doesn’t feature a scope. Although, when players ADS they will enter a zoomed-in mode which helps aim for enemies that are far away. The Uncommon variant of the Hunting Rifle can cause 86 Damage whereas the Legendary one can inflict 100. Fortnite added the Hunting Rifle back in Season 3. Since then, it has occurred in the game throughout various seasons.

Twin Mag SMG

Damage Damage per Second Fire Rate Magazine Size Reload Time Critical Hit Damage
16-20 208-260 13 20 1.3s-2.3s 1.5x

Twin Mag SMG, as its name suggests has two magazines due to which the reload speed of the gun is fast. The speed of this gun is not bad. It is known for its quick reload speed.

Tactical Pistol

Damage Damage per Second Fire Rate Magazine Size Reload Time Critical Hit Damage
23-28 156.4-190.4 6.8 15 1.5s-1.3s 2x

This pistol is easy to use and has a good range. It is found often around the map. It has a headshot multiplier of 2x which is very good for pistols. It is a pistol with many perks such as AMG Augments and some more.

Havoc Pump Shotgun

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
108-132 81-99 0.75 6 4.5-5.5s 2x

Shotguns are extremely crucial weapons in Fortnite. They might get overlooked in other games, but not here! It is essential to have a good pump in your inventory while you’re in the middle of a building war. In these scenarios, only a good shotgun can help you knock your opponent down. As it happens, the Havoc Pump Shotgun is the latest pump shotgun in Fortnite as of Chapter 4: Season 2.

The Havoc Pump is best used in CQC. As usual, the pump shotgun has a slow fire rate but it packs a lethal punch with each round. You can pull out 6 shotgun shells before having to reload the Havoc Pump Shotgun. You can also use the Mythic Variant which is called the Enhanced Havoc Shotgun (maximum damage cap of 210).

Assault Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
30-36 165-198 5.5 30 2.2-2.7s 1.5x

Where are all the OG Fortnite players? The Assault Rifle is one of the oldest guns in the game and it also had the privilege to stay unvaulted for the longest period since the release of Fortnite. However, the OG AR was fully valued in all rarities in Chapter 3: Season 1. Since then it is yet to mark its return.

Nevertheless, the AR has a magazine size of 30 and uses up Medium Bullets. It was found in the main 5 rarities. If you’re new to Fortnite, then we recommend you try out the balanced AR once it’s back in the game.

Burst Assault Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
31-37 122-146 3.69 20 2.25-2.75s 1.5x

Just like the initial AR in Fortnite, the Burst Assault Rifle is another weapon that was released alongside Fortnite itself. It held its place for many seasons until being vaulted in Season 1 of Chapter 3. However, the Burst AR was added back into the game in Chapter 4: Season 1.

The Burst AR has had a mixed reception from Fortnite players. Some people had fun using it and even managed to get some kills on it. However, others completely ignored the gun altogether. Despite that, the gun still held its place and is strong enough to take down an enemy if your aim is on point.

Heavy Assault Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
36-44 135-165 3.75 25 2.52-3.08s 1.5x

Back in Season 6 of Fortnite, Epic Games released a hard-hitting Heavy Assault Rifle which was capable of putting down enemies in a matter of seconds. However, the recoil on this thing wasn’t that easy to control for many players, which is why the majority still relied on the basic AR. The Heavy Assault Rifle had a slower fire rate and came with a 25-bullet magazine.

The Heavy AR was at first available only in common, uncommon, and rare rarities. In Chapter 2 Season 1, Fortnite introduced the Epic and Legendary variant of Heavy AR in a new design. Due to its inconsistency at all ranges, we decided to keep the Heavy AR in B-tier on our Fortnite Weapon Tier list.

Scoped Assault Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
32-37 64-74 2 15-20 2.07-2.41s 2x

On its introduction in the game (since Pre-Season) the Scoped AR had a lot of hype surrounding it. However, the gun instantly lost its hype after players tried it out for a few weeks. The gun felt a little too slow as compared to the basic AR and a little too weak compared to a Sniper Rifle. Hence, most of the players decided to go for the latter guns instead.

Nevertheless, the gun felt like a fresh breeze from time to time and was good in certain scenarios, especially in the Port-A-Fort era of Fortnite. 

Infantry Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
36-44 144-176 4 8-10 2.1-2.5s 2x

Moving on with our Fortnite Tier List, The Infantry Rifle is another veteran weapon in the game. It was released back in Season 7 and was part of most of the season until Season 7 of Chapter 2 when it finally got vaulted. The Infantry Rifle, high tier (Epic and Legendary) variant got redesigned as well.

All in all, the gun itself was quite good. Being a semi-automatic AR, the Infantry Rifle had a slower rate of fire, however, the damage dealt is pretty decent if you manage to hit your shots. Hence, keeping all things in mind we think the Infantry Rifle is best suited for the B-tier. After its long period of staying vaulted, the Infantry Rifle made its comeback in Season 1 of Chapter 4.

Pulse Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
49-54 102.9-113.4 2.1 16 2.84-3.15s 1.5x

Following the season of Primal weapons, Fortnite introduced a new wave of weapons in its Alien Invasion-themed Season 7 (Chapter 2) which included the Pulse Rifle. Being an Assault Rifle, the Pulse weapon used Medium bullets as its ammo type. It was found in Rare, Epic, Legendary, as well as Mythic rarity.

As for its functionality, the Pulse Rifle worked a lot like Stark Industries Energy Rifle. However, in our opinion, the Pulse Rifle was far superior to the Stark Rifle. It felt easier to use and also had a decent damage output at longer ranges. The gun was vaulted back in Chapter 8 of Season 2. It was later added back into the game for a week when Fortnite released Chapter 3 of Season 4.

Sideways Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Overheats After Reload Time Crit Damage
40-57 140-199.5 3.5 10 Bullets 2.1-3.08s 1.5x

Back when Fortnite released its Season 8 of Chapter 2 (which revolved around the theme of Cubes), they added in a weapon called the Sideways Rifle. The sideways Rifle was a rather unique weapon that added a new variation to the gun types during the Cubed season. The Sideways Rifle used a cooldown system instead of the reloading mechanism. Players can charge up the weapon before shooting to enhance the damage output.

At the start of Season 8, a lot of players used the Sideways Rifle due to its high damage and capability to pick players from long distances. The gun was prone to get overheated after every 10 shots, which made the weapon a little unpopular in squad modes. Sideways Rifle got vaulted at the start of Chapter 3.

Thermal-Scoped Assault Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
28-31 112-124 4 15 2.1-2.2s 2x

Back in Season 4 of Chapter 1, Fortnite released the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle which was a dream come true for stealthy players. It helped highlight players whenever players went into ADS mode. Highlighted players helped to push down shots at them as long as you had your aim under control. After evaluating all its factors, we decided to push this weapon into our B Tier of Fortnite Tier list.

Apart from players, the Thermal AR was also able to highlight supply drops, chests, and llamas. Other than its stealthy nature, the Thermal AR was a great substitute for Snipers. It also gave a huge advantage when fighting inside storms. Unfortunately, the Thermal AR was vaulted in Season 9. It later marked its comeback for a single season during Chapter 3.

Boom Bow

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
115 115 1 1 1.3s 2x

The Boom Bow was a special weapon that was added in Fortnite during Season 8. By now players will be quite familiar with working a bow in the game, but the OGs would know that the Boom bow was one of the first ones in the game. The Boom Bow was added to the game in Legendary Rarity and it launched explosive arrows.

It worked similarly to the Grenade, where players could shoot the arrow in an arc and it would explode after a few seconds. Even though it wasn’t great for dealing direct damage to players but it came in handy while damaging structures or blowing up covers. The Boom Bow was later vaulted in Season 9.

Mechanical Bow

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
75 75 1 1 1s 2.5x

Next up on our Fortnite Weapon Tier List, we have the Mechanical Bow. This bow had a better range than the other bows. Upon charging it up fully the arrows flew to their highest distance. The arrow’s speed was also a little faster than a normal bow. Mechanical Bow came in two variants: Shockwave and Explosive.

Both of these variants were of great help. The Mechanical Shockwave Bow helped cover distances quickly or even push enemies away. On the other hand, the Explosive Bow was great for taking down structures and applying loud and fiery pressure on opponents. Fortnite added the Mechanical Bow in Season 6 of Chapter 2 and removed it in Season 7.

Guided Missile

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
74-77 55.5-57.5 0.75 1 2.2-2.4s N/A

As evident by its name, the Guided Missile was a Rocket Launcher whose rocket could be controlled by the player. The Guided Missile Launcher had less damage as compared to the other launchers. Upon launching players could take full control of the rocket on their screen and guide it towards the point they wanted to hit. There was even a time when players rode the Guided Missiles.

Regardless of the banter people had with the weapon, it wasn’t that great when it came to serious combat. It was weaker and slower than a normal Rocket Launcher. Additionally, players were fully exposed to enemy fire while controlling the missiles. Therefore, after considering all the facts we decided to put the Guided Missile in the B-tier.

Grenade Launcher

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
70-77 70-77 1 6 2.7-3s N/A

On the topic of Explosive weapons, we have added another one to the B-tier of our Fortnite Weapon Tier List. The Grenade Launcher is a little different from Rocket Launchers mainly due to its fire rate. However, each grenade you launched took a few seconds to detonate which sometimes gave time to the opponent to build a cover. Although, players used to strategically spam the grenades to take down the cornered squads.

The Grenade Launcher was added back at the start of Fortnite and since then it has been in and out of the game a couple of times. Currently, Fortnite has the Grenade Launcher in Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarity.


Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
24-29 162-195.75 6.75 16 1.26-1.54s 2x

How can we forget to talk about the OG Pistol? The iconic weapon was part of Fortnite since its release and since then it has been released in other rarities too. Most notably Fortnite added the Epic and Legendary variants of the Pistol with a different design in Season 1 of Chapter 2 which was loved by the community as a whole.

However, the lower-level Pistol wasn’t that good, especially against some other weapons which ultimately puts the player at a disadvantage. The sidearm had a high fire rate and was pretty accurate. The Pistol was a commonly appearing weapon until Season 8 of Chapter 3 when it finally got replaced by the Combat Pistol.

Charge Shotgun

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
121.5-148 103.3-126.23 0.85 4-5 3.9-4.7s 1.75x

The Charge Shotgun is technically a pump shotgun with a charge-up meter. While using the gun, players can charge up the meter to inflict the max damage. The Charge Shotgun takes a second to fill up and does devastating damage (121 with the common variant). 

However, the weapon can be extremely slow since it’s a pump shotgun and also requires to be charged up. Therefore, it only worked in solo modes and for players that were good with their aim. The Charge Shotgun made its debut in Season 3 of Chapter 2 and went in and out of the vault since then. Fortunately, the Charge Shotgun was unvaulted yet again in Chapter 4 Season 2.

Lever-action Shotgun

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
93.6-114.3 88.9-108.5 0.95 6 5.4-6.6s 1.45x

Fortnite has given us plenty of variations for the Shotgun since its release. Back in Season 5 of Chapter 2, they released a weapon called Lever Action Shotgun. It was included in the game as a Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary weapon. When it comes to the function of the gun, its rate of fire and magazine size are quite similar to a regular pump shotgun.

Although rather than the players pumping the shotgun, they swing it around to pull the lever before shooting the next shot. All in all, the shotgun had mixed reviews within the Fortnite community. Hence, it’s best to include the Lever Action Shotgun in the B-tier.

Double Barrel Shotgun

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
118-123 224.2-233.7 1.9 2 2.7-2.8s 1.5x

Moving on, we have the hard-hitting Double Barrel Shotgun. With this gun, players could deal up to 224 DPS with the Epic rarity, which is actually outstanding. However, you can only shoot two shots before having to reload the gun. Therefore, it’s important to not miss your shots or you could end up in a sticky situation.

Like every other Shotgun, the Double Barrel has a considerably low range. It only excels when you’re up close to the enemy. If you’re opting to use the gun in squad mode then it is essential to be quick with builds so that you can reload after emptying the two-bullet magazine. Conclusively, the Double Barrel Shotgun is a better-suited shotgun for solo or duo modes.

Drum Shotgun

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
57.6-73.2 172.8-219.6 3 12 2.975-3.85s 1.25x

Similar to the Primal Shotgun, the Drum Shotgun is another fast-paced CQC weapon that made its debut back in Season 9 of Fortnite. The Drum Shotgun has an increased mag size (12), is fully automatic, and has a decent range. The only downside is its low damage.

Despite being extremely user-friendly and fast, the Drum Shotgun was dominated by the Pump shotguns in a 1v1. Hence, players chose to ignore the weapon in most of the games. Nonetheless, it was still quite decent to use since it had that extra range on all the other shotguns.

Lever Action Rifle

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
67-74 83.7-92.5 1.25 9 5.7-6.3s 2.5x

The Lever Action Rifle is another long-range weapon that was added in Fortnite back in Season 5 of Chapter 2. It’s a classic Rifle, much like the Hunting Rifle, that lacks a scope but does provide an increased some when players ADS. The Lever Action Rifle was added to the game in Uncommon, Rare, and Epic Rarity.

Without the scope, players had more mobility while using the Lever Action Rifle and also had the option to take quick shots at enemies, However, on the other hand not having a scope does make it harder to challenge enemies at greater distances. As for the functionality, the player pulls the lever after every shot but the pull time is quite insignificant. 

All in all the Lever Action Rifle was a pretty decent gun which is why we think it’s best suited in the B-Tier.

Suppressed SMG

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
20-24 156-187.2 7.8 30 1.8-2.2s 1.75x

The Suprresed Submachine Gun is part of the founding weapons class in Fortnite. It’s been in the game since Pre-season, however, since then it has been removed and readded to the game a couple of times. At first, the Suppressed SMG was only available in Common, Uncommon, and Rare variants. Fortnite later added an Epic and Legendary variant as well, including a mythic version called “Inkquisitor’s Suppressed SMG”.

The Suppressed SMG had inferior stats when compared to the basic SMG. Although, this weapon is much more discreet and helps players remain on the compass while shooting. As for the stats, The Suppressed SMG (Rare) had a DPS of 171.6 and 22 Damage.

Tactical SMG

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
18-21 162-189 9 25 1.9-2.2s 1.75x

Along with the Regular SMG, Fortnite also added the Tactical SMG during the early days of the game. The Tactical SMG has a few prominent changes from the basic SMG. However, both guns are used at close ranges and have a decent fire rate. When it comes to the Tac SMG it has a better range and less recoil than the other SMGs.

However, it does take a hit in the Fire Rate (9) and Damage (18 Uncommon) sections. On top of that, it also has a smaller magazine size of 25 light bullets. Fortunately, you can reload the gun in 1.9-2.2s which shouldn’t bother you that much. Unfortunately, the majority of the lobby including us tends to rely on the regular SMG more than the Tac variant.

Primal SMG

Damage DPS Fire Rate Mag Size Reload Time Crit Damage
19-22 190-220 10 35 1.9-2.2s 2x

Next up we have the Primal SMG which was only available in the game during the Chapter 2 Season 6. Since then it hasn’t been added back into the game. Nevertheless, the weapon was quite decent during its short tenure as it had a decent fire rate of 10 and a generous magazine size that could hold 35 bullets.

Despite having a high rate of fire, the Primal SMG was woeful when it came to recoil and accuracy. It was really tough on newer players. Thanks to the magazine size, the gun redeemed some of its functionality and made missing shots a little less detrimental. 


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