All the specialties in Shudan: The Shudan Specialty Guide


In Roblox Shudan, Specials affect your build as they can buff certain stats of your player or give them special abilities. Our Shudan Specialties Guide covers all the specialties available to roll in Shudan and will help you determine the best personality for your player build.

All Shudan specialties

Below are all 7 player specialties currently available in Shudan taken from the game’s Trello board.

Bird Eye

The user has the ability to see other people’s stamina bars.


Coming in update 3.


The user can see the stamina and flow bar of other users; In Flow, enemy teams can be seen crossing the indicator.

Power shoot

Increases user power.


Increases user speed.


Increases the user’s stamina.

Upper Power

Increases the user’s jump height.


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