All Slayer Marks in Slayers Unleashed


Slayer Marks in Slayers are similar to Unleashed Squad Marks that Soul Reapers carry while in the real world without affecting the balance of the world. Shinigami can activate their marks to “lift the limit” and unleash their full powers. Slayers Unleashed brings a similar concept to Demon Slayer World with Slayer Marks, which activate after your health is critically low (below 30%) and cheer you up.

All slayers have revealed slayer marks

  • Tomioka (40% chance) – Buffs water breathing damage
  • Shinazugawa (26% chance) – Buffs wind breathing damage
  • Corrosion (20% chance) – Buffs love breathing damage
  • Tokito (12% chance) – Buffs Mist Breathing damage
  • Kamado (2% chance) – Buffs sun breathing damage

As already explained, your Slayer Mark will only activate when you are below 30% HP. Once that happens, your damage will increase by 10%, your HP regeneration and running speed will also increase. Additionally, your breathing damage will also increase, with each mark affecting a different breathing style.

Furthermore, if your Slayer’s Mark matches your clan’s, you get an additional 10% damage boost for the duration of the buff.

All of the above buffs last for 2 minutes, but Slayer Marks have a 10 minute activation cooldown.

Hybrids only get half of the above bonus because they are a mix of Demon Slayer and Demon.

How to reroll your Slayer’s Mark

You can reroll your Slayer Mark by using one of the Slayers Unleashed codes designated for Slayer Mark Rerolls or by spending Robux.

That’s everything you need to know about Slayer’s Marks in Slayer’s Unleashed. For more Slayers Unleashed content, you can check out the Slayers Unleashed section of our website!


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