All Personalities in Shudan: The Shudan Personality Guide


In Roblox Shudan, personalities can affect your build as they can buff certain stats for your player or give them special abilities. Our Shudan Personalities Guide covers all the available personalities to roll in Shudan and will help you identify the best personality for your player build.

All Shudan personalities

All 9 player personalities currently available in Shudan are taken from the game’s Trello board. Some people only have a cosmetic and animation effect on the player.


“A strong desire to do or achieve something” Ambition is good for any structure in play. Usually, that means they have a desire to win. The developers haven’t specified what effect Ambition will have on your player’s stats.


“Disagreement, usually prolonged, open and heated.” Passing/shooting routes are strange.


” is an intense and selfish desire for something. ” gives the player the ability to steal from teammates.

A lone wolf

“Very Independent or Loner” Depending on your build’s category, it buffs a specific stat.


“To persuade, influence, or threaten someone to do something. ” Suitable for defensive builds, able to block shots in front of the shooter.

A rational thinker

Slightly buffs the “Considers the variables of a situation before coming to a decision” control stat.

A sad loser

“A person who is easily angered by losing a game or competition.” Losing the game will gradually increase the stats for some time.


“Fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in sporting competition. ” Pass Power / Accuracy slightly buffed.


“Tendency to act angry or emotional.” Aggression is good for defense.


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