All Microsoft 365 apps and services will start using the “” domain.


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Microsoft is changing how users connect to many of its Microsoft 365 apps and services. While in the past, access to products and services like Office apps, Teams, Outlook, etc. has been done with a hodgepodge of different domain names, Microsoft has decided to consolidate all these services under one domain: cloud. .microsoft.

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In a blog postMicrosoft said:

For end users, this will streamline the overall experience by reducing sign-in prompts, redirects and delays when navigating across apps. For administrators, this will greatly reduce the complexity of the permission lists needed to help your tenant stay secure while enabling users to access the apps and services they want. Needs to work. And for all our customers – and our developers – it will lay the foundation for better and stronger integration into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, streamlining development and improving the performance of cross-app experiences.

Microsoft has chosen “cloud” as the domain name for its “stable, scalable, neutral term” that includes the many online services that will eventually use it. While today’s announcement only covers Microsoft 365 apps and services, it looks like the Cloud.Microsoft domain will be adapted for other online services for the company in the future.

For the moment, only “Net-New services” will use the domain, the company says. Most of the time, customers won’t need to make changes to their Microsoft 365 services. If an existing service requires certain changes by these users, Microsoft intends to give them at least 30 days’ advance notice so that the actions can be taken. The standard domain will still be used by the company for “non-product experiences such as marketing, support, and e-commerce.”


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