All batteries designed by Apple will contain 100 percent recycled cobalt by 2025.


Apple's recycling process

Apple said It will start using it 100% certified recycled cobalt for all its batteries by 2025, closer to its goal of making every product carbon neutral by 2030. Recycled cobalt accounted for nearly a quarter of all cobalt used in Apple products in 2022, an increase of 13 percent. Last year.

On a similar note, the use of 100% recycled rare earth elements increased from 45% in 2021 to 73% in 2022. Apple also aims to use 100% recycled gold plating for all Apple-designed PCBs by 2025, including critical logic. boards, and flexible boards such as cameras and buttons.

Apple's recycling process

Apple’s iPhone dismantling robot Daisy, stationed at its materials recovery lab in Austin, helps recover cobalt and other materials found in old iPhones. For example, it includes the rare earth elements used in magnets and gold plating found on Apple-designed PCBs. An estimated 11,000 kg of cobalt has been recovered from old batteries disposed of by Daisy since 2019 and returned to the secondary market.

Apple has another robot called Dave currently deployed in China to dismantle tappet engines and help extract rare earth elements. The company has also started supplying “overhead projector-based augmented reality (AR) systems” to its recycling partners. The AR system projects instructions directly onto the work surface and guides workers to dismantle MacBooks and other devices.


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