Alden ring winged scythe [Location, Stats, & Build]


The Winged Scythe is not only one of the best scythes in the Elden ring, but it’s also a great choice to start your Faith Build. You can get this weapon as soon as you enter Lumgrave, and there is no need to fight the boss to get the weapon.

Key takeaways

  • Located in the Winged Scythe Tomb ruins, Which you’ll find in the Weeping Peninsula area of ​​the Elden Ring.
  • In the ruins of the tomb, Go underground Using the opening located somewhere in the middle.
  • Kill the two pages underground and proceed to the opening. treasure chest, which will give the player a winged scythe.
  • The best construction of the Winged Sight involves prioritization. Skill and Faith stats Alden in the ring.
    1. Use Claw Talisman, Two Fingers Heirloom, Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, and Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom.
    2. Boost your Dex and Faith by combining Faith Knot Crystal Tear and Dexterity Knot Crystal Tear in Wonderous Physique.
  • The winged scythe works really well in PVP, but it struggles in PVE because most enemies are resistant to holy damage.
Important: The winged scythe is a really great weapon for PVP, but it struggles in PVE especially in the late game, where most enemies are resistant to holy damage.

Winged Scythe location

Elder Ring Feathered Scythe
The site of the ruins towards the tomb in Alden Ring (photo taken by us)

The feathered scythe is actually located on Tomb ruins, Which is an area in the Wapping Peninsula area of ​​Alden Ring. We’ll have to go a long way from Lumgrave to reach this area, but you’ll be here in no time with the torrent.

  • The Tombsword ruins are on the opposite side of Castle Morne and the rest of it, and we’ll have to use the Spirit Springs to get here.
Weapons in the game
Location of the treasure chest in Tombsword Ruins (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Once we arrive at the Tombsword Ruins in the Alden Ring, look for an opening that will take us underground, as shown in the image above.

  • The opening is easy enough to find but be sure to stay away from the rat enemies in the ruins.
  • Once we get down, we’ll find two pages that can be difficult to defeat, but we can use Spirit Summons to make the fight easier for ourselves.
  • After killing the enemies, open chest underground, And we will be rewarded with a feathered scythe!

Excellent construction for a feathered scythe

Elder Ring Feathered Scythe
Excellent build for the feathered scythe in the Alden ring (screenshot taken by eXputer
Basic statistics attack Guard
physical 87 30
magic 0 25
Fire 0 25
the light 0 25
Holy 104 55
Criticism/promotion 100 30
statistics Scaling needs
power E 16
skill D 16
faith D 24
  • Talisman: Talisman of Claws, Two Fingers Legacy, Dragon Crest Great Shield Talisman, and Prosthetic Wearer Legacy
  • seal: Seal of the Godslayer
  • Amazing physics mix: Faith Knot Crystal Tear and Dexterity Knot Crystal Tear
  • Mantra: Flame, give me strength

Feathered Glass cannot be mixed with Battle Ashes, nor can you change the scale of this weapon. However, his default weapon skill, angel wings, is already quite broken, as seen in the following. subreddit Post, especially in PVP. Once we hit a player with this attack, they will not be able to heal themselves using the Flask of Crimson Tears for a certain period of time.

Ranking statistics

  • A feathered scythe basically scales with it. skill and faith, So you should basically put our levels in those stats.
  • Level up your strength stats until you reach the basic requirement to wield a weapon in the Elden ring.
  • Aside from these stats, focus on enthusiasm and potential.


  • gave Talisman of the claws Helps increase our damage. Jump attack Which is really helpful for weapons like slime.
  • Two fingers heritage will encourage us A state of faith By the five points required during the early/mid game when we can’t distribute your level upgrades properly.
  • gave Heirloom who wears prosthetic limbs It works the same way by motivating us. State of expertise from five points.
  • Finally, Dragon Crest Great Shield Talisman Quite a few of our additions Physical defense So much so that we can kill tanks even without wearing an armor set.


  • Use the seal only if you want to attach spells to your winged sheath to create something like a prophet construct.
  • We can also use a stamp of your choice, but we recommend using Seal of the Godslayer Because it is more balanced.


  • If you decide to main the feathered scythe in the Elden ring, we’ll have plenty of spells to choose from.
  • As we will be spending most of our level upgrades in the faith stat, which will allow us to use most spells.
  • Again, the choice of spells to use depends on your playstyle, but we recommend that you at least Flame, give me strength Enchantment that increases your damage output.

Wonderous Physics Mix

  • gave Dexterity Knot Crystal Tear will increase the level of our decks, while Knot Crystal Tears of Faith It will increase our level in the state of faith.
  • Both of these will help increase our winged scythe’s damage since it is primarily scaled by Faith and Dex stats in the Elden ring.


Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s best work and their best yet. This is the best RPG to experience with the variety it offers. The Elden Ring also challenges your skills with the toughest bosses like Malenia, but it also provides the necessary tools to overcome challenges like Soul Ashes. You’ll easily sink hundreds of hours into completing the game, and it’s even more fun if you play with a friend.

This concludes our guide on the Elden Ring Winged Scythe. We have not only mentioned the right placement of the weapon but also the best build for it in Alden Ring. We hope this guide was helpful in learning everything you need to know about feathered scythes. Let us know what you think of Alden Ring in the comments below!


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