Alden Ring: Ruins of the Stargazer[Location and Strategies]


Located in the northern part of the game’s vast open world, Stargazer Ruins is a desolate and foreboding landscape, filled with crumbling ruins and ancient structures. As players make their way through the ruins, they will uncover hidden secrets and treasures, and gain valuable experience that will aid them in their quest to save the world of Alden Ring. The ruins are believed to be the site of a powerful civilization that once flourished in the area but has long since fallen into ruin and decay. Despite its current state of disrepair, Stargazer Ruins is still home to many dangerous creatures and powerful enemies, making it a challenging and rewarding location for players.

Key takeaways

  • The ruins of the Stargazers are located in the peaks of the Mountains of the Giants.
  • Players must be well prepared with the right equipment and skills to survive the challenges.
  • Jellyfish Sister There is a difficult boss that players can fight to find the catacombs beneath the ruins.
  • Although you can’t communicate with her, you can summon the spirit Jellyfish Ashes to reunite the sisters.
  • A notable feature of the Stargazer Ruins are its underground catacombs, filled with dangerous traps as well as rewards.
  • Players will get one. Primal Glenstone Blade from the catacomb when they complete the work of the Jellyfish Sister.

How to reach Star Geyser Ruins?

In order to reach the ruins of the Stargazers in Elden Ring, players must travel to the peaks of the Giants’ Mountain. The ruins are found in the central area of ​​the hilltops, which can be accessed from the north or south. There is another way down to the level of the mountain tops, however, the one we are going to mention is the most suitable.

  • We will first walk around before arriving at a cemetery that we will easily pass by.
  • As you head towards the bridge, you’ll see a bug skeleton that pops out of the ground and shoots a beam at you.
  • If the skeleton gets close to you, it will try to swipe you.
  • You can kill the skeleton or just run, it’s better to run because killing it doesn’t give you any runes.
  • You’ll also see Tibia Mariner around you on the peaks of the Giants Mountains, indicating that you’re near the Star Geyser Ruins.
  • Next, you’re going to visit the Stargazer Ruins located above the west rim of the canyon.
  • Then you can reach this place by crossing the bridge above the Shake of the Lofty.

What to find inside the Stargazer ruins?

By discovering the hidden secrets and treasures of the ruins, players can learn more about them. Players can encounter opponents within the ruins, dangers to avoid, and puzzles to solve all of which require skill and planning to get beyond. Some important points are written below.

  • As you enter the main building, you’ll hear a girl whisper “Looking for your sister” (details discussed below).
  • The ruins are an ancient temple dedicated to the worship of stars and celestial beings.
  • As players explore the ruins, they will encounter powerful enemies and deadly traps, adding to the challenge of the area.
  • The Stargazer ruins are said to hold many secrets and treasures, but are well guarded by the temple guards.
  • This slot also has a deathroot that you give to a person to earn rewards.

Coagulation in the ruins of a star geyser

One of the many consumables that can damage your weapon by freezing it is Freezing Grease, which is found everywhere in Alden Ring. Made with a combination of frozen ingredients and solid fat. Frost armor by coating. The effect lasts only for a short period of time.

  • You’ll find frozen grease on the eastern side of the Star Geyser Ruins where you’ll find a corpse.

Spirit Jellyfish Quest

The spirit jellyfish sister is described as having a transparent body with bright blue eyes and long tentacles. As we mentioned above, we are going to hear whispers. Below are some important notes discussed.

  • The whisper actually comes from a jellyfish, so you need to expose it. Jellyfish Sister Aurelia.
  • She will give players a powerful seal that will grant them access to a new area of ​​the game.

Spirit Sisters Jellyfish Puzzle

The Spirit Sisters give you a puzzle to solve and in return, you gain access to an underground chamber in the ruins. To solve the jellyfish puzzle in Stargazer’s Ruins of Elden Ring, players must follow several steps.

  • You probably talked to Spirit Tuner Roderika in the Round Table Hall earlier in the game.
  • Then you talk to her as she sets up shop right outside the blacksmith.
  • She will tell you about a Summon Ash she gives you and asks you to take care of her.
  • This is the Jellyfish Summon, chances are you already have it in your inventory or maybe you’re using it.
  • Solving this puzzle does not make you lose Summon Ash.
  • Once you’re in front of a jellyfish, you’ll see a summoning icon appear on the left side of your screen.
  • This is your cue to take out the ashes of the spirit jellyfish, summon it, and then a sister will chat with Aurelia.
  • After their little conversation they both disappear but don’t worry because you haven’t been summoned.
  • Once they leave, a message comes up saying “A seal was broken somewhere”.
  • After that, you will receive fancy spin hint, And then you can go to the catacomb.
  • Inside the catacomb, you’ll find a chest that you’ll open and receive the Primal Glintstone Blade.

Don’t worry if you’ve killed a jellyfish in the Stargazers Ruins. Although you can be mean and grumpy, it will always reappear whenever you take a break at a place of grace, allowing you to come back later and finish the puzzle.

Primal Glenstone Blade

gave Primal Glenstone Blade A rare and valuable talisman item players can obtain in the Alden Ring.

  • To obtain this talisman, players must first summon a spirit jellyfish by following a set of specific instructions.
  • Once the Spirit Jellyfish is summoned, players must Complete the puzzle The Primal Glintstone Blade as a reward is mentioned above.
  • Primal Glintstone Blade is particularly beneficial for mages, as it allows them to significantly reduce the FP costs of their mage by 25%.
  • Using the talisman will result in a 15% decrease in the player’s maximum HP.

Deathroot 8 location

The Elden Ring’s Deathroot is a key item and a special type of collectible that can be exchanged for special benefits. These items are important as players progress through the game to encounter more bosses, challenges, and puzzles.

  • The Eighth Deathroot is located on a ledge between the Castle Soul Main Gate and Snow Valley Ruins in Tibia Mariner.
  • Deathroot can be found near the end of this area, guarded by several enemies.
  • In this place, you will also find a boss floating around in a boat that you will have to face.
  • Defeating this boss is not too difficult as you will have items, armor as well as other collectibles.
  • Defeating these enemies and collecting Deathroot will reward players with various items, including Gurranq’s Beast Claw Incantation.


As players explore the ruins of Stargazer, they will discover hidden secrets and treasures that will aid them in their quest to save the world of Alden Ring. The ruins are an ancient temple dedicated to the worship of the stars and celestial beings, and through exploring the mysteries of the ruins, players can learn more about this forgotten civilization. However, they must fight strong enemies and dangerous traps that require skill and planning.

Ultimately, Stargazers Ruins is a tough and rewarding area in Elden Ring, offering players an immersive and thrilling experience as they explore the mysteries and treasures hidden among the ruins. It will be fun for the players to explore the ruins and finish the quest of NPCs.

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