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The Elden Ring Nagakiba Katana is among the greatest, especially for early game content. gave Nagakiba belongs to Ichigatana. more genetically favored mates; He got the tall genes from the Alden ring katana family. It is suitable for a little more. Defensive style of play. Nagakiba is one. Melee weapons From the Katana class. Compared to the Uchigatana starting Katana, it has a blade that is much longer and has more of a reason. Lack of blood for collection Alden in the ring.

Key takeaways

  • Nagakiba is one. Melee weapons from the Katana class, and has a blade that is very long and Causes excessive blood loss Gathering in Alden Ring.
  • There are three possible ways to acquire the Nagakiba Katana:
    1. Players can either complete the quest line involving Bloodyfinger Hunter Yura.
    2. Only by killing Yura and looting from his corpse.
    3. Getting Nagakiba through Yura’s camp.
  • After finishing Yura’s quest line Bloody Finger Hunteryou can get the Nagakiba Katana from it.
  • If players continue to explore further, they may need to travel. Lumgrave and Livornia of the Lakes, Where you need to help Yura defeat a few NPCs.
  • Meet Yura in the Merckwater Cave. And kill several Bloody Finger Hunters to complete this quest.
  • You can easily get the Nagakiba Katana. to terminate Bloody Finger Hunter, Yura, In the Merckwater Cave.
  • Looting Yura’s camp You will also get the Nagakiba Katana. you too Trade this katana with your friends. And other players.
  • Of all the katanas in the Alden ring, this one has it. The greatest reachThis makes for an extremely powerful and versatile weapon.

Important: You can either finish Yura’s quest or kill him to get his Nagakiba Katana. Completing this quest is recommended as doing this quest will advance the story of Alden Ring and allow you to explore more existing locations.

How to get Nagakiba Katana

You can get Alden Ring. The Nagakiba Katana I Three separate ones methods:

  • Complete the quest line of Yura the Bloody Finger Hunter.
  • Kill Bloody Finger, Hunter Yura
  • Loot the katana from Yura’s camp.

Complete the quest line of Yura the Bloody Finger Hunter.

Alden Ring Nagakiba Katana
Bloody Finger Neerages Contest at Limgrave

After finishing Yura’s quest line Bloody Finger Hunter, you can get the Nagakiba Katana from it. But start the struggle by engaging with it. Merckwater Cave Instead of killing him to begin with. During Alden Ring, you have to. Visiting many places And eliminate the Bloody Finger Hunters in each. When you defeat each hunter, Yura will give you the Nagakiba Katana as a reward.


  1. Yura is the first person. See you in Limgrave..
  2. He’s relatively hidden, so if you don’t actively look for him or don’t know where to look, you won’t discover him.
  3. South northwest of Agil Lake This is where Yura can be located and if you continue down this path, you will eventually come across a stone building.
  4. you can find Yura is dozing off. Close to a Campfire under arch.
  5. You must talk to Yura after locating her to start the mission.
  6. You can then get the Nagakiba Katana by completing the mission.

After talking to him, Proceed to the Merckwater Cave. And ride in the nearby small stream. Bloody Finger Attacker will attack you.. You have to get over it if you want to move forward. If you’re having trouble winning this battle, just pause, and an ally will come to your aid. When you Defeated the Bloody Finger Attacker., Talk to Yura. The river where you stand is where you will discover Yura. Talk to him to advance the mission.

Livornia of the Lakes

  1. When you talk to Yura, she will give you a tip that will tell you. Visit the Raya Lucaria Academy.
  2. From Site of graceturn right at the academy’s main entrance, and you’ll eventually find one. Red summon mark.
  3. When you interact with him, you can help. Yura defeats the intruder..
  4. When you defeat an enemy, you will be instantly transported to Yura.

Altus Plateau

Alden Ring: Yura's Quest Line
Meeting with Yura on the Altus Plateau

At this point, proceed in the direction of Second Marika Church. The first thing you’ll see at this point is an injured Yura. Talk to him until he runs out of things to say.

  1. He will do it again. Presenting you the Nagakiba Katana. And discuss Eleonora, the strongest bloodfinger.
  2. Walk around the chapel for a while and Violet Bloodyfinger, Eleonora, will surround you.
  3. If you manage to defeat him, you will receive a reward. Fabled Eleonora’s Pole Blade And Clearing Crystal Tears.
  4. By completing this quest and trying to get the katana, you can get a ton of incredible weapons.
  5. If you just want the Nagakiba Katana and other weapons, this is where you should turn.
  6. Continue this quest, however, if you want to complete Yura’s mission and earn additional rewards.
  7. You must go. Hilltop of the Giants outside capital After getting the katana and killing Elonora.

until you reach Category ruinsKeep moving forward in this area. Yura is around, Near the site of grace. Anyway, because Shabri now inhabits Yura’s body.This is not the original Yura. He will request that you come down to the capital to get him. Fanatic flame.

to gain Yura’s armor set, you can either complete the task or kill it. Finishing this quest is preferable as it furthers the legend of the Alden ring and lets you explore more recent locations. Return to this location. And talk to Yura to get his armor and complete your mission after getting the artifact. Talking with three fingers.

Ofll Bloody Finger, Hunter Yura

Alden Ring Nagakiba Katana
Killing Yura in the Murkwater Cave

To get the Nagakiba Katana, kill an NPC named “Yura, hunter of the bloody fingers.” Can be found in Ura Merckwater Cave. To get to Yura, though, you have to kill another NPC first. After seeing the first Merckwater Cave, run to the center of the river. As soon as you arrive, an attack will begin, and Bloody finger nerves will start attacking you.

Kill the Bloody Finger Nerejas, then make your way to the bridge at the north end of the river. Bloodfinger Hunter Yura can be found under the bridge. To get the Nagakiba Katana from Yura, you have to kill him. Keep your distance from Yura During the fight because he will. Using the Nagakiba katana. You can take the Nagakiba Katana from Bloody Finger Yura’s body after killing him.

Loot the katana from Yura’s camp.

If you don’t finish this task before facing. On the mountains of Shabriri giants, You won’t be able to get Katana from Yura through this questline.

In Yura’s camp, you can also find the Nagakiba Katana. find. A place of grace By going to Seaside ruins. When you find it, you’ll find Yura’s camp nearby. After entering the camp you can pick up the Nagakiba Katana on the ground next to the fire.

Nagakiba katana are also available to trade with other players and friends. By trading with other players, you can acquire a variety of weapons. If a friend is willing to lend you their katana, you can create a private game. Ask them to put Nagakiba down after you enter the world so you can pick it up.

Nagakiba Katana Statistics

Alden Ring Nagakiba Katana
Nagakiba Katana Statistics

The Nagakiba katana is excellent, especially towards the middle of the Alden ring. This katana increases damage by inflicting an additional blood loss effect on its victim as well as dealing good physical damage. Of all the katanas of the Alden ring, it has the greatest reach, making it an extremely powerful and versatile weapon.

This katana has one Unique skills known as Piercing Fang That Creates a strong thrust which cannot be deviated from. This katana can be leveled and used for samurai as well. Bleeding. You can also use this katana to perform the Double Slash Ash of battle. Initial attack only Costs 6 FP.While the second strike only Cost 3 FP. Your double slash will be from Strike. Rivers of blood move set.

The Nagakiba Katana has the following stats:

Basic statistics attack Earth
The weight 7 7
physical 115 49
magic 0 33
Fire 0 33
electricity 0 33
Holy loss 0 33
Criticism/promotion 100 33
statistics Scaling the need
power D 18
skill D 22
  • use the Deep commitment to get one A. Tear Scaling of the Mastery at 24 or above.
  • 18 Strength And 22 skills There are minimum requirements for attributes.
  • With a rating of 45, the Nagakiba katana will also cause blood loss.
  • This A light katana attack Contains the configuration of the collection Five forward slasheswhile his Heavy attack combo consists of Two powerful attacks from a distance.

Moreover, that of Nagakiba Ashes of war It can be modified, enabling you to create incredibly powerful builds. use Seppoku For increased blood loss or nagakiba katana Bloody Slash Ash of War To defeat the bosses.


This concludes the discussion of the Alden Ring Nagakiba Katana. Killing Yura and looting his corpse is the easiest way to get the Nagakiba Katana. However, if you choose to follow him and finish his quest, you will receive this sword as a reward. If you like this guide, check out more Elden Ring guides, including Elden Ring: All Celestial Dew Location, Best X in Elden Ring, and Elden Ring: Poison Mist.

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