Alden Ring: How to get the Talisman of the Great Jar’s Arms.


gave Weapons of the Great Jar Alden is one of Ring’s best talismans. It can be obtained after killing it. 3 The Red Phantom Found in front of The Great Jar I Caled and then To talk with the jar. It has to be equipped. Increase your baggage load by 19%.allows you to use heavy constructs such as the Great Sword construct.

Key Highlights 🎮

  • gave Weapons of the Great Jar is one of the The best talisman Alden in the ring.
  • This increases the load on your luggage. 19 percent
  • To get it, get it. Siofra deep well Grace site and go straight ahead.
  • Dodge all the enemies and make your way The Great Jar
  • defeat the Three Red Phantoms Near the Great Jar, which can be found in front of the Colosseum of Calede.
  • After defeating Three rEd Phantomsinteract with the Great Jar to obtain. Weapons of the Great Jar.

How to get the Great Jar’s weapon in Alden Ring

To achieve Great Jar’s Arms, You must be summoned and defeated Three Red Phantom front of The Great Jar, which is at the entrance to the Colosseum of Calede. You have to get it. Siofra deep well Go directly to the grace site and get it The Great Jar. Follow these steps to visit this site of grace.

Reaching Siofra river

From The first step I site of grace Limgrave, The head East to the area shown on the map below. Inside a dome will be an elevator that you will take up. If you see a big bear. Scratching on a treeyou are on the right track.

Elden color map
The “Siofra River Well,” marked by the game’s cursor Photo by eXputer

Traveling through Nokron, the Eternal City

Taking the elevator down will take you to a different section. Nokron, the Eternal City. We have marked the location you need to visit in the map below. You can ignore everything else Go through the area On torrent, As the path is relatively linear.

Map of the Elder Ring
Destination in Nokron, grab the screenshot marked by the game’s cursor: eXputer

Make your way to the stairs with an elevator, and take it up.

Siofra deep well

After taking the elevator up, you’ll arrive. Siofra deep well The site of grace. Go to torrent and proceed in the meantime. Avoid explosives. Anything will happen. Giant archer You have to see it too. We suggest Sticking to the left And Take cover behind the roots of a large tree To avoid their big arrows. After avoiding the giant archers, you’ll encounter the Great Jar.

ER great jar
The Great Jar in the Caelid | Screenshot from us

The Great Jar’s Challenge

There will be Three Red Phantoms Ask for clues in front of the giant jar. These tokens are used by random players in Elden Ring who survive and appear as challenges in other players’ worlds. As META (Most Effective Strategy Available) Alden ring is either bleeding or magic, get ready to fight 3 of them.

You can also play games. Off-line To get weaker builds predetermined by the game instead of more powerful META builds. We recommend getting one. Bleeding To kill these ghosts yourself as soon as possible. After killing these 3 ghosts, thing To get the giant jar Weapons of the Great Jar.

You can also go behind the giant jar and open the door To unlock the Caelid Colosseumallows you to enjoy. PvP with spirit summons.


Elden Ring is the latest masterpiece released by Fromsoftware in February 2022. It compiles all the wonderful aspects of every spirit-driven game, creating a breathtaking and beautiful addition. Open world Like Shadow of the Colossus, and refines boss design to its peak, it’s no wonder it won Game of the Year in 2022.

There you have it; With our guide on how to get Great Jar Weapons in Elden Ring, you’ll be able to easily get a great talisman and lay waste to your enemies in PvP and PvE.

If you want to know how to get to Nokron, The Eternal City, check out our guide. If you’re unsatisfied with your current build or want to try something new, check out our guide on how to get respectable. Knowing the best decks weapons in Alden Ring can go a long way in making the game easier.


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