Alden Ring D’s Brother: Location and Questline


Elden Ring’s D’s Brother is actually an NPC like Boc, who we see pretty late in the game and he’s also part of two different quest lines. This NPC won’t answer us if we haven’t followed D, Hunter of the Dead’s coastline first.

Key takeaways

  • Located in D’s Brother Nokron which is unlocked for players to explore after defeating Starscourge Radahn.
  • After killing Radhan, make your way out East Lemgrave Nocron, to find the entrance to the Eternal City.
  • Beat the Mimic Tear boss fight to reach D’s brother who is sitting outside. Brave gargoyles boss fight In Nokron
  • D’s brother won’t respond to the player’s conversation unless they give it to him. D’s armor set Which can be obtained at the end of D, Hunter of the Dead’s coastline.
  • If the player kills D and then gives his weapon to his brother, the brother will become hostile and start attacking the player.
  • If DK is given the armor after his death, his brother can be summoned for the Valiant Gargoyles boss fight.
  • At the end of its coastline, D’s brother will kill Fia. In Deeproot Depths once you get the Death Fixing Rune from it.
  • Once D’s brother has killed Fia, you can reload the area to get her armor and weapons which will also end the NPC quest line.

Important: Make sure you defeat Starscourge Radahn because you can’t get to him before you kill D’s Brother.

Location of DK’s brother

Elder Ring D's brother
Pit location at Alden Ring (photo courtesy of us)

To get to D’s brother, we must first make our way to Nokron which is unlocked after defeating Starscorge Radahan in the Elden Ring.

  • Once we beat. Radhan, A cutscene plays that shows us a meteor strikes an area of ​​Limgrave.
  • That location is actually near Fort Haight in East Lemgrave and we can easily see the hole made by the falling star here.
  • We will need coming down To reach Nokron.
NPCs in the game
Nucron Alden in Ring (Image courtesy of Xporter)

Continue down and follow the linear path ahead of us to reach the Nokron entrance as shown in the image above.

  • Quests in Nokron are fairly linear and we won’t get lost in your journey to find D’s brother.
  • First, we have to defeat the Mimic Tear boss fight which is the first obstacle in our way.
  • We have to equip our weapons before entering the boss fight to make the challenge easier for ourselves.
NPCs in the game
Jellyfish in Nocturne (Screenshot Grab: Exporter)

After beating the fake teardrop, keep going straight and cross the long bridge ahead.

  • We will come to an open area that will lead to different locations.
  • To find D’s brother, keep following the path we can see. Jellyfish flying around.
  • If you get lost, follow the location in the image above to reach these jellyfish.
Elder Ring D's brother
Dee’s brother Alden in the ring (screenshot taken by Exporter)

The path forward for Jellyfish is fairly straightforward. Just make sure the two don’t collide. Crusader knights On our way and we’ll reach D’s brother in no time.

  • We can find D’s brother sitting outside. Brave Gargoyles boss fight, and the exact location on the map is marked in the image above.

DK’s brother’s quest line

Elder Ring D's brother
Getting D’s Armor Set, Hunter of the Dead (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

If you don’t have Dee, Hunter of the Dead’s armor set, Dee’s brother won’t respond to our chat. D’s armor set is obtained at the end of his questline when he dies or we can get the set by killing him early in the Alden ring.

  • We also need to follow Fea’s coastline as these two will run side by side.
Elder Ring D's brother
Giving D’s armor set to his brother (photo courtesy of us)

Giving has two different consequences. DK coach to his brother.

  • If we kill D, Hunter of the Dead, and then give the armor set to his brother, the brother will turn hostile and start attacking us.
  • However, if de Coste himself dies at the end of the line and we give away the coach at that point, the search for his brother can continue.
  • At this point, D’s brother can also be summoned for the Valiant Gargoyles boss fight.
  • At the end of FIA’s coast line in Deeproot Depths when we receive the Rune of Death Accuracy, D’s brother will attack and kill Fia at which point her coast line will end.
  • We can reload the area to get D’s armor set and the invincible sword.


Alden Ring amazes players with its quests, enemies, boss battles and music. Fromsoftware has truly created a masterpiece that excels in all categories. The Alden ring gives you a variety of weapons including axes, hammers and bows. You can even use spells and tricks if you want against monumental bosses like Millenia. Alden Ring is really fun and you will enjoy the lands in between every step of your journey.

This concludes our guide to Alden Ring. Brother of D NPC and location. We have not only listed the location of DK Bhai but also detailed its complete coastline. The rewards you get for completing his quest are also mentioned. We hope the guide was helpful in learning everything you need to know about D’s Brother. Let us know what you think of Alden Ring’s NPC quest lines in the comments below!


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