Alden Ring Alter South Chelona’s Rise Puzzle [Walkthrough]


Chelona Rise is a magically sealed structure in Alden Ring that you will find nearby. Alar South Sight of Greece On the lower edge of the plateau. This is one of the few main attractions when exploring the Moonlight Altar as a whole, and solving and breaking the Ascension Seal will eventually reward one of them. magic Alden in the ring.

Key takeaways

  • Searching the Elden Ring Altar South Sight of Grace in the Moonlight Altar will reveal a hidden one. puzzle which grants the player powerful spells.
  • Players will have to find and kill for the puzzle. 3 large tortoises are scattered on the ground.
  • The locations of each turtle are as follows:
    1. The first is hanging on the wall. Behind the rise of Chelona right side.
    2. The second can be found below Southeast edge of the moonlit altar from the upper half of the plateau.
    3. The last one can only be killed by jumping from above. Jump pad I found the Ringleader near Evergaol North-western part of the area
  • Once all the turtles are killed, teleport back to the rise and go to the top floor.
  • The chest that appears here will give it to you. Dark Rise of the Queenone Intelligence based magic.

Breaking Chelona’s Rise Cell

Once you reach the Moonlight Altar. Deep Anselville And head down to the southern corner of the area, eventually you’ll find it. The rise of Chelona Altar near South Site of Grace, initially sealed. You’ll see a pedestal in front of the seal, and examining it will prompt a prompt. “Find the Three Great Wise Animals.” So for this puzzle, you’ll need to search. 3 large tortoises Rise are scattered around the altar to unlock.

Chelona Rise Alden's ring
Pedestal in front of Chelona’s rise (Image credit: eXputer)

Find 3 wise animals.

  • As mentioned, we have to find like 3 giant ghosts. Turtles Hiding around the plateau to solve puzzles.
  • The first turtle is quite easy to find as all you have to do is go around the rise to the right and you will find the turtle. Hanging from the mountain.
The first giant ring of the ghostly turtle
The first turtle is hanging from the rock wall (screenshot grab: eXputer)
    • Use some kind of ranged weapon such as magic, throwing a knifeor a bow, and attack the ghost once to kill it.
    • Then, starting at the Alter South Site of Grace, follow the road back up to the top of the land mass and make your way up. East bank.
    • From here, look down from the corner of the cliff and you’ll see another turtle standing on top of a platform.
Another ghostly turtle Elden's ring
Another turtle sits face up (screenshot via eXputer)
    • use Ranged weapons Or jump down from the ledge and hit the turtle once to conquer your second beast.
    • Now, teleport back to the Altar South Site of Grace, re-examine the pedestal clue, and follow the trail behind you. Northwest corner of the area
    • Stay close to the edge of the cliff and continue following the path upwards until you eventually reach a. Jump pad Right next to Ringleader’s Evergaol.
Jump Pad Moonlight Altar
Jumppad next to Evergaol (Photo by eXputer)
    • Use Torrent (your horse) to jump straight up through the pad to automatically kill the third and final turtle. Floats in mid-air..
    • Once you’ve positioned yourself at the right angle and hit that last animal, you’ll be prompted immediately. “The growing seal is opened”indicating that you have successfully unlocked Chelona’s Rise.

Important: If you teleport to a Middle of Grace quest site, the turtles will automatically disappear. You will need to retest the indicator on the pedestal to reproduce it.

Enter the climax

  • Once you’ve killed all 3 turtles and solved the Alter South puzzle, enter the structure and make your way out. The top floor By stairs and elevator.
  • After reaching the top, you will find a wooden chest in front of you inside the room.
  • Open the chest and you will receive. Queen’s Black Moonone of the strongest magic Alden in the ring.
Rani's Altar of the Black Moon in the south
Rani’s Dark Moon Witch within Chelona’s Rise (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Other attractions near the peak

In addition to the puzzle and progression of Queen the Witch’s quest line, you can fight a unique boss near the aforementioned. The ringleader of Evergaolwhere you found the giant floating turtle.

  • Enter Evergaol by interacting with the glowing disc in the center and you’ll be teleported to an arena where you’ll need to kill Alecto, the Black Knife Ringleader.
Alecto evergaol moonlight altar
Alecto, Black Knife Ranger Boss Fight (Image source: Xporter)
    • This boss is extremely fast and agile, so you’ll need to be on your guard and on your toes. Rapid succession of attacks To stagger him.
    • You should also keep your distance and wait at all times. Electo To end his long combo strings.
    • After the combo ends, you’ll have a small opening to get a hit or two on the boss and take him down. Currency meter.
    • Repeat this process and you’ll easily kill the Evergaol boss, with the Black Knife Tych Summon. 80,000 runs as your reward.
Alecto boss fight
Rewards for killing Alecto (screenshot taken by eXputer

Important: If you die in your encounter with Alecto, remember to Stake Off Marika again to avoid that painful runback.


This wraps up our guide to solving the Chelona’s Rise puzzle near the Alden Ring Alter South Site of Grace. If you’re into intelligence, this is a perfect side quest because it rewards you with one of the best. Mantra throughout the game.

Plus since you’re probably into it. Late game phase By this time, you should have this spell in your inventory. Just beware of a common one Bug You may encounter this while trying to solve the puzzle, which many players have pointed out in this. Subreddit post.

Remember to try out some of the best staffs in Alden Ring to properly utilize your reward to its maximum potential. With that said, as you’re finishing up Runny’s quest, consider reading our Elden Ring Ending Rankings to see if you want to make any last-minute decisions. And if you want to delve into other fascinating narrative arcs, here’s our guide to Millicent’s quest line.


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