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Alden Ring There are always various quest lines sprinkled in, most of them involved in NPC quest lines. Boc the Semester is one of the few NPCs with the cutest quest, and players will want to know that all Alden Ringbook Locations It’s easy to find! Boc is a Semester capable of changing players’ clothing, and can be found in various locations between the lands.

Key takeaways

  • Boc is a Semester which may allow players to change their costumes.
  • can be found in Boc. 6 areas, Which includes Agil Lake North Area, Coastal Cave, East Raya Luceria Gate, Lake Facing Cliffs, Altus Highway Junction, and East Capital Rampart.
  • He is part of one. Long struggle line In which players are able to achieve different endings for Alden Ring, and they also need to find his sewing needle.
  • I Agil Lake Northplayers need to save Boc from becoming a tree permanently by finding a bush, killing it, and breaking the spell to turn it into a normal NPC.
  • I Coastal Cave In this area, players have to start from the beach to the cave, go deeper, and can be found resting inside with a place of grace.
  • When you’re in it. Cliffs facing the lake. Location, players need to sit and rest at the Site of Grace until the Boc appears.
  • I East Raya Lokaria Gatestay at the Site of Grace for a while until you can see Boc near you, and then he can be interacted with.
  • I Altus Highway Junction Along with the location, players need to relax on site.
  • The same can be said for Eastern Capital Rampartand it should appear on its own without players needing to do anything other than rest.

Agil Lake North

One of the first places players are likely to encounter Boc is. Agil Lake North Region. This is going to be the start of his main coastline, which is incredibly long and painful but has a different ending.

Agil Lake North
  • Open your map to the player Agil Lake is able to find the northern region that is on his map.
ER ruins
The ruins
  • From the Site of Grace located here, turn right. The ruins in front of you
  • After that, you want to start going straight until you hear a sound calling you, Saying whether you can hear it or not.
ER Voice Calling Out
Voice Calling Out
  • Except for a few Animalsshould be a small bush that you are able to interact with.
ER Bush by Animals
Bush by animals
  • Get close to it, and attack it, which causes it Break the spelland the tree turns into an NPC.
ER interacting with NPC.
Interact with NPCs
  • Approach the NPC, and he’ll ask what you did, and you should be able to. Talk to the NPC.

Coastal Cave Area

ER Coastal Cave
Coastal Cave

After a conversation with him at Agil Lake North, Bock also mentioned. Coastal Caveof which there is another. Boc locations.

  • Open your map, and located towards the western Limgrao area, players should be able to find the coastal cave area.
  • From Coastplayers want to pan their cameras to the front and start riding along the coast.
The ER is opening to the right.
Opening to the right
  • Right in front of you Right on the beachThere should be a small hole like a cave that goes further inside. Start making your way there.
ER standing down
standing down
  • gave The cave It goes deep inside and goes down.
ER Site of Grace
Site of grace
  • There should be one when you’re looking inside. Site of grace That you should be able to face.
  • Right in front of the Site of Grace, there should be someone lying down and resting by a small campfire.
The ER NPC is lying down.
The NPC is lying down.
  • interact with NPC It’s lying down, and it happens. Boc one more time. He talks about how the players should be out. Otherwise, they will be hit hard.

Cliffs facing the lake.

Moving forward, the next Alden Ringbook Locations Where players should be able to find Boc should be the cliffs facing the lake.

ER is facing the lake cliffs.
Cliffs facing the lake.
  • Open your map to find the cliff map location facing the lake, and players want to go there.
  • Once you’re at it. Site of graceyou don’t really need to go anywhere, rather, players actually need to sit here and do nothing.
The ER isn't doing anything.
Not doing anything
  • i head Rest position While in Grace’s place while you are resting, your character will be in a seated position and time will pass.
ER Site of Grace
Site of grace
  • Boc Finally appears and stands a few feet away from the Site of Grace.
  • Get out of yourself Rest position, and approach Boc. Here, players can chat with him, and he says it’s nice to see you.
  • He thanks you. Giving him back his needleand he asks if he can now be your personal semester.

Altus Highway Junction

When it comes to the next location, players can ask Boc to search. Altus Highway Junction.

ER Altus Highway Junction
Altus Highway Junction
  • find. Altus Highway Junction on the map.
Resting on ER site.
Resting on site
  • Players also need to rest here to reveal the Boc. Bus Activate relaxation Position on the site, and wait around for a while.
ER Boc is appearing.
Boc appearing
  • After the Boc appears, get out of the resting position, and you’ll find a Boc waiting for you near the site. Talk to him.

East Raya Lokaria Gate

ER East Raya Lokaria Gate
East Raya Lokaria Gate

With the next location, players can find Boc once again. East Raya Lokaria Gate location

  • East Raya Lucaria Gate is located and can be found on the map.

ER Site of Grace

  • From Site of Grace, players need to stay at Site of Grace for a while.
  • Go near the Site of Grace, and there should be an option where you can Rest at the site of grace.
The ER is relaxing.
  • After a while, Boc should appear a few feet from the Site of Grace, and Players can stop resting. And communicate with Boc.
ER Boc is appearing.
Boc appearing
  • You can. Ask Boc. You also get the option to change your clothes, and even change them when you interact with him.

Eastern Capital Rampart

ER East Capital Rampart
Eastern Capital Rampart

Moving on, another one Alden Ringbook Locations Which players can find in the East Capital Ramparts area.

ER relaxation and Boc exposure
Resting and appearing Boc
  • That’s what it goes for This venue, and the players He needs to rest here a bit before they can present Boc to them, after which he can communicate with them.

Basically Bok Serves players. As their own semester and able to change any type of clothing. While usually, players need to pay. 500 runswith Boc as your personal semester, and you don’t really have to worry about paying.


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