AI: The Somnym Files is a staple of mystery games.


Mysterious games can be food for your brain and many gamers like me like to put my brain power to good use. These games will force you to use your brainpower to solve suspenseful mysteries filled with thrills and excitement.

The gaming industry is filled with many exciting additions to the genre including the Sherlock Holmes franchise, the Ace Attorney franchise, LA Noire, and of course my favorite mystery game ‘AI: The Somnium Files’. There are many factors that make this game so good and beyond other mystery games.

The Bamboozling Nature of AI: The Somnim Files

Ai the somnium files cyclops serial killing
Cyclops serial killing

AI: The Somnim Files takes you to unravel the mystery of the ‘New Cyclops Serial Killing’ case. You will play as history interacting with different characters and investigating different scenes to uncover the mystery of the serial killing. The Cyclops serial killing case involved various victims, each of whom had an eye gouged out.

Handling a serial killing in a mystery game is no easy task as it requires both a well-written plot and a mystery that doesn’t get stale, but AI: The Somnym Files does the job perfectly. Furthermore, an important aspect that must be taken into account in serial killing cases is that the perpetrator remains largely unimaginable.

The unpredictability of the plot and case is what makes AI: Somnium Files so compelling. Playing many mystery games, I was often able to predict the culprit. However, the AI ​​kept me clueless throughout the investigation and even threw my guesses back in my face.

The game keeps you guessing the real culprit throughout your playthrough. I won’t spoil but the culprit was completely unexpected, so that’s a plus point. The great S. Attorney also handles the ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ case well, however, This was easily predictable Who was the real culprit in this case before it was revealed in the last chapter.

Apart from this, the main character, history itself is shrouded in mystery. Apparently, Tarikh has no memory of who he was before he began working as a special detective.

As you investigate the case, you will learn more about the past history. The game had an amnesiac as the main character and it combined its story so well with the mystery of the serial cases.

The game is a visual novel and most of the time you will be reading the dialogues of various characters rather than the actual gameplay. However, it is interesting to note that many mystery games are handled so well in a visual novel. Danganronpa, Zero Escape, and the Ace Attorney franchise are examples of such games.

Strange but mysterious gameplay

Exciting gameplay Ai the somnium files
Psynching with Mizuki

In addition to the usual investigations and asking questions of other characters, players will also need to “Psync” into the minds of various characters. You can enter the subconscious of various characters to reveal information that you couldn’t get through other means.

The ‘Psynching’ AI: Somnium is something unique to Files and makes the game much more interesting than other run-of-the-mill spy games. The ‘Psync’ puzzles are also oddly designed, and are fun to solve. You’ll investigate both dreams and crime scenes to get to the bottom of the case.

Like sports Time hollow It also tried to incorporate the concept of a “holopan” that would allow you to investigate scenes from both the past and the future, but the game didn’t develop much of the mystery and Felt very plain and simple.

When you’re in a dream, the results of what you’ll get after interacting with objects are usually unpredictable and that’s what makes the game so fun because the player waits to see the end result of Psync. have The game definitely combines the disturbing and gore aspect of it well.

Somname files signing weird gameplay
Inside a dream

When the date Psyncs with certain characters, players will get both easy and scary dreams. One particular Psync of Iris was fantastic and definitely sent shivers down my spine. The sequel to the game ‘Nirvana Initiative’ also featured some messed up Psyncs and that’s what the series is really good at.

Interacting with different objects within the dream will help you progress further with Psync. Psync puzzles can also be a great challenge. Players will need to really use their brains to figure out what to interact with as random interactions with objects limit the amount of time you can stay in Psync.

You will be engaged in some action QTE scenes. While some of them may feel boring, there are some that are action-packed. In my personal opinion, since action is not the main focus of the game, you shouldn’t expect action. However, expect a great mystery and a well-written story.

Unique narrative

AI somnium files multiple endings.
Ending paths

AI: Somnium Files features multiple endings but all of these endings are connected to form the complete story of the game. The game handles its storytelling really well, and this was one aspect that I found very well directed. This is why I find this game superior to many linear mystery games including the Ace Attorney and Sherlock Holmes franchises.

Each ending will reveal some information about the case and it will slowly start to make sense to the players. That’s what mystery games are all about as they slowly reveal information about a case while keeping players in suspense. AI: Somnam files will render it brilliantly.

Another mystery game by Kotaro Ichikoshi, Zero escape Features multiple endings system but most endings were unrelated to the main case unlike AI: Somnim Files.

I personally feel that the writing and direction in the AI: The Somnium Files series was much better. Even the sequel to this game was very well written and the mystery was just as weird, if not more so.

Great feature

Good features of AI somnium files
Ota’s mother

The game develops its various characters very well. Characters like Ota may not seem important at first, but the game develops his character well by the end of its path. Ota’s relationship with her mother and her growth as a person were both heartwarming and emotional.

The game developed a bond between Iba and Date as they solved the case together. Their interactions were some of the best written in the game even though some characters felt weak. I also liked how the game’s narrative was well done, including various investigative scenes and other interactions.

When it comes to features, the game feels a little weak. Unlike Danganronpa, which focused on each character, AI: The Somnium Files left few characters to waste.

However, those characters weren’t central to the issue and the game fleshed out all of its key characters very well which is at least good enough.

Final thoughts

AI: Somnium Files is another masterpiece of Kotaro Uchikoshi apart from the Zero Escape franchise. The game is underrated and yet it defines itself so well in the mystery genre in video gaming.

This game is on par with many masterpieces in the genre including Sherlock Holmes games, The Ace Attorney games, Danganronpa, LA Noir, and more.

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