AI could disrupt Google’s business within two years, says Gmail creator


One of the biggest trends in tech over the past few months has been the rise of ChatGPT. The AI ​​tool created by OpenAI launched in late 2022, and reportedly caused Google to go In “Code Read” mode To make his own AI based tools to combat this. However, one person who has built a disruptive tool for Google in the past says the company’s search engine advertising business is in grave danger.

I A Twitter thread(through BGR) Gmail creator Paul Bouchet offers this prediction:

Google may be just a year or two away from complete disruption. AI will eliminate the search engine results page, where they make most of their money.

He predicts that typing in a normal search bar, instead of sending you to a Google search engine page, could just use an AI-based auto-complete feature that would answer your question. This response may also include a URL link to a website for more information.

While an AI bot like ChatGPT will still use the search engine backend at Google, the company’s massive ad business could be shut down if the AI ​​itself doesn’t drive traffic to the search page. Buchheit compares what might happen to Google to what happened to the print Yellow Pages, which quickly became obsolete with the rise of the Internet.

Microsoft already has big plans to use ChatGPT. Last week, the company announced a new multi-year partnership with OpenAI that will allow ChatGPT to access Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers. At the same time, Microsoft will expand the use of ChatGPT on many of its consumer and enterprise products.

Source: Twitter through BGR


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