Age of Empires II is now on Xbox consoles featuring PC cross-play.


One of the most popular real-time strategy games on PC, Age of Empires II, is now finally on console. Microsoft announced that it was porting the classic PC remake to its consoles in October of last year, and the day has finally come, with Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S consoles, as well as Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Today’s console release of this remaster from 2019 features 34 single-player campaigns, 42 multiplayer factions, seven co-op campaigns, 83 maps, and significant improvements from dozens of updates received over the years. But still, the biggest addition is controller support.

“Knowing that bringing this bastion of strategy gaming to the Xbox world will require thought and care, we’ve taken the time to develop a version of Age of Empires II: Controller at the heart of the design. and the Definitive Edition with console players,” added franchise overseer studio World’s Edge.

Age of Empires II Gamepad Controls

This version includes an all-new UI built just for the controller and the cloud. Important factors such as resource management, unit ordering, build orders, and more are now easily accessible to users of this control method. There are also new rural automation features and a command wheel to make multitasking a smooth process.

Those who prefer standard keyboard and mouse controls aren’t being left behind either, with these inputs also being supported natively. It’s unclear if the PC version will get the controller support seen on the new console version. Cross-platform play between Xbox and PC is also confirmed to be a feature, although it can be disabled.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition For Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Available now for purchase through the Microsoft Store for $19.99.. Oh Deluxe Definitive Edition The bundle is also out with access to recent campaigns and civilization expansions.

As with all Xbox first-party launches, the title is also part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription at no extra cost. Don’t forget it Age of Empires IV The Xbox console is also getting a port later in the year.


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