After Windows 11 RAR support, Microsoft Wingt gets zip install, native PowerShell.


Sian Sen


Jun 1, 2023 14:20 EDT

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Microsoft recently turned heads when it announced support for opening RAR files on Windows 11. WinRAR, which has been the go-to for such archive file formats on most people’s PCs, seems to have mixed feelings about the matter as it also appreciates what Microsoft has. done

In related news, Microsoft has now added support for installing zip files to its Windows Package Manager CLI or Wingt with the latest version. In addition, it has received native PowerShell support, and many changes and bug fixes. These two major features were requested back in 2020.

The full changelog is given below:


  • Support installing zip files. #140
  • Add native PowerShell support. #221
  • Support –no-upgrade option for install flow #2655


  • Fix the issue that only 1 dependency package is installed. #2761
  • Crash in list command #2273
  • Add SYSTEM to explicit ACLs. #2370

what has changed

You can visit GitHub to download the latest Wingit. Version 1.4.11071.

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