After ending the $1 offers, Xbox Game Pass now has a friend referral trial program.


Xbox Game Pass Friend Referral

Xbox Game Pass subscribers now have an easy way to convince their PC friends to join. Announced today, Microsoft’s new Friend Referral Program offers Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members a trial invite to Handout, which offers 14 days of free access. PC Game Pass.

As with many other promotions regarding subscription services, being a brand new Game Pass member is required to redeem one of these trial invitations.

It looks like invites are only accessible through Xbox consoles for now. The Xbox app on Windows doesn’t show the option yet. “You can find friend referral invitations on the Game Pass home screen, just click the ‘Give PC Game Pass’ button to share,” Microsoft Explains.

Anyone who activates the Xbox Game Pass Friend Referral Offer gets access to hundreds of games available on PC Game Pass, including all first-party Xbox titles on day one, a standard membership to EA Play, as well as Riot Games benefits. Included. Titles to play.

This appears to be one of the $1 Game Pass offers that have been phased out recently. Microsoft said it’s working on new promotions to follow up on the popular introductory offer, and the upcoming Xbox Game Pass Family plan should be one of those avenues.


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