Action horror is making a revival with the remake of Dead Space.


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  • Action-oriented horror titles have become increasingly obscure in horror gaming recently due to survival horror’s prominence.
  • But, the success of Dead Space shows how fans want more horror games from the subgenre.
  • Studios need to make more action horror titles in addition to elevating survival horror games.
  • The future slate of horror games includes plenty of action-packed titles, indicating that a revival is on the way.

Horror video games have become the best expression of the entertainment genre. No form of horror media scares consumers and gets their heart racing like gaming. This is also known from research. Playing scary video games affects people more. More than watching horror movies

A big reason why video games are so effective at instilling terror is because of how personal the experience is. In horror games, the players themselves have to rescue the main character from the clutches of terrifying threats. So, it’s easy to see why controlling a protagonist in a frightening environment is spine-chilling.

In the gaming industry, horror titles have become a flagship product over the past two decades. During that time, the genre has grown considerably with franchises such as Resident Evil. A silent plowAnd Alone in the dark. As a result of this metamorphosis, horror has branched out into various subgenres.

There are two most popular iterations of horror in the gaming world. Survival horror And Action horror titles. These two subgenres share many elements, but with one fundamental difference. Action horror games have the same horrors as survival titles, however, you can fight against these threats.

Survival horror rose in popularity with Silent Hill and has cemented its status in the modern era. Like sports the final, Resident Evil 7And PT has made it the premier horror genre for contemporary gamers. Your protagonist is weak and can’t handle most of the threats you face so you either outrun them or hide to progress.

Even if there is combat, the player has limited ammo, which is typical in action-packed horror titles. They let you fight any opponent in the game with plenty of ammo, giving you more control.

Resident Evil 4 It was the first major AAA game to emphasize shooting elements in a horror game. The term action horror itself originates from this third-person shooter horror game. Since its release, titles such as Days passed, Bioshockand Dead Space carries a legacy of subgenres.

Survival horror dominates

Since Resident Evil has returned to its roots, action horror games have become rare. PT’s success and influence played a key role in survival horror becoming a mainstream horror genre. As a result, we have seen most of the survival horror games in the last few years with an increase in scares.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about indie or AAA games, most horror games have been on PT’s roadmap for the past few years. We’ve seen countless first-person horror games that put too much emphasis on atmospheric scares and storytelling. Medicine, Martha is dead.And Waage There are only a few recent releases of this ilk.

That’s not to say they’re bad, many of these survival horror titles are amazing. But, the variation in its products is one of the best aspects of the gaming industry. When a genre keeps releasing too many similar titles, it kills creativity and interest.

Sure, there have been unique narrative horror games. Maiden’s Manear, and Little hope. But they’re also fewer in number than survival horror titles and don’t feature traditional combat gameplay. Hence, survival horror has dominated the medium for years.

With few exceptions, recent horror games like MADiSON have become PT clones.

Like sports Eternal punishment And Dying Light 2 is few and far between. However, action horror has recently made a comeback. The recent success of A remake of Dead Space It’s the driving force behind this renaissance and proves why action-packed horror games are essential.

The success of the Dead Space remake proves that we need more action horror games.

The original Dead Space is one of the greatest horror games of all time. He took it. Third person Resident Evil 4’s shooter focuses on space and replaces zombies with terrifying aliens. And it worked to perfection as the game was a huge critical and commercial success.

EA officially announced the remake of Dead Space. 2021, at a time when horror fans really needed it. There weren’t many new action horror IPs coming out in the last few years, only survival horror titles. In 2022 alone, there are dozens of games to choose from. Phobia Saint Daphne Hotel, tauntAnd VHS came out of the subgenre.

Hence, survival games designed to make you feel powerless were prominent in the industry. On the other hand, only a few well-known horror shooters came out in the last few years, including Doom Eternal, Resident Evil Village, and Days Gone. These are rookie numbers when you compare it to the number of survival horror titles out there.

So, the return of a legendary action-horror franchise was a necessity, and Dead Space delivered. It’s only been out for a while, but it’s reminded us just how amazing action elements can be in horror games. The game has been reviewed. Universally positivecalling it a worthy remake.

Sales numbers have not been released as of the writing of this article. But, the game got off to a strong start on Steam 30 thousand concurrent players If the excitement and player reception surrounding the Dead Space remake on day one is any indication, it’s going to be a commercial hit.

If anything, the remake’s biggest success will remind us how badly we need more action horror games. Through effective use of nostalgia, the Dead Space remake proves that we need a variety of the genre. 15 years First. Its appeal should tell studios how players want more games in the subgenre.

All the reviews coming from players show how badly people miss the franchise and good action-horror games in general. Good horror shooting games aren’t easy to come by, and Callisto Protocol is one example. So, fans are desperate for some good old Dead Space style adventures and the success of the remake should beg studios to make them.

Dead Space Score
Dead Space has been well received by players and critics alike.

Dead Space is just the beginning of the action-horror revival.

You could argue that the Dead Space remake is another rare game in the subgenre, and we won’t see another combat-heavy horror title for a while. But that would be completely wrong, and both the past and the future back it up. Just a few weeks ago, Callisto Protocol, a horror shooter from the original Dead Space Director Glenn SchofieldCome out.

Although it wasn’t as perfect as the Dead Space remake, it was something fresh. Yours Motive Studios The remake has done a better job and given us a great horror shooter. So, even though Callisto Protocol wasn’t successful, it gives us even more variation in horror gaming.

As a result, we had as many action horror titles in 2022 as in the previous few years combined. Hence, the sub-genre is slowly making a comeback after the success of the Dead Space remake. The upcoming slate of horror games also backs up this fact.

Many action horror games will be released in the near future. One of them is a remake. Resident Evil 4, the title that started this subgenre. Capcom has a remake coming out. March 24, 2023.

In addition, there are some interesting AAA and indie projects in the works based on the sub-genre. Negative environment, Ill, AfterAnd gave days ago There are some new horror IPs with an emphasis on action. the first Doom is a nifty mix of both Eternal and Dead Space, while Ill Reminds us a lot of Resident Evil: The Village.

After There is a new IP that is going to be exclusive to the Sony Playstation console and it has an interesting story. Similarly, A day before is another unique horror game with MMO and elements on a combat basis. But we’ll have to wait a little longer for that as it has been. Delayed again.

Apart from these games, STALKER 2 is also coming out soon, to be launched this year or next year. There is also a new Metro Exodus game. Apparently in development. With rumors already going around of one A remake of Dead Space 2the future of action horror looks bright.

Of course, there are many more survival horror games to come. But it will blend in with all those releases, giving us some much-needed balance. And that’s what all players want in horror gaming.


Like every genre in the gaming world, horror needs variety. There’s no doubt that survival horror is great in its own right, but too much of anything is bad. As a result, action horror games are key in retention. Diversity and equilibrium in the industry.

The overwhelmingly positive reception of the Dead Space remake shows how much fans want such games. And thankfully, the future slate of horror games confirms that action horror is reviving itself.

Hopefully Dead Space is ushering in a new era for the sub-genre. One where developers keep creating new IPs for it like they do for survival horror. Players love both, and we need more war-horror games in the industry.

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