A Ubisoft+ sighting on the Xbox Rewards app suggests a possible arrival.


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  • As recent observations have teased, the Ubisoft+ service could be coming to Xbox soon. Many users have reported spotting this on the Xbox Rewards app.
  • A new punch card appeared on the app. The icon said, “Discover Ubisoft+,” with the description, “Get unlimited access to fan-favorite franchises and more.”
  • Many notable figures in the industry, such as Tom Warren, have discussed the new rumor. Jez Corden previously suggested that Ubisoft+ would be coming to Xbox soon.
  • It’s unclear how Ubisoft+ will be integrated into Xbox. We could see it included in Game Pass or as a standalone service allowing gamers to play its catalog.

It looks like the popular Ubisoft+ is headed to the Xbox app, as Recent observations What is the recommendation? Many gamers have reported looking for a subscription-based service on the Xbox Rewards app, with users talking about the possibility on several game forum sites and on Twitter. It briefly appeared on the Xbox, sparking new rumors in the gaming industry suggesting its possible integration into the Xbox Rewards app.

While the sight was enough to open everyone’s eyes, clicking on the Ubisoft Pay punch card led fans to a dead end as it was just a dead link. Icon said, “Discover Ubisoft+,“With further elaboration,”Get unlimited access to fan-favorite franchises and more.” Regardless, clicking on it brought up an error page, much to everyone’s dismay. However, this has led to some interesting theories among fans.

Tom Warren and many other notable figures in the gaming industry were quick to point out the new anomaly. It seems more likely than ever that Microsoft and Ubisoft are looking to join forces to bring the Ubisoft+ service to the Xbox App. Whether this will be part of Game Pass or its own service remains to be answered, but it seems unlikely as Microsoft may have to raise its price to accommodate the new selection of games.

The new legend also perfectly aligns with Jez Corden’s tweet a few days ago, which clarified that Ubisoft+ will soon be docking on the Xbox app. It seems that the old rumor has aged well due to the new look, but this has yet to be officially confirmed. Neither Microsoft nor Ubisoft have come forward to officially comment on the new leak, and it could once again turn out to be nothing more than a rumor. We recommend taking this with a grain of salt.

While most of the community has started gearing up for the Ubisoft+ service on Xbox, some fans were quick to fuel the rumor and theorize about Microsoft’s possible purchase of Ubisoft. The company has indeed expressed interest in stocking game studios under its umbrella, but Ubisoft’s purchase has no evidence to back it up other than seeing new ones for the time being. Moreover, it is still in the process of receiving Activation Blizzard.

by the u/Naive_Connection9889 From the discussion The Microsoft Rewards app is showing Ubisoft+.
I Gaming leaks and rumors.

Microsoft is known for boasting its subscription-based model, and the Ubisoft+ integration will only increase its influence over the gaming industry. If the rumors turn out to be true, we might soon be able to play Ubisoft+ games on Xbox in the near future. If integrated into Game Pass, the service could be even more than expected. Xbox users may soon have a huge library of games available to them.

While most fans have welcomed the new prospect and waited for the official announcement, a spectrum of gamers have also expressed concern for different reasons. It’s also unclear if the Ubisoft+ service will be available for Xbox PC, but time will tell. We can expect an official announcement to come soon.

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