A third-party mod for Windows 11 brings the forgotten dark mode to Paint.


Paint Windows with Dark Mode

Microsoft revealed its plans to supercharge its beloved Paint with a new user interface and dark mode more than a year ago (in August 2021, to be exact). The new UI is already available for all Windows 11 users, but the promised dark mode support is still nowhere to be found. Time for third-party developers and enthusiasts to help out the small software company: a mod for the Windhawk app lets you enable dark mode in Paint with one click.

The first version of the mod arrived in late 2021, and it featured a non-user-friendly installation process and only worked on Windows 11 Preview builds. You can now install the mod with a single click and use it on stable Windows 11 releases.

caution: Windhawk and Dark Paint Mod are third party mods, although open source. Always be aware of the risks of using such tweaks, and remember that you are solely responsible for the security of your computer and the data stored on it.

  1. Download and install Windhawk. From its official website.
  2. Run the app and click Explore. or Browse for Mods..Windhawk screenshot showing how to install Windows mods.
  3. Kind of Dark paint Click and in the search box. Details. Alternatively, use A direct link. You can also click on Source code Check out the tab on how the mod works and what code it uses to create its software magic.Windhawk screenshot showing how to install Windows mods.
  4. Click Install..
  5. Click to confirm installation. Accept the risk and install..A screenshot showing how to install mods in Windhawk.
  6. Open Paint.Windows 11s Paint app was modified to support dark mode.

Another thing to note is that the implementation still needs some improvement. For example, the mod implements dark mode regardless of your current system theme, and the only way to toggle to light mode is to disable dark paint in the Windhawk app. To do this, open Windhawk and turn off Dark Paint on the home page. You can uninstall the mod by clicking far off.

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