A new rumor claims that the Pixel A phone series could end with the upcoming Pixel 7A.


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Google will hold its annual I/O developers conference next week, on May 10. The company is expected to announce two new hardware devices, the Pixel Fold foldable phone, and the Pixel 7a budget smartphone. It’s also expected to reveal more information, and a launch date, for the Pixel tablet, which was announced at the 2022 Google I/O event.

However, a new but unconfirmed report claims that Google’s rumored Pixel 7A could actually be the end of the line for the Pixel A series. Noted leaker Yogesh Brar posted on his Twitter account today that “it is certain that no 8a will come.”

Going forward, Google will launch regular and Pro versions of its Pixel phones and a Pixel Fold every year, Brar reported. However, this may not be the end of the Pixel A series. Android Authority According to the report, a new Pixel a phone could be released every two years after 2023, according to its sources. The story adds that Google may also change the brand name.

As always with this kind of unconfirmed news, take these two stories with a large grain of salt. With Google’s recent layoffs and its plans to cut costs, it’s likely that the company is taking a long, hard look at its hardware products as a whole to see which ones are viable in the market. shall be.


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