A new report says that Apple’s iOS 17 sideloading app feature may only be available in Europe.


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One of the biggest rumors about Apple’s plans for iOS 17 is that it will support sideloading apps outside of the official store. While this may be true, Apple may only make the feature available on iOS devices in Europe.

This information was reported by Bloomberg reporter and well-known Apple leaker Mark Gorman During the latest MacRumors podcast. Apple will need to support sideloading for iOS devices in Europe in 2022 due to the adoption of the EU’s Digital Markets Act. However, Grumman said this feature may not be available in other parts of the world. He added that he believes Apple will not even mention the iOS 17 sideloading feature as part of the company’s keynote address during its WWDC 2023 event on June 5.

Even if Apple adds sideloading to iOS 17 in Europe, Grumman said during the podcast that the company could pay app developers additional fees if they launch their apps on a third-party store.

Gorman also reiterated his previous report that WatchOS 10 will be a major update to Apple Watch OS, with some new ways to interact with the smartwatch.


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