A new feature in Apple Maps lets you save parking spaces.


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Parking spaces can be difficult to come by at times. When searching for someone, you will not only spend a lot of time, but you will also use a lot of fuel. Apple is thankfully making this task easier, at least for Apple Maps users.

Apple Maps has a new parking feature that provides users with parking options and availability near their destination. Thanks to Apple’s partnership with the Chicago-based parking reservation service Spot HeroUS and Canadian users can find parking information for more than 8,000 locations in 300 cities.

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To use this feature, iPhone and Mac users can search and select a destination through the Apple Maps app. More > Parking. They will then be redirected to the SpotHero website where they can search for a nearby parking space and reserve a space using various in-app payment options. Once a customer pays, their parking space is guaranteed and they will be issued a digital parking pass that can be added to their Apple Wallet. They can then drive to their destination, scan their QR code when they arrive at the parking area, and park their car.

Users can also filter their search by date and time, and parking locations with valet services, wheelchair access, and EV charging.

Mark Lawrence, CEO and co-founder of SpotHero, offered the following statement. Tech Crunch:

“We’re constantly identifying new ways to bring convenient, affordable parking to drivers. Working with Apple Maps is one way we’re doing that. Through our new integration, Apple Maps users on iPhone and Mac But within Apple Maps, SpotHero can discover parking.”

Google has also integrated parking services into its Maps platform. Back in February 2021, Google Maps gave users the ability to pay for parking spaces using Google Pay on their phone. And in March 2022, Google partnered with parking platform ParkMobile. To allow customers to use their voice to pay for their parking space.

Source: Tech Crunch


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