A new code added to Instagram suggests that payment verification is in progress.


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Instagram’s recent updates have found code that suggests it’s working on adding payment verification to the platform in a move similar to Twitter Blue. The code itself references a string of text that talks about “paid blue badges” and a new subscription product that’s believed to be in the works. This reference is also said to be present in the latest build of the Facebook app.

The code snippet was found by Alessandro Palozzi, a developer who often discusses features coming to platforms, not limited to Instagram, before launch.

Earlier, Instagram has been open about new features coming to its platform, such as quiet mode and post scheduling. This time, Instagram has chosen not to comment on the findings.

At this time, these strings of code only indicate that Meta is working on adding this feature to the platform, and do not confirm that the feature will launch in the future.

Source: Tech Crunch


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