A mini glitch in Dead Space Remake gives players unlimited nodes and credits.


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  • Dead Space Remake players can discover and exploit a glitch that gives them unlimited credits and upgrade nodes.
  • Taking advantage of the money glitch in Dead Space can give players a significant advantage in in-game progression and unlocking upgrades faster.

Players of the Dead Space remake now have the opportunity to unlock upgrades faster and progress through the game faster. A money bug has been discovered in the game that allows players to get an unlimited source of credits and upgrade nodes.

Exploiting this flaw can provide a significant advantage in in-game development, but it is not without risks. Read on to learn more about the pitfalls of this money and how to use it safely.

Unlimited free nodes From Dead space

People have recently discovered that there is a glitch in the remake version of the classic survival horror game Dead Space. They uncover a clever money loophole that allows them to get unlimited nodes and credits to buy upgrade nodes.

Originally discovered by a Reddit user. Mr throwaway mcgeethe technique to remove it has recently been put into visual form. TyberZann191 For players who want to see it in action.

How to get unlimited nodes/credits, *method discovered by Mrthrowawaymcgee,* I’m just putting it in video form for those who are more visual learners like me. From Dead space

However, to begin with, players must have at least 7 Power Nodes, 15k credits, and a safe location away from Necromorphs in order to finish it off. Once they get these items, they can follow the steps, which are as follows.

First, spend 15k credits to buy 7 power nodes. Secondly, allocate nodes for any weapons or upgrades you have. Third, make a save and reload the save.

Finally, sell the upgraded weapons/upgrades, and you will receive the same nodes you spent earlier. Repeat this process as many times as you want to collect unlimited nodes and credits.

Additionally, players should keep in mind that they should save their game in a safe place away from Necromorphs. This will help them because they don’t want to attack while reloading their save.

Additionally, they will need to have enough credit to purchase nodes, and will need to re-allocate nodes when they reload the save.

This money hack is a great way to get unlimited nodes and credits without spending hours grinding for them. However, since this is a bug, it may be patched in a later update. Players should make sure to take advantage of it now if they plan to use it.

With that, here’s our take on the recent remake of Dead Space.

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