A less powerful version of the ASUS ROG Ally might have a price tag.


asus rogue ally

Earlier this week, an internet leak claimed that the upcoming ASUS ROG Ally portable gaming PC will be priced at $699.99. As it turns out, it can be for the high-end model version. A latest report claims that the Windows 11-based version of the device will also be cheaper.

While the high-end ROG Ally will have an AMD Z1 Extreme chip (12 RDNA 3 compute units with 8 cores/16 threads) and 512GB of storage, the Internet Laker “SnoopyTech” posted on Twitter. That the cheaper version will cost $599.99. It will have a less powerful AMD Z1 chip (4 RDNA 3 compute units with 6 cores/12 threads) and 256GB of storage. Both the versions will have 16 GB of RAM and the rest of their specs will remain the same.

Although this leak of information has not been confirmed by ASUS, it sure looks like it. Both of these models should be able to compete well with Valve’s Steam deck. However, we don’t have any concrete information about ROG Ally’s battery life yet. Hopefully, we’ll get that information, and an actual release date, when. ASUS is holding its online event for ROG Alliance on May 11..


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