80% of Horizon’s Western European sales were not bundled with the PS5


Horizon Forbidden West has proven to be a surprise success after its release last year, selling like hotcakes worldwide. It won several game awards, and also dominated various sales charts throughout the year. However, some players were skeptical and alleged that the game was selling well only because it came with a PS5 bundle.

The origin of the accusation is still unknown, but in the past, various users in various internet forums started to blame the successful sales of the game due to the popular PS5 bundle. The bundle has certainly contributed to its sales, but has also been overhyped by some gamers.

Now, a leading game industry analyst has stepped forward and cleared up once and for all the inflated claims regarding Horizon Forbidden West’s sales connection with the PlayStation 5 bundle.

Major Rundown

  • 80% of Horizon Forbidden West’s sales came from standalone purchases in Europe, as explained by games industry head Christopher Dring.
  • Even without the hardware bundles, the title has racked up impressive numbers. PS5 bundles have contributed but not accounted for most title sales.
  • The bundles had an impact on the charts during the slow summer months but did not affect overall game sales.
  • Christopher has debunked a popular rumor in the community, but many users still don’t accept his claim and continue to argue. The analyst claims that he has evidence that supports his words.

Games industry chief Christopher During has given us a specific persona to address the insistence of titles only selling satisfactorily because of some in the community’s PS5 bundle. Apparently 80% of Horizon Forbidden West’s sales are spread through individual purchases and are not tied to the popular PlayStation 5 bundle.

Christopher also repeated, “In the summer (when not many games are sold), it definitely affects the charts. But when you look at sales as a whole, it’s not nearly the majority. I didn’t say it didn’t help. I said it’s done. I’m just saying that these games did incredibly well even without the bundles.

gave Original thread He came under fire days after several people questioned his earlier claims of dispelling popular rumors circulating in the community.

Some people did not accept his confirmation and came down to claiming that they were being paid by Sony,”Games that ranked 19th and 20th before the bundle’s release are ranked 2nd and 3rd after the bundle’s release, but that doesn’t affect the bundle’s sales? How many dollars did you get from Sony?

Chris replied,If you’re talking about the summer charts, you don’t need to sell a lot of games to jump up the charts. Even a small number like 500 extra sales can see you jump up the charts during quieter months.It’s also worth noting that PlayStation 5s were barely available during the first 6 months of the year.

The rumor grew mainly because of how much influence Horizon Forbidden West had on the sales charts during the summer months. According to the analyst, a small amount of sales is enough for the game to jump in the ranks due to the slow months.

Against the affirmation, another user wrote, “Its tru and Sonys business strategy has been a reality since the launch of the PS4 Spider-Man bundles. No one can say anything against it. Get up and do some research before you embarrass yourself. Haram Maghrib was packed with hardware and after that they revealed the numbers. The facts.”

Christopher Dring replied,I literally have the data and can see how many GoW/Horizon bundles were sold. The facts

Many users have been disagreeing with the analyst since the beginning of the thread. Today, Christopher provided us with a specific statistic, showing how much the game’s popularity affected its individual sales, rather than the hardware bundle.

According to Christopher, the official hardware bundles were not behind the mass sales of Horizon Forbidden West. They helped but did not influence the bulk of sales. When Christopher was questioned for proof, he reiterated that it was data from the European market.

However, the analyst is unable to reveal exact figures for the game’s sales data due to contracts. Overall, Horizon Forbidden West has sold in high numbers without bundles. More than 80% of sales emerged from stand-alone purchases in Europe alone, which is much higher than one might expect.

What are your thoughts on the popular myth about Horizon Forbidden Waste Sales that was finally debunked by games industry chief Christopher During? Have you heard or believed this popular myth that has been dominating game forums for the past few months? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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