8 BEST Tower of Fantasy PVP Weapons


There are a lot of PVP weapons in the Tower Of Fantasy game, so how do you know which one is the best? Let’s do a deep dive into the game’s weapon list and figure out which PVP weapons are best for you.

Key Highlights

  • Tower Of Fantasy being an MMORPG comes with many weapon categories to own, coming with different stats and rarities and the best ones being SSR.
  • Fortunately, in Tower Of Fantasy, the weapons that you use in PVE are also considered very good in PVP and these weapons can be obtained from Gacha.
  • The best weapons that you can use in PVP are Molten Shield V2, Thunderblades, Ice Wind Arrow, Venus, and Scythe of the Crow.
  • Each of these has different effects like knockbacks, discharges, and their own special abilities.
  • Furthermore, you have to increase the levels of these weapons so they can perform to their potential.


Huma’s Molten Shield V2 

Molten Shield V2 Huma's weapon
Huma’s Molten Shield V2
Combat Strength 272
Shatter Strength 10
Charge Speed 10

Okay, the stats are out of this world, so let’s now look a bit more in-depth into the PVP weapon and show you why it’s the best Tower of Fantasy Weapon.

Despite being unassuming in appearance, do not be fooled. The Molten Sheild V2 weapon is one of the strongest in the game. 

Huma‘s Shield and Axe specialty enables her to advance to the front lines without even being concerned for her own protection. After all, she shares the same protective dominance with the Geo characters in Genshin Impact. 

It is all thanks to her shield and axe combination. The Molten Shield V2 takes advantage of her area-of-effect skills. Huma’s axe can be useful for delivering punishingly strong blows. But that is not all! The axe is no ordinary weapon. In fact, it can be used to shelter the players from harm before launching a vicious counterattack.

When Huma uses the weapon she can survive on her own in the majority of battle situations. All of which is thanks to the attack and defense swap. Making the weapon truly formidable. 

Weapon Specifics 

As you just read, the weapon has both an offensive and defensive mode. All of these are highlighted when it is paired with Fission. When it is unleashed, Huma transforms Molten Shield V2 into an axe that slams the surface. Shockingly, it disables the opponent and her PVP weapon inflicts harm to them equal to 373.8% of her ATK.

Additionally, for five seconds, a flame zone is created, burning the victim with 233.6 percent of the attack. Huma also uses this technique to slam into the earth while transforming her axe into a shield. 

It throws an opponent back and delivers them 309.5 percent of the target’s ATK. Additionally, the move will prohibit the enemies from shifting weaponry for up to five seconds, which is ideal for stopping PVP opponents from moving between builds.

Discharge Specifics 

Seething Rage is used by Huma when she activates the full potential of her Molten Shield V2. Before moving forward have a look at our Tower Of Fantasy Main Launch Events guide!

It actually causes a ferocious blast wave to be released that deals 352% of ATK damage. Yes, you read that right! Interestingly what makes Huma’s tactical support position more solid by taunting adversaries and boosting her 15% damage resistance?

Additionally, for each enemy that provokes Huma, shield-like items materialize around her, each of which grants 10-second damage mitigation of 5% at the expense of one dodge restriction.

With the help of this discharge, Huma can utilize most of her protection to deflect opposing strikes, especially when considering her damage reduction specialization. 

The discharge, when used in conjunction with the rest of her arsenal, can leave opponents vulnerable to counterattacks. 

Crow’s Thunderblades

tower of fantasy Crow's Thunderblades
Crow‘s Thunderblades In the tower of fantasy
Combat Strength 272
Shatter Strength 6
Charge Speed 8

Our next PVP weapon is one of the best on Tower of Fantasy, why? Well, it has the ability to defeat enemies extremely quickly. It is because Crow is a Double Blades user who excels at making quick strikes and overtaking adversaries. 

The weapon’s returning blades and its orbiting blade gives users immense mobility while playing. All these center on just being increasingly dynamic to attack foes or attacking repeatedly to rack up damage.

Weapon Specifics

While the Thunderblades allow Crow to attack from a distance, it is important to remember that he is in fact a close-range fighter. Okay, so the next thing you read will shock you. It is about returning blades so prepare to be blown!

When Crow activates Returning Blades, each one delivers damage equal to 52.8% of the player’s ATK. Yes, we were as shocked as you are!

Additionally, players receive hyberbody for up to eight seconds, which improves their effectiveness for the remainder of the fight session.

Moreover, his talent has a 45-second cooldown following the recovery of the blades, after which all extra bonuses expire. It is such a cool weapon one of our go-to!

Discharge Specifics 

Crow is known to use his Thunderblade expertise to backstab enemies. It is an advantage for maximum destruction for Thunderblades Discharge enables the user to flash right to the position of his victim.

The weapon actually incapacitates the enemy in addition to dealing damage equal to 86.9% of the ATK. All of this is very important because it helps to create a gap for his teammates to fight back. Additionally, after five seconds, gamers will be able to inflict additional Volt injuries.

Can you guess how much? Well, it equals about 15% of the damage they have already inflicted during the discharge. Furthermore, three blades that surround Crow throughout the discharge period deal damage equivalent to 65.5 percent of the player’s attack to nearby opponents. 

Tsubasa’s Ice Wind Arrow

 Ice Wind Arrow for Tsubasa's character
Tsubasa’s Ice Wind Arrow
Combat Strength 272
Shatter Strength 4.00
Charge speed  11.50

Okay, our next PvP weapon is one of the best ones in Tower of Fantasy. The Ice Wind Arrow is truly the favorite of many hardcore fans. While you are here why not look into the Tower Of Fantasy Vs Genshin Impact guide?

Many players were skeptical about this weapon when the game first launched. In a sci-fi video game like Tower of Fantasy, the bow would be a pretty unexpected weapon to wield. Many pointed out that it would be of very little use against other more automated weapons. 

However, her Ice Wind Arrow takes advantage of Tsubasa‘s knock-back and striking potential by using her ice element type. Think of it as the equivalent of Amber’s single-target specialty in Genshin Impact.

Weapon Specifics

Tsubasa is without a doubt the best long-distance fighter. It is all due to her owning Ice Wind Arrow. You will be amazed to know that she can do intense stunts while wielding the weapon.

One such is that she can perform a backflip while firing three shots, with the first one inflicting 258.3 percent of her ATK and the other two inflicting 60 percent damage. All of this carnage with just one piercing shot!

In addition, opponents that clash with barriers are sent backward and stunned for 5 seconds. Given its ingenious 12-second cooldown, we think the skill we just talked about is a fairly clever combination finisher. 

But that is not all! You might not know the following, but the piercing shot is an amazing combo starter, particularly in restricted spaces where barriers are frequently abundant.

Discharge Specifics 

When the Ice Wind Arrow is used to its full potential, it can be very intense. In fact, it causes a localized hailstorm to happen. The area is actually chosen by the players themselves. Let’s now talk about what the storm is like. Prepare to be amazed!

The storm is catastrophic on its own thanks to the explosive barrage. It will actually deal 570 percent of its ATK to opponents.

But that is not even the best part! There is a 10% possibility that the skill may freeze enemies for two seconds. Yes, you did read that right! That is probably one of the coolest things the PVP weapon can do. You will have to agree with us on this one.

Additionally, the Discharge creates a cold front that grants users a 45 percent increased speed. All of which will last for approximately seven seconds. Hence, it makes it ideal for rapid getaways. But it can also be helpful to move for a good getaway if people are finding themselves in a bad situation.

Nemesis’s Venus

Venys weapon for Nemesis's character
Nemesis‘s Venus PVP weapon

Not only is Nemesis a very intense character, but her PVP is also one of the few strongest you will find in the Tower of Fantasy realm. So let’s look into it.

Combat Strength 273
Shatter Strength 6
Charge Speed 8

While Nemesis sports superior long-distance abilities, yet having Venus sure has changed that. Nemesis has many ways to harm her opponents’ surroundings, like using Particle Beam Burst. She also has numerous possibilities to take opponents down through Pulse Lock.

Contrary to these other powerful EM Blasters, Nemesis’s weapon actually places greater emphasis on repeatedly stunning and tearing down adversaries, depriving them of the chance to regain and launch counterattacks.


Whenever Nemesis summons Venus, she will probably use Pulse Lock to launch a targeted missile at her adversary. 

It will knock them down and inflict 233.2 percent of her ATK. It is a fairly effective combination opener for the remainder of her and her group’s rotations because of its 25-second cooldown.

Despite the attack’s ease and simplicity, it is intended to work closely with the remainder of Nemesis’s weaponry. The weapon’s skill attack is an efficient means for her to stop the opponent’s onslaught. As she is a distance-based warrior, it enables her to get ready for the remainder of her PVP cycles.

Discharge Specifics 

When Nemesis finally decides to activate Particle Beam Burst, she directs a cross-shaped ray at the ground. As soon as she performs Particle Beam Burst the immediate surroundings start to get shaky while her victims receive a 70% mobility restriction, which greatly reduces any ability to deal harm.

Moreover, the move releases a powerful EM burst that delivers 393.9% of the attacks close to the enemy’s location. In addition to these lethal results, the EM burst changes into such an electrode that hits enemies about once every 1.5 seconds with 39.9% of the player’s attacks.

In addition to these insane qualities, this EM burst simultaneously receives 100% of Nemesis stats, which ends up making it a major companion to support Nemesis in battle. As a result, with only being able to support one electrode at a given time, the electrode will drop 3% of its maximum HP per second.

Shiro’s Chakram Of The Seas

Chakram Of The Seas Shiro's PVP weapon
Shiro’s Chakram Of The Seas

Our next Tower of Fantasy PVP weapon will leave you utterly dumbfounded. Let’s look into its stats and you will see what we mean!

Combat Strength 272
Shatter Strength 10
Charge Speed 6

The Chakram of the Seas is unquestionably a much more superior weapon class option in Tower of Fantasy when compared to the standard array of weapons in Genshin Impact. 

Shiro’s go-to weapon is the intimidating Chakram, which she uses to quickly release lashing attacks on the foes nearby. Furthermore, Shiro’s Chakram of the Seas complements the remainder of her equipment and ends up offering her ample versatility to handle all distance fights.

So why is that so impressive? Well, it actually enables her to take full advantage of AOE possibilities to gain area denial bonuses.

Weapon Specifics

The particular weapon we will talk about next has a lot of special moves. Some that only Shiro can unlock, most if not all players have been shocked to learn about them. One such special skill is Full Bloom.

Full Bloom creates a chakra sphere that surrounds the player for eight seconds and lures foes within whilst slowing them down by thirty percent. Yes, a whopping thirty percent!

Additionally, the domain calls forth five chakrams that deal 24.2% of their attack in damage to the target enemy up to five times.

This particular ability is a fairly effective AOE that can be utilized against a single enemy that has a lot of summonable. But that is not all! It works well on moving foes who could have been difficult to strike with accurate shots. 


Shiro can toss the Chakram of the Seas to a victim in order to temporarily shock them upon releasing Spirit of the Air. In addition, the Chakram will target up to three more units per second, dealing 41.4 percent attack damage over ten seconds with a 10% stun chance.

This type of Discharge is an excellent method to make the most out of Shiro’s versatility in fights. As players will be making use of her capacity to deliver strikes in basically any direction they want to. 

King’s Scythe Of The Crow

Scythe Of The Crow King's PVP weapon
King’s Scythe Of The Crow

Honestly speaking our next PVP weapon is one of our favorite and best in the Tower of Fantasy. Let’s see exactly why we think so!

Combat Strength 272
Shatter Strength 12.50
Charge Speed 5

King is an expert at making quick swooping blows that are designed to throw opponents off balance. These attacks will either knock them back or stun them into submission. The short-to-mid-range weapon is feared by many and we do not blame them. The Flaming Scythe is one of the most intense weapons there are.

Scythe Of The Crow Skill

Scythe of the Crow has among the easiest and simple Skills in the game. Basically, swinging his scythe will end causing foes 499.9% of his ATK damage. This will happen after deploying Mortal Coil. With a 45-second cooldown, the technique is a fantastic combination for starters or finishers.


Whenever King employs the Flaming Scythe, the Scythe of the Crow is changed into a Flaming Scythe. It is such a cool transformation to witness!

What’s interesting is that it damages enemies for 398 percent of their ATK. Players have plenty of time to send out additional potent combinations throughout the ten seconds that the Discharge lasts. The fact that its ability also summons flaming domains every two seconds is so cool but that is not even half of it!

Flaming Scythe has volcanic eruptions that cause opponents damage equal to 66 percent of the King’s ATK. You might not know that suspending volcanic eruptions actually makes it potentially more potent. As a result, the Discharge turns into an effective tool for controlling your foes.

Zero’s Negative Cube

 Negative Cube Zero’s PVP weapon
Zero’s Negative Cube

Wait till you hear about this one! We are pretty sure after reading you will think the Negative cube is the best Tower of Fantasy PVP weapon.

Combat Strength 272
Shatter Strength 5
Charge Speed 13

The most powerful type of enchanted cube is probably the Negative Cube used by Zero. Due to its protective features, the Omnium Shield is the ideal addition to the rest of his equipment.

Zero has lots of space to be secure in battle thanks to Negative Cube’s focus on powerful ranged strikes. But it also helps self-surrounding assaults which stop the opponent’s advances. All of these make the Negative Cube a formidable weapon to wield.

Negative Cube Skills

The Negative Cube generates a strong shield called the Omnium Shield that covers Zero and his friends. The shield has such strength that it can propel opponents and assault them with 142.9 percent of Zero’s ATK. All while also blocking damages up to 800 percent of ATK lasting up to 10 seconds.

Gamers who enjoy cube collection can benefit from this ability because each cube they hold increases the shielding power of just the ability by 160 percent of Zero’s ATK. While it is not the most dynamic offensive weapon, using the skill is unquestionably a fantastic barrier for strong opponents.


As soon as  Zero summons the Omnium Wave, he has already released five Cubes and a powerful shockwave. Enemies are launched into the air. But that is not all, in fact, they inflict damage equal to 171% of ATK by the shockwave only. Which ends up making them very prone to multiple blows.

Additionally, each Cube that Zero conjures has a 48.5 percent ATK damage cap, which boosts its effectiveness. When using the Discharge in group circumstances, teammates have three-second damage immunity.

Samir’s Dual EM Star

 Dual EM Star Samir's PVP weapon
Samir’s Dual EM Star PVP weapon

Our last PVP is one of the most notorious weapons in the game. Before moving forward have a look at our Top 30 Tower Of Fantasy Tips & Tricks guide.

In fact, most players go out of their way to avoid fighting the Dual EM Star. The Dual EM Stars continue to be the apex of vicious long-ranged strikes with a touch of immobility. Owning the weapon places Samir with other Electro fighters from Genshin Impact’s game. 

However, Samir’s ownership of such Dual Pistols enables her to overtake opponents and pile in damage levels considerably faster. The Dual EM Stars give Samir the capability to strike targets from several angles.


Samir is capable of striking a balance between defense and attack with the aid of Electro Field. All of which she uses to launch an EM Star to erect an energy shield. The enemies trapped behind the shield are essentially constrained since the damage is rebounded there. 

In addition, the skill gives adversaries a powerful suspending effect and 269.8% of Samir’s ATK, making all of them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. 

The Dual EM Star is a formidable force on the battlefields thanks to this talent. Samir can utilize the gun‘s skill to increase her battle options while also providing some safety for herself when coupled with her swift assaults.


Whenever the Dual EM Stars are used to their full potential, a Domain of Thunder is created in the target area. Can you guess what it does? While you are here why not look into our Tower of Fantasy Pity System: Currencies & Banners guide?

Well, the Domain of Thunder suspends any foes that are currently there. The attack happens over the course of three strikes in just over 3.5 seconds. The opening explosion does 28.3% of ATK damage. During this time, enemies trapped in the domain end up receiving  42.4% of ATK every 0.5 seconds.

Additionally, the Discharge removes all of the enemy’s bonuses, thus decreasing the ability to deal damage. Using Dual EM Stars battle ensures rapid-fire attacks. So you can see why many gamers prefer to use it.

We hope our guide was helpful in answering your question about the best PVP weapons in the Tower Of Fantasy.

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