5G sensor requirements on planes in the US could cause disruption.


Airplane flying in the sky

In the US, airlines will have to install special sensors on all their planes to deal with 5G interference. The nation’s transportation secretary, Pete Buttig, has decided to keep the July 1 deadline. According to Reuters. If planes don’t have the sensor by the deadline, they won’t be able to execute a low-visibility approach that can result in diversions and delays.

Telecom companies have already delayed their 5G rollout several times to give airline companies time to install sensors. Even so, the airlines say they won’t be ready by the July 1 deadline. Both aircraft and new 5G networks rely on C-Band wireless spectrum. The 5G signal could affect altimeters that inform pilots of aircraft altitude. If this device ever gets damaged, it can cause serious problems.

While airlines will be able to fly planes without sensors after July 1, they may be turned away if visibility is low. The acting Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) administrator, Billy Nolen, said last week that airlines would not be allowed to operate in US airspace if they failed to rebuild the sensors by next year.

The International Air Transport Association has said supply chain issues will make it difficult for airlines to meet the July 1 deadline. While aircraft will still be able to fly during the busy summer period, customers may experience delays as a result of the diversion.


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