50% of all consoles sold in France were Nintendo Switch in 2022.


  • The Nintendo Switch accounted for half of the console’s sales in France last year, selling more than 987,000 units; Its total sales now exceed 7.09 million.
  • It outshone the competition and crossed various milestones along the way. Last year, the Switch edged out the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 4 in total sales in France. However, the Nintendo DS tops the charts with over 10 million units sold.
  • According to Philippe Laveau, general manager of Nintendo France, one in ten people owns a Nintendo Switch. The Switch continues to outperform the competition in various regions around the world, including the UK, Japan, Germany, and the like.
  • Of the top ten, nine titles were Switch games, and FIFA 23 was the only non-Switch title on the sales charts. Pokemon reportedly had a “historic year” in 2022.

Since its release 6 years ago, the Nintendo Switch has matured to become one of the best-selling portables in the world. It often competes on equal footing with next-generation consoles in sales and demand. The handheld is particularly popular in some parts of the world, such as Japan, and continental European regions such as France.

Latest reports of various French sites such as BFMTech&Co Last year further strengthened its solid position in the European region. Nintendo France’s general manager has revealed impressive results for the Switch last year, and the portable reportedly performed very well in terms of sales performance and software releases.

One of the most eye-catching revelations was the fact that the Nintendo Switch was accounted for. Half of France’s console sales In 2022 In other words, the small giant sold enough copies to rival the remaining 50 percent of the competition in the country. This was possible because the switch is apparently dead. 987,000 units last year.

Sales of nearly one million in 2022 have boosted overall Switch sales in France, bringing the total 7.09 million units Since its establishment in the country. According to Philippe Laveau, general manager of Nintendo France, the handheld has broken the previous record held by the Wii, which sold. 6.3 million units so far in the country.

Moreover, it was recently reported that the Nintendo Switch has surpassed the total sales of the PlayStation 4 in France, which has increased. 6.0 million units. Nintendo Switch reigns supreme in popularity and demand in France. Only in France did Philippe give us a prominent figure to ease the furor surrounding the Switch.

“Of the 67 million French people, 10.5% are equipped with a Switch,” noted Philippe Laveau, general manager of Nintendo France.

In other words, 1 in 10 people in France owns their own Nintendo Switch. However, one more console is still coming to the portable, which is its big brother, the Nintendo DS. The best-selling Nintendo console of all time in France is apparently the Nintendo DS console, according to the general manager. 10 million in sales.

Nintendo France’s general manager, Philippe Laveau, also gave good news about the games sales charts for 2022. Nine of the ten best-selling entries in France last year were Nintendo Switch games. FIFA 23 was the only non-Switch game to appear on charts littered with Nintendo games.

The credit mainly goes to the Pokemon games that have jumped the charts all over the world. Philip said that the Pokémon had acquired “A landmark year” That is “Haven’t heard of a franchise in France.Meanwhile, the most recent Pokemon surpassed Scarlet and Violet. 700,000 copies sold together.

The Nintendo Switch is also braving other contenders in the United States, as it was the best-selling console in the UK in 2022. The portable has hardly ever been outsold by its competitors in Japan and continues to have a large number of sales. The Switch is also popular in regions like Germany.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, which is still selling like hotcakes in continental Europe and took 50% of total console sales last year in France? Do you think Nintendo’s handheld will continue to conquer the world for years to come? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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