30% of PlayStation 5 owners never bought a PlayStation 4.


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  • According to Sony, 30 percent of PlayStation 5 monthly active users did not purchase a PlayStation 4.
  • So, about a third of PS5 players are brand new users.
  • The console sold 7.1 million units in the third fiscal quarter of 2022, and Sony has also increased its sales forecast for fiscal 2022.

Since its inception. 2020, the ninth generation of game consoles has faced one setback after another. From global pandemics disrupting supply chains to economic downturns constraining spending, this generation has seen it all.

Recently, however, it’s on the way back, with the PlayStation 5 leading the way in availability and sales.

Attracting new customers to the PlayStation brand is one of Sony’s biggest goals this generation. Now, it looks like it’s getting it. 30% Consumers who played PlayStation 5 did not buy. PS4. So, roughly a third of the PS5 player base is returning to the console series after skipping a generation.

Not everyone expected the ninth generation of consoles to immediately make waves. COVID 19 Pandemic in the Brain But, the launch was much slower than predicted, with consoles rarely available at retail. The Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5 suffered from these issues for about 2 years.

But, starting in 2023, many of those problems have been ironed out, and consoles are coming back to form. And the console leading this revival is none other than the PlayStation 5. It is now easily available and Very easy to find At retailers worldwide.

Sony has also increased PS5 sales forecast for fiscal year 2022. Third quarter report. Better availability and increased demand are playing a key role in the console’s recent revival.

According to Sony, the PlayStation 5 has already sold 32.1 million units, better than the Xbox series’ numbers.

At this point in the PlayStation 4’s lifecycle, 26 months after release, it just sold out. 5 million units More than PS5. That’s not a huge gap when you consider all the difficulties that the 9th Gen console had to face. In the latest third-quarter financial results, Sony revealed another piece of information showing the success of the PlayStation 5.

About a third of PS5 owners are people who didn’t buy a PS4. 30% of the PlayStation 5, to be exact. Monthly active users (MAU) never used a 2013 console. That means people in that statistic skipped the last generation of Sony consoles but returned with the PS5.

Attracting new players and converting them to the PlayStation 5 is a key goal for Sony. This is one of the main reasons why the company makes many releases. AAA First party games not available elsewhere. Attracting users who haven’t used your devices before is what makes a product successful, and the PS5 is doing exactly that.

Being almost one third Having completely new users to the PlayStation 5 player base is a huge achievement. Games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and the release of Final Fantasy XVI will only attract more new players. Combine that with a better supply of PS5s around the world, and that number is only going to grow.

The financial report also gives us some important information regarding the transition from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5. 31 December 202230% of PlayStation console users are playing on PS5. This is an increase from the previous quarter and is a significant number.

Sony is also urging players to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 now that stock is available. Most of its upcoming exclusive games are strictly next-gen for that reason. The console made a remarkable sale. 7.1 million units In the third quarter, and with future forecasts increasing, it appears consumers are ready to make the switch.

Hopefully the console will remain in stock for anyone looking to buy it in 2022. Do you think Sony will achieve its goals for PlayStation 5 this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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