30 BEST PS1 Games Of All Times


Almost all of the PlayStation video games are considered the pinnacle of the gaming industry as not only the PS1 had decent power to run those games back in the day, but there were so many new game concepts introduced in the 90s on this timeless machine. While we have very fond memories of at least 100 PlayStation 1 titles, we have just listed the 30 best PS1 games that you should play in 2023 if you’re trying to return back to the inception of PS video games. 

Key Highlights

  • R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 is a timeless racing game that must be the top choice for PS1 gamers.
  • Colin McRae Rally 2.0 is one the earliest dirt racing games on the original PlayStation to feature excellent graphics, cars & locations.
  • WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role is the by far the best wrestling game for 90s kids.
  • Driver 2 is the real GTA-like video game from the 90s, minus the guns.
  • The Naughty Dog that we know today made the best arcade racing game on PS1 called Crash Team Racing.
  • Brian Lara Cricket 99 was probably the first & the best cricket game with multiple commentary dialogues, teams & wide variety of gameplay elements.
  • Tekken 3 was the title that gave the franchise fame & brought it into the world of global e-sports.
  • Spider-Man was the best 3D superhero video game 90s kid had on the original PlayStation.
  • Resident Evil 2 and RE3: Nemesis both were the pinnacle of 3D survival horror video games in the late 90s.    

Here are all our picks for Best PS1 Games In 2023:

Game Developer Publisher Release Date
R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 Namco Namco December 23, 1998
Colin McRae Rally 2.0 Codemasters Codemasters September 2000
WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role Yuke’s THQ November 2000
Twisted Metal 2: World Tour SingleTrac Sony Computer Entertainment October 31, 1996
Driver 2: Back on the Streets Reflections Interactive Infogrames November 2000
Metal Slug X SNK Playmore SNK Playmore March 1999
Crash Team Racing Naughty Dog Sony Computer Entertainment September 1999
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Capcom Capcom September 22, 1999
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins Acquire Activision June 30, 1998
Tomb Raider II Core Design Eidos Interactive November 1997
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Atlus Atlus August 2000
Brian Lara Cricket 99 Codemasters Codemasters 1998
Tekken 3 Namco Namco March 26, 1997
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 Neversoft Activision September 2000
Spyro The Dragon Insomniac Games Sony Computer Entertainment September 9, 1998
Team Buddies Psygnosis Sony Computer Entertainment November 2000
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee Oddworld Inhabitants GT Interactive September 1997
Silent Hill Team Silent Konami January 31, 1999
Mega Man Legends 2 Capcom Capcom October 1, 2000
Medal of Honor DreamWorks Interactive Electronic Arts October 31, 1999
Spider-Man Neversoft Activision September 17, 2000
Crash Bandicoot: Warped Naughty Dog Sony Computer Entertainment October 31, 1998
Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night Konami Konami March 20, 1997
Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain Crystal Dynamics Eidos Interactive August 31, 1999
Final Fantasy VII Square Enix Sony Computer Entertainment January 31, 1997
Need for Speed II Electronic Arts Canada Electronic Arts April 30, 1997
Dino Crisis 2 Capcom Production Studio 4 Capcom September 30, 2000
Gran Turismo 2 Polyphony Digital Sony Computer Entertainment December 11, 1999
Metal Gear Solid Konami Computer Entertainment Japan Konami October 21, 1998
Resident Evil 2 Capcom Production Studio 4 Capcom January 21, 1998

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

R4 Ridge Racer Type 4
Genre Racing
Engine Namco System 12

Ridge Racer Type 4 (R4) is a fantastic PlayStation 1 racing video game. The title offers an exciting racing experience coupled with several circuits and vehicles to choose from. This PS1 video game is one of the greatest racing games on the system, and it looks and sounds great to boot.

The first Playstation racing game, Ridge Racer Type 4, has become a revered classic in the gaming community. Every style of racing enthusiast may find something to their liking in the game’s extensive catalog of courses, vehicles, and difficulty settings.

The visual style is minimalistic yet stunning, and the audio is excellent. Every race will be a challenge because to the sensitive and precise controls. Each car’s handling is unique based on the track conditions and the driver’s selection of tires, adding another layer of complexity to the game.

If you’re a lover of the Ridge Racer series and want a throwback experience, R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 could be a suitable choice. On the other hand, if you’d like something more cutting-edge, you could find superior alternatives. Overall, classic racing game enthusiasts should check out Ridge Racer Type 4.


  • High-quality graphics and sound.
  • Variety of cars and tracks.
  • Easy to learn controls.
  • Fun and intense gameplay.


  • Lack of car customization options.
  • AI opponents can be difficult.
  • A few too many cut scenes.
  • Repetitive soundtrack. 

Colin McRae Rally 2.0

Colin McRae Rally 2.0
Genre Simulation
Engine EGO Engine (Proprietary)

The action in Colin McRae Rally 2.0 is frantic and difficult to master. To get the best possible times in each level, players will need to perfect the skill of driving in a variety of environments. The game’s physics engine is top-notch, making for a convincing simulation of driving conditions, complete with accurate vehicle handling and accident damage. Vehicles in the game vary from vintage rally vehicles to state-of-the-art rally machinery.

Among rally racing video games, Colin McRae Rally 2.0 is well regarded. Playing it may be both tough and rewarding because to the wide variety of vehicles, courses, and game types available. Additionally impressive are the game’s visuals and physics, both of which contribute much to the game’s overall high quality and sense of realism. All in all, Colin McRae Rally 2.0 is a fantastic rally racing game that will thrill players at any ability level.

If you’re a lover of rally racing games, you should know that Colin McRae Rally 2.0 is a fantastic option. A classic racing game that holds up well even after all this time, thanks to its difficult gameplay and realistic sights and music. Colin McRae Rally 2.0 is essential to play for any lover of the rally racing subgenre.


  • Realistic driving experience, with a wide range of vehicles to choose from
  • Variety of courses set in different environments
  • Numerous game modes, including Rally Championship and Single Race
  • Supports up to 8 players in split-screen multiplayer mode


  •  Can become repetitive after extended play
  • Players have reported issues with frame rate and slow loading times

WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role

WWF SmackDown! 2 Know Your Role
Genre Wrestling, Sports
Platforms Yuke’s Engine (Proprietary)

You can’t talk about the Playstation era without mentioning WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role. The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, and dozens of other famous WWE superstars are included in this video game.

The mechanics of the game are easy to pick up and play. Individual matches, tag team matches, and ladder matches are just a few of the options available to players. The game’s controls are intuitive and fun to use, making it suitable for players of all skill levels. The visuals were groundbreaking at the time, and they look great even now. The music is fantastic and fits the game well.

In the game’s career mode, you may lead your chosen wrestler all the way to the top of the WWF’s professional rankings. In this mode, you may create a unique avatar, hone his skills, and test them in a series of battles against other players in order to level up and earn new titles. The career mode is really robust and fun to go through several times.

WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role is a timeless classic in the world of wrestling video games. There is a lot of replay value because to the career mode and the excellent visuals, audio, and controls. This is a fantastic alternative for those who own a Playstation and are seeking for a throwback wrestling game.


  • Fun and engaging gameplay
  • Variety of match types
  • Great graphics and sound
  • Large roster of characters
  • Easy to learn controls


  • Limited character customization options
  • Limited create-a-wrestler options
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Not many special moves or finishers

Twisted Metal 2: World Tour

Twisted Metal 2 World Tour
Genre Vehicular Combat
Engine SingleTrac Engine (Proprietary)

Players of all ages may still have a blast with the PlayStation 1-era classic Twisted Metal 2: World Tour. It was launched in 1996 and is the sequel to the first Twisted Metal game. 

The goal of the game is to go through a succession of stages with a vehicle of your choosing. There are 14 playable characters, each with their own special vehicle. From a narrative mode to a two-player showdown, the game offers a variety of play experiences.

Considering when it was made, the visuals are stunning. It has a wide variety of landscapes, and the automobiles are realistic and accurate. The audio is also quite well done, with a wide range of effects that are both effective and appropriate to the on-screen action.

In conclusion, Twisted Metal 2: World Tour is a fantastic video game. The visuals are state-of-the-art, the audio is superb, and the gameplay mechanics are intuitive. The game’s difficulty level is high enough to keep players of any age interested. You might try playing Twisted Metal 2: World Tour if you’re interested in a fun vehicle combat game.


  • Offers a wide variety of characters and levels
  • Includes a wide range of weapons and vehicles
  • Features an extensive multiplayer mode
  • Fun and exciting gameplay


  • Graphical quality is dated by today’s standards
  • Short single-player campaign

Driver 2: Back On The Streets

Driver 2 Back on the Streets
Genre Action-adventure, Racing
Engine Reflections Engine (Proprietary)

Missions in Driver 2: Back on the Streets might include anything from a high-speed automobile pursuit to a gunfight. Chicago, Havana, Rio, and Las Vegas are the four cities available to you in the game. All of the landscapes are rich in detail, and several have playable aspects like people and traffic.

The controls are intuitive, and the game does a great job of gradually introducing additional features as you play. You’ll need to keep an eye on your speed and braking as you take on challenging turns since the driving mechanics are really realistic.

Considering the game was released in 2000, Driver 2: Back on the Streets has quite amazing visuals. The buildings, vehicles, and people are all shown in stunning detail. Excellent sound design, including authentic engine noise and tire noise, elevates the tension during high-speed chases.

To sum up, Driver 2: Back on the Streets is a fantastic open-world driving game that is as fun now as it was when it was first released. The tasks are challenging, and the visuals and audio are excellent. You owe it to yourself to attempt Driver 2: Back on the Streets if you like driving games or the first Driver.


  • Variety of game modes
  • Entertaining missions
  • High-quality graphics for its time
  • Wide range of vehicle selection


  • Repetitive soundtracks
  • Unresponsive controls
  • Limited character customization

Metal Slug X

Metal Slug X
Genre Run and gun, Shooting
Engine Neo Geo MVS hardware (arcade)

In Metal Slug X, the player assumes the role of a special forces soldier and fights their way through a series of levels filled with opponents. You have to utilize their shooting and evading abilities to stay alive in this very quick game. As the game progresses, you are able to acquire new weapons and boosters. These weapons, which may assist the player go through the stages and eliminate foes more rapidly, vary from standard machine guns to rocket launchers.

Metal Slug X has stunning graphics that hold up even after all these time. Everything looks fantastic, including the characters, landscapes, and opponents, and the animations are really well done. And the music is fantastic, too, with a wide range of memorable songs that will stick with you long after the game is over.

In conclusion, Metal Slug X is an incredible game that has stood the test of time. The gameplay is really enjoyable and addicting, and the visuals and audio are still top-notch. This is an absolute must-have for any and all gamers that like traditional arcade titles.


  • Fast-paced and exciting gameplay
  • Variety of enemies and levels
  • Challenging and rewarding objectives
  • Great graphics and sound
  • Fun power-ups and weapons


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Not suitable for younger players
  • Difficult controls

Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing
Genre Kart racing
Engine Naughty Dog Engine (Proprietary)

If you’re looking for a kart racing game that will keep you on your toes, go no further than Crash Team Racing. Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, Dr. Neo Cortex, and the rest of the group are all playable characters in the game.

Each playable character gets their own kart, which can be personalized and improved with various upgrades and tools. Different songs have different vibes and levels of difficulty in this game. The varied landscapes and architectural styles of the tracks range from tropical beaches to ancient ruins.

However, races are CTR’s major draw. The game’s controls are responsive and simple to pick up and use, and there are many ways to speed up and drift around curves. Players may get an edge over their rivals with the use of the game’s many power-ups, such as the nitro boost, rocket, and TNT crates.

If you’re looking for a great kart racing game, go no further than Crash Team Racing. Any lover of racing games would do well to add it to their library; it has memorable characters, a wide variety of courses, and several game modes. Crash Team Racing delivers an exciting, high-octane kart-racing experience.


  • Fast-paced, action-packed racing game, making it the best PS1 game under the racing category.
  • Wide variety of tracks, characters, and karts to choose from.
  • Easy to learn controls and pick up and play.


  • Limited single-player content.
  • Graphics and music can seem dated by today’s standards.
  • Difficult to master for more experienced gamers.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Resident Evil 2
Genre Survival horror
Engine Capcom’s in-house RE Engine

Fans of the franchise should pay close attention to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This remake of the iconic survival horror game brings you back to Raccoon City and lets you experience the terror once again. You play the part of Jill Valentine, a former member of S.T.A.R.S. who is frantically attempting to get out of the city before the T-Virus wipes it out entirely. A wide range of challenges, foes, and loot await you in this game.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has stunning visuals. This game, unlike the previous two, is in 3D, so you can expect a more lifelike and engaging experience. The environments are very realistic, and the mood is gloomy and foreboding.

Overall, Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 is a fantastic experience. Its horror, action, and puzzle elements are well-balanced, and the game’s visuals and ambiance are really captivating. The plot is interesting, and there are enough possible outcomes to make each playtime fresh. Any fan of the Resident Evil franchise should give this survival horror game a try.


  • Enhanced graphics and sound compared to the original Resident Evil 2
  • Fast-paced action with quick decisions required to survive
  • Variety of weapons, items, and puzzles for the player to choose from
  • More diverse enemy types to keep the player on their toes
  • The interesting story line with dramatic twists and turns
  • Players can choose different routes to escape the city


  • Some puzzles can be quite difficult
  • Combat is challenging and sometimes overwhelming
  • Camera angles can be confusing and disorienting
  • Limited save points can be frustrating
  • The overall difficulty is higher than in previous Resident Evil games

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Tenchu Stealth Assassins
Genre Stealth, Action-adventure
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins game has been around for almost a decade, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a fan favorite. The player controls Rikimaru and Ayame, two ninjas from 16th-century Japan, as they carry out their master’s objectives.

It’s an action game with a focus on stealth and strategy, so players will need to think ahead as they try to get through each level undetected. It’s a tough game since the adversaries aren’t always easy to see and kill. The game is lengthy in that it has several stages and tasks to accomplish, each of which might take many hours.

The game may be played both alone and with others. In single-player, players may choose to play as Rikimaru or Ayame to progress through the plot or perform certain tasks. In multiplayer, players may form teams of two or more to complete objectives. The game’s visuals are impressive, including rich settings and several dazzling effects. Sound design is likewise top-notch, with authentic foley and an enjoyable score.

As a whole, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins is a fantastic challenge and a ton of fun to play again and over again. Anyone searching for a tactical stealth action game will find this to be a great option.


  • Fast-paced action-adventure game
  • Stealth-based combat
  • Variety of missions and objectives
  • Complex enemy artificial intelligence
  • Unique and exciting storyline
  • Great graphics for its time


  • Limited character customization
  • Repetitive mission objectives
  • Limited combat options
  • Difficult controls and camera angles
  • Poor voice acting
  • Repetitive sound effects

Tomb Raider II

Tomb Raider II
Genre Action-adventure, Platformer
Platforms Custom Engine (Proprietary)

You play as Lara Croft, a female heroine on a quest to recover the legendary Dagger of Xian in Tomb Raider II. Finding the relic requires the player to go to different areas, solve riddles, and fight adversaries.

The game has a huge and varied level set, from subterranean tunnels to the barren wastes of the Gobi Desert. Lara’s movements in this game are more lifelike than in the previous installment, thanks to the enhanced character animation. Weapons and gadgets like a grenade launcher and a grappling hook help you make your way through the stages.

Visually, it’s a huge step forward over the first game in the series. Character models are wonderfully animated, and the environments look great. The soundtrack is very well-done and appropriate to the game’s tone. All in all, Tomb Raider II is a fantastic sequel to the first game. The game is made much more enjoyable with the inclusion of a wide array of weapons and tools, as well as vastly upgraded visuals and level layouts. This is a game that fans of action-adventure games shouldn’t pass up.


  • Includes exciting and fast-paced action sequences
  • A wide range of weapons and items to use during gameplay
  • The environments and graphics look great
  • Fun puzzles that are challenging but not overly difficult
  • Good story and characters
  • Rewards for exploration and experimentation


  • Limited save points
  • Some levels can be quite long and repetitive
  • Combat can be repetitive and a bit tedious
  • Unskippable cutscenes
  • Graphics are a bit outdated compared to modern TR games

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment
Genre Role-playing
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

As a role-playing game, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment does a lot well. Players that like RPGs for their exploration and strategic combat will find this game to be a satisfying challenge. In addition to great music, the aesthetics are also above average. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is a rewarding role-playing experience for those who are up for the challenge.

Maya Amano, the game’s heroine, is a young journalist for the fictional publishing firm Coolest. The intriguing myth that dialing one’s own mobile phone number would summon the “Joker,” who can fulfill any request, has prompted her and her companions to launch an investigation. Once they look into the claims, they find out that the Joker is a strong Persona user causing havoc in the city with his friends.

Additionally, the game includes a large cast of people, all of them have their own stories and quirks. These individuals have a number of different methods of interacting with the player and pushing the story along. The game’s open-world dungeon crawling system and other optional missions provide additional avenues for discovery and the acquisition of useful goods and abilities.


  • The innovative and entertaining turn-based combat system.
  • Highly detailed and immersive storyline.
  • A varied cast of characters and locations were two reasons this title became the best PS1 JRPG game. 
  • Variety of weapons, armor, and items to collect.
  • Interesting and challenging puzzles.


  • Difficult gameplay and slow progress.
  • Limited side-quests and activities.
  • Repetitive and often confusing dialogue.
  • Some technical issues with the audio and graphics.
  • Limited replay value.

Brian Lara Cricket 99

Brian Lara Cricket 99
Genre Sports, Cricket
Platforms Custom Engine (Proprietary)

When Brian Lara released Cricket 99, it was a major step forward. In addition to its realistic gameplay and visuals, the game also included a number of other game types, such as the Test Match, Knockout Cup, and Challenge Mode. There were other foreign teams available to compete alongside the English and West Indian sides.

A lot of fun might be had while playing Brian Lara Cricket 99. It has amazing ball dynamics and realistic depictions of cricket strokes. The game’s batting concept was simple to pick up and use, thanks to the several control options available. Brian Lara Cricket 99 had cutting-edge visuals at its time. Everything looked great, from the players and venues to the animations. There were also excellent sound effects, including authentic cricket noises and commentaries.

To sum up, Brian Lara Cricket 99 is a classic console game from the ’90s. It included a variety of game types, foreign teams, and visuals that were spot-on for the genre. The game’s gameplay and visuals were ahead of their time, and the music effects were decent as well. For the most part, Brian Lara Cricket 99 is a fun experience that continues to win the hearts of many cricket enthusiasts.


  • Highly realistic graphics and sound effects
  • Wide range of game modes, including career and tournament modes
  • Variety of teams, including international and historical teams
  • Realistic batting and bowling animations
  • Ability to customize teams and players
  • Comprehensive stat tracking


  • Limited range of playing venues
  • AI is not always accurate
  • Limited game difficulty settings
  • Limited player customization options

Tekken 3

Tekken 3
Genre Fighting
Engine PS1 hardware (console)

Players have been raving about Tekken 3 on PlayStation for years. Since this game represents a major step forward in terms of visuals and gameplay, it has become one of the most played titles in the series.

It would be an understatement to say that Tekken 3 has stunning visuals. Extreme care was taken to create very realistic character models, and it shows in the smooth motions and richly detailed textures. Similar attention to detail and depth have been put into the settings. The music is memorable and enjoyable, and the sound design is excellent.

When it comes to gameplay, Tekken 3 is in a league of its own. Choose from a wide cast of playable characters, each with their own distinct combat style and set of signature abilities. Tight and responsive controls complement rich and entertaining combat systems. The difficult AI adds a lot to the fun of playing alone.

Tekken 3 is, without a doubt, the best fighting game ever made. The visuals are gorgeous, the music is excellent, and the game play is challenging and fun. Both longtime fans and newcomers to the series will find this to be an enjoyable entry in the series and a must-own item.


  • The game has a huge roster of characters with a wide variety of fighting styles
  • It has simple controls and a tutorial mode
  • The graphics and sound effects are top-notch.
  • The game has a wide variety of different modes


  • Quite difficult for new players, as the AI can be quite unforgiving.
  • Old game and its graphics and sound effects are outdated.
  • The character roster is limited compared to more recent Tekken games.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
Genre Sports, Skateboarding
Platforms Custom Engine (Proprietary)

Being a huge skateboarding lover, I’ve been playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 ever since it came out in the year 2000. This is a title that I keep coming back to because it keeps surprising me everytime I take controller & play. The controls are tight and quick, and with practice and skill, you can pull off impressive stunts. There’s a lot of variety and fresh content throughout the many levels. Even by today’s standards, the visuals and audio hold up well in this game.

There are many hidden things and mysteries throughout the levels to locate, as well as several tasks to do, such as gathering the letters to spell “SKATE” or uncovering the secret tape. You may go back and attempt to uncover every hidden feature, which greatly increases the game’s replay value.

Ultimately, the decision to play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 in 2023 is up to you. If you are a fan of the game and want to relive the glory days of the Tony Hawk series, then you should definitely give it a try. However, if you think the game may be outdated or you are more interested in modern skateboarding titles, then it might be best to wait and see what else is available.


  • Fun and creative levels with challenging objectives
  • Exciting soundtrack featuring a mix of popular music genres
  • Good variety of skateboarding tricks
  • Great graphics for a game released in 2000, making it the best PS1 skating game
  • A large roster of skaters, each with different attributes
  • Easy to pick up and play, but still challenging to master


  • Limited customization options
  • Unbalanced difficulty between levels
  • May not appeal to those not familiar with skateboarding
  • No story mode or campaign mode

Spyro The Dragon

Spyro The Dragon
Genre Platformer
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

It’s hard to believe that Spyro the Dragon, a famous 3D platformer from 1998, has held up so well over the years. As a PlayStation 1 title, this video game has got it all & was considered one of the best games on PS1 back in the day. The visuals are great, the animations are fluid, and the stages are bright and creatively laid out. This is something that was a rare sight to be had on PS1 video games. The music design also was excellent as well.

The controls are quick and natural, allowing for precise movement and jumping. There are a ton of hidden items and challenging puzzles to solve throughout the levels, proving that the level designers put a lot of thought into their work. It remains one of the finest 3D platformers ever made, even after all these years.

In conclusion, Spyro the Dragon is a timeless 3D platformer that every gamer should experience at least once. The plot is interesting, the visuals are vivid, and the level design is top-notch. It’s a classic that will keep you entertained for a long time.


  • Engaging, colorful and vibrant 3D world
  • Fun platforming gameplay
  • Creative and memorable level designs
  • Challenging boss battles
  • Variety of collectibles and power-ups


  • Can be quite difficult for less experienced players
  • Some levels require precise platforming skills
  • Limited variety of enemies
  • Controls can be a bit sluggish at times

Team Buddies

Team Buddies
Genre Strategy, Action
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

Team Buddies is immensely fun because to its varied gameplay, which includes platforming sections, puzzles, and minigames. There is a lot of life and personality in the game’s distinctive and colorful visual design. The vibrant setting and cast of characters are a joy to look at and contribute to the game’s upbeat mood. The music is fantastic as well, with an assortment of lively and memorable melodies.

In terms of gameplay, Team Buddies is a blast. You’ll take charge of a group of pals as they go on adventures and solve problems by constructing items and putting together a story. The riddles are difficult without being impossible or overly easy. Minigames are also included to keep you interested.

You may play the game with a buddy in its co-op mode. This opens up a whole new dimension of pleasure and excitement for the player. If you and a buddy like a good challenge, you should try out the co-op mode.

In conclusion, Team Buddies is a fun game that will keep players entertained for a long time. You’ll be fascinated from the very beginning by the vibrant visuals, distinctive art style, and memorable soundtrack. Multiplayer option increases the game’s replay value, while the puzzles and minigames itself are both tough and rewarding. If you’re looking for an action-adventure game, Team Buddies is definitely worth a try.


  • Fun and entertaining gameplay
  • Colorful and vibrant graphics
  • Variety of levels and objectives
  • Cooperative and competitive multiplayer
  • Creative and customizable characters


  • Limited number of levels
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Difficulty adapting to the game’s controls

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee
Genre Platformer, Adventure
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

The video game Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee has become a cultural icon and will forever hold a significant place in PlayStation 1’s history. The protagonist, Abe, is a Mudokon slave working in the RuptureFarms, who has got a personality opposed to being a slave. He learns the dirty little secret of his bosses and embarks on a mission to save his people from the vile Glukkons and this is where the fun starts.

The game has impressive and engrossing music and a cast of colorful and memorable characters. Oddworld’s world is visually gorgeous and teems with life thanks to its distinctive graphic style, puzzles, and hidden content. This was a gold standard of video gaming back in the early 2000s and the title paved the way for PS titles’ quality.

Both the plot and the voice acting in this game are excellent. Excellent, heartfelt cutscenes help set the mood and advance the plot of the game.

In sum, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is a timeless masterpiece. It’s a refreshing take on the platformer genre with an interesting premise and a fair amount of difficulty. For those who like games in the platforming style, this is a must-have.


  • Classic and engaging platforming gameplay
  • Excellent storytelling and character development
  • Great graphical effects, pushing the limits of the PlayStation 1
  • Interesting puzzles and level design
  • Memorable soundtrack


  • Difficulty spikes can be overwhelming
  • Some of the puzzles can be confusing and require trial and error
  • Some controversial topics explored, such as slavery and racism
  • Limited save system

Silent Hill

Silent Hill
Genre Survival horror
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

The original Silent Hill, released for the PlayStation 1, is a survival horror game classic. The game’s setting and tone are still what set it apart today, with its own brand of distinct darkness and intensity. The first Silent Hill game has a dramatic and unique gaming experience. Guns and melee weapons are primarily used in combat; however, limited ammunition means they must be used sparingly. In addition to traditional logic problems, the game also has exploration- and observation-based challenges.

The game’s music design is fantastic, creating a distinct mood for each area of town. The music and sound effects add to the tense mood and serve to develop tension throughout the game. Silent Hill 1’s visuals hold up quite well, with rich locations and characters that continue to look nice even after all these time. The use of fog to create a foreboding mood is brilliant.

All things considered, Silent Hill 1 is a timeless survival horror game. Because of the unique mechanics, stressful setting, and top-notch audio design, playing this game will stay fresh in your mind for a long time. Playing Silent Hill 1 will provide you with a terrifying and unforgettable gaming experience.


  • Unique and creepy atmosphere that draws you in
  • Rich storyline with interesting characters
  • Challenging and engaging puzzles that require strategic thinking
  • Unforgettable horror experience with creepy enemies


  • Graphically dated compared to more recent horror games
  • Limited voice acting
  • Some of the puzzles can be difficult to solve
  • Combat system can be clunky and awkward at times

Mega Man Legends 2

Mega Man Legends 2
Genre Action, Adventure
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

Mega Man Legends 2 is an action-adventure PS1 game that came out in 2000. This title was the third installment in the series and the sequel to the original game. 

The core gameplay of Mega Man Legends 2 is identical to that of the original; however, there are twists and turns in the game as well. The player still takes control of Mega Man and may move him about the game’s island landscapes, interacting with NPCs and looking for goods. Minigames, adversaries, and weaponry have all been updated. Additionally, there is a two-player option that allows for simultaneous gameplay.

Mega Man Legends 2’s visuals are a step forward from the original, with sharper character models and more vibrant backgrounds. This was a next-level Mega Man game back in the early 2000s. Many titles that were released after this video game took graphical inspiration from it.

In sum, Mega Man Legends 2 is a fantastic action-adventure game for the PS1. The enhanced visuals and audio effects, as well as the co-op option, are welcome additions. It’s a fantastic continuation of the first game and a must-have for series devotees.


  • Great graphics for the PlayStation 1 era.
  • Improved controls for a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Large variety of weapons and upgrades.
  • Satisfying puzzles and exploration elements.


  • The camera can be difficult to control.
  • The game can be very challenging at times.
  • The mission structure can be repetitive.
  • The game lacks multiplayer features.
  • The story can be confusing at times.

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor
Genre First-person shooter
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

If you have always loved FPS PlayStation 1 video games then you must have never missed playing the Medal of Honor title back in the day. This action-adventure video game delivers the excitement of a realistic battlefield experience that parallels nothing on the PS1 console. The player assumes the role of a World War II soldier and, in the first-person perspective, engages in a series of missions with the ultimate objective of gaining victory.

The game’s sights and textures are so detailed that they seem almost genuine. For the time when the Medal of Honor was released, the graphics and portrayal of the battlefield were something never done before. The controls are extremely simple and straightforward, making the immersion into this virtual world that much more seamless.

Medal of Honor is a great game that has endured for a long time. Top-notch graphics, audio, and gameplay all add up to an exhilarating adventure. Medal of Honor is a must-play if you want to immerse yourself in a thrilling, frightening battlefield experience.


  • Detailed graphics and sound design
  • Exciting and varied missions to complete
  • The best PS1 game in FPS genre back in the day
  • Fully immersive storyline
  • Realistic weapons and combat


  • Can be difficult to control your character
  • Lack of weapon customization
  • Limited replayability  


Genre Action-adventure, Open-world
Platforms Custom Engine (Proprietary)

Spiderman on PS1 includes all of Spider-signature Man’s characteristics, such as swinging from webs, climbing walls, webbing villains, saving civilians, and foiling Doctor Octopus’s wicked plots.

Given its age, the game’s visuals are surprisingly solid, and the controls are intuitive. The bad guys are adequately terrifying, and the stages are well-designed. Fun minigames, such as the appropriately called “Spidey’s Challenge,” require players to race against the clock in a selection of unique minigames.

There are a lot of opponents to fight and puzzles to complete, thus the game is also pretty difficult. Some of the levels are challenging, but with time and effort, even a new player may make progress. There are also cutscenes throughout the game, which give it a more cinematic sense.

Playing a Spider-Man game on the PlayStation 1 is a terrific way to relive the glory days of gaming. Although it will play differently in 2023 than most modern titles, the game nonetheless has it all to keep players entertained for a long time. If you prefer a more up-to-date gaming experience, though, you may want to hunt for a Spider-Man video game on a newer platform.


  • Fun and immersive storyline
  • Variety of missions and objectives
  • Fast-paced action-packed gameplay
  • Incredible graphics for its era
  • Best PlayStation 1 spider-man game
  • Great music and sound design
  • Numerous unlockable bonus content


  • Controls could be difficult to master
  • Limited replayability
  • Poor camera angles at times
  • Lack of variety in enemy types
  • Clunky character movement
  • Occasional glitches and bugs

Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Crash Bandicoot Warped
Genre Platformer
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

The PS1 Crash Bandicoot: Warped launched in 1998, and it is still considered the best PS1 3D platformers video game of all time. Even though the remastered version of the original game is released today, fans of the OG game will love to play it again on PS1 every now and then.

Visually, the game is stunning, with bright colors and smooth animation that holds up well even now. Each stage offers a wide range of challenges, and enemy types and you get to see unique themes across all warp types. Crash Bandicoot: Warped has a hard yet balanced gameplay system. The game does an excellent job of teaching new techniques and ideas without overwhelming the player, and the controls are tight and responsive. There is immense potential in the replay value as you get to play it all again for the sake of various rewards.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped is, all things considered, a fantastic game and a shining representation of the original PlayStation’s potential. The gameplay is challenging yet fair and feels rewarding. The visuals, soundtrack, and level design are still class apart when you compare Warped with other PS1 titles. For anyone who grew up with the first PlayStation, this is an absolute must-have.


  • Great 3D graphics for its time
  • An abundance of challenging levels to explore
  • Innovative level design that challenges players to think outside the box
  • A wide array of enemies to defeat
  • A variety of power-ups and weapons to help defeat enemies
  • A storyline that ties in all levels together
  • Various mini-games to keep players entertained


  • Controls are a bit clunky at times
  • Can be difficult for new gamers to pick up
  • Some levels can be quite long and tedious
  • The difficulty curve can be steep for some players
  • The camera angle can be confusing at times    

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

Castlevania Symphony Of The Night
Genre Action-adventure, Metroidvania
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

Players get to control Richter Belmont as he battles his way through Dracula’s castle in Symphony of the Night, an action-platformer with a side-scrolling perspective. The game has a deep RPG-style item and equipment system, a vast range of opponents, and intricate levels. 

In 2023, it’s your choice whether or not to play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on PlayStation 1. This PS1 video game is worth checking out if you’re a fan of the series and the original 2D side-scrolling gameplay. However, Newer Castlevania games, on the other hand, may be more in line with your expectations if you’re searching for something more up-to-date. Whether or whether it’s worthwhile to play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on PS1 in 2023 is a decision only you can make.

However, we’d recommend you try this title if you love the lore of Castlevania and Dracula-oriented video games. Symphony of the Night’s gameplay is challenging but the end results feel rewarding. In this game, you may explore the castle in whatever sequence you choose, and the levels are designed to be as complicated and diverse as possible. The diversity of opponents that may be encountered and defeated is likewise astounding.


  • Wide variety of weapons, items, and spells to choose from
  • Incredibly detailed and expansive castle to explore
  • Unique RPG elements that blend seamlessly with intense platforming and action-adventure gameplay
  • An amazing soundtrack with classic Castlevania themes
  • Engaging and deep story with multiple endings


  • Graphics can look dated when compared to modern games
  • Frequent backtracking can become tedious
  • Combat can be difficult and unbalanced at times

Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain

Soul Reaver Legacy of Kain
Genre Action-adventure
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

When Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain came out for the PlayStation 1 in 1999, I was ecstatic since I had been following the Legacy of Kain series from its inception. The game’s complex plot, huge setting, and novel controls really blew me away.

Additionally, Soul Reaver’s setting was rich in detail and wide in scope. The open world of Nosgoth, along with its various countries, dungeons, and castles, was completely explorable in this game. The game’s global design blew me away, and I was frequently taken aback by the breathtaking landscapes I saw on my travels.

Soul Reaver’s mechanics were among the most original and exciting I’ve seen in a video game. Players may use an arsenal of weaponry and special skills to take on monsters, solve puzzles, and explore the open environment. Soul Reaver’s capacity to switch between the Spectral and Material Realms was its most intriguing function. This was a great feature that set Soul Reaver unique from previous games since it enabled players to go around barriers and open up new routes.

Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain had a profound impression on me. I had a great time playing the game and learning about its environment and stories. Fans of the Legacy of Kain series should not miss this game because of its novel gameplay features and richly drawn global backdrop.


  • Engaging storyline full of characters and plot twists
  • Excellent graphics and animation for its time
  • Large, detailed environments to explore
  • Intuitive combat and puzzle-solving mechanics
  • Variety of weapons and powers to upgrade your character


  • Limited camera controls make it difficult to see obstacles or enemies
  • Some frame rate issues can occur during intense battles
  • Occasional glitches can cause items to disappear or enemies to become unresponsive
  • Loading times can be long at times, especially when switching between realms

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII
Genre Role-playing game (RPG)
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

Final Fantasy VII was a game I had been looking forward to ever since it was announced for the PlayStation 1. My anticipation for the game was based on my status as a long-time fan of the Final Fantasy series. 

The graphics wowed me from the moment I started it up. The visuals were quite advanced for their day, with beautiful settings and realistic looking characters. I was also really impressed by the game’s music, which had catchy songs that stuck in my head long after I had finished playing.

The story’s complicated web of friendship, treachery, and adventure was just as intriguing. Quickly, I became invested in the story’s characters, and I thought their relationships with one another were quite realistic. The turn-based battle system was a lot of fun to use and surprisingly in-depth, what with the inclusion of Materias, limit breaches, and summon spells. The boss fights were always a fun challenge since they put my talents to the test.

In sum, Final Fantasy VII is a wonderful RPG and a personal favorite of mine. It’s a classic that has stood the test of time, and if you’re in the mood for a role-playing game, you should definitely check it out.


  • Fantastic story with memorable characters
  • Beautiful graphics for its time
  • Engaging soundtrack
  • Unique battle system
  • Plenty of side quests and optional content


  • Long, drawn-out cutscenes
  • Turbo mode can be too difficult for some players
  • Steep learning curve for some mechanics
  • Repetitive enemy design
  • Some of the mini-games can be tedious

Need for Speed II

Need for Speed II
Genre Racing
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

Being a gamer from the days of the original PlayStation, I can say without a doubt that Need for Speed II on PS1 is a fantastic racing simulation. You can do races on plain highways, sprint through cities or do jumps while leaving tunnels; this game has got it all.

Let’s discuss the aesthetics first. The visuals are spectacular, with lifelike representations of cars and intricate settings. It’s incredible that, despite the game’s age, it maintains a stable frame rate of 60 FPS. I could play this for hours and still find myself singing the main theme or listening to an effect.

In my opinion, Need for Speed II’s gameplay is its strongest suit. Multiplayer and single-player game modes are also available. You may compete in a tournament against the computer or race against the computer in single-player mode. All of the racing action is thrilling and cutthroat. Tight and responsive controls in NFS II make cars easy to drift around bends and make quick turns.

In conclusion, Need for Speed II is a fantastic racing simulator. The gameplay is entertaining and difficult, and the visuals and sound design are top-notch. This is a great PlayStation 1 racing game for those who are searching for a throwback experience.


  • Intense racing gameplay with a variety of cars and multiple race types.
  • A wide range of tracks and environments to explore.
  • The ability to customize your car with different paint jobs.
  • A variety of difficulty levels to suit players of all skill levels.


  • Poor graphics and sound quality compared to modern games.
  • Lack of online multiplayer capabilities.
  • Limited control options with no analog control.
  • Limited customization options for cars.

Dino Crisis 2

Dino Crisis 2
Genre Survival horror
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

One of my all-time favorite video games was Dino Crisis 2 on the PlayStation 1. For me, it was always rich in atmosphere and detail. Not only that but there was also a sense of survival horror in the game. 

The plot of the game takes place in the not-too-distant future when a botched covert experiment has released a swarm of dinosaurs onto the planet. Playing as Dylan, a member of the paramilitary force sent to corral the dinosaurs, you direct the action as the game develops.

There’s a nice balance between action and discovery in the game’s mechanics. The game’s outstanding puzzles are another draw. Combat is also entertaining since it requires you to put your knowledge and talents to work in order to defeat your foes. The visuals are impressive for their time, with rich settings and a large array of enemies. The music is likewise mood-establishing and evocative.

Overall, I think that anybody who likes action-adventure games should check out Dino Crisis 2. The gameplay is fun, the visuals are excellent, and the sound design is spot-on. You should check this out if you own a PlayStation 1 and are searching for a fantastic game.


  • Dino Crisis 2 has great graphics for a PlayStation 1 game.
  • The game has an interesting story with plenty of twists and turns to keep players engaged.
  • Full of challenging puzzles to test the player’s problem-solving skills.
  • Has multiple endings depending on the choices the player makes throughout the game.


  • The game can be quite difficult and not suitable for casual gamers.
  • Has a lot of backtracking and can be repetitive at times.
  • Enemy AI is not very intelligent, making it easy to predict their movements.
  • The voice acting is quite poor and can be a bit grating.

Gran Turismo 2

Gran Turismo 2
Genre Racing simulator
Engine Custom Engine (Proprietary)

The developers of Gran Turismo 2 have put forth a lot of effort to create a realistic racing simulation. Superb visuals, including several exciting vehicles and well-rendered courses. In addition to the story mode, there is a robust career mode where you may compete for credits to buy new vehicles and improvements. It’s a blast to race around each course thanks to the snappy and precise controls.

Similarly, high-quality is the sound design. You may listen to some amazing tunes while you race, and the vehicle engines and other sound effects are spot-on. The music score, which combines elements of classic rock, pop, and electronica, is my favorite part.

I highly recommend Gran Turismo 2 to any lover of the racing genre. There is an interesting career mode in addition to fantastic visuals, music, and controls. You should check this out if you like racing games.


  • A large variety of cars to choose from, with a total of over 600 cars
  • Realistic driving experience, taking into account factors such as car weight, tires, and handling
  • Graphically advanced for the console, featuring detailed graphics and realistic shadows
  • A wide range of tracks to choose from, with over 20 tracks from different countries
  • Ability to customize cars with a wide range of performance parts
  • Option to race against AI opponents or human players in two-player split-screen mode


  • Slow loading times
  • Limited damage model
  • No cockpit view
  • No online multiplayer
  • No force feedback support

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid
Genre Action-adventure stealth
Engine Fox Engine

Among video games, few can match the prestige of Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation 1. There is an emphasis on stealth and tactics in this action game of espionage. The player assumes the character of legendary soldier Solid Snake on a mission to stop a terrorist group from using nuclear weapons.

The game’s mechanics are both deep and easy to pick up and use, making it suitable for players of all skill levels. Numerous tools, weapons, and artifacts are available to players for use in accomplishing their goals. Players also need to be stealthy to stay under the radar of the opponent.

The game’s graphics are stunning and look great even after all these years. The gaming worlds are realistic and well-crafted. The game plays swiftly, and the character models are animated beautifully. The soundtrack is noteworthy as well, offering dramatic and evocative tunes that fit the game’s tone. Excellent work was done by the voice actors, and the audio effects were realistic.

Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation 1 is, in general, a fun and satisfying game. In terms of graphics, audio, and gameplay, it is a model of the genre. This game is a classic in its own right and a must-play for any lover of the series.


  • Great storyline, with a mix of plot twists, suspense, and humor
  • A unique combination of action, stealth, and espionage
  • Excellent graphics for its time
  • Solid voice acting and soundtrack
  • Fun, interactive boss fights
  • Highly replayable


  • Limited enemy AI
  • Some missions feel too long or repetitive
  • Clunky camera angles and navigation

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2
Genre Survival horror
Engine RenderWare

The PlayStation 1 version of Resident Evil 2, which was released in 1998, is widely considered a classic. A huge hit upon its first release in 1998, it continues to enjoy widespread acclaim two decades later.

This game puts you in control of rookie detective Leon S. Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield as they investigate the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City. You need to figure out how to get out of Raccoon City while also solving the mystery of what occurred there. The game has excellent visuals for its time and an excellently unsettling mood. The places you go have a lot of personalities, and the opponents you face are interesting and difficult to beat. The puzzles are ingenious and rewarding, and the battle system is simple yet effective.

The plot is interesting, and the characters are given plenty of depth. Incredible work was put into the voice acting, and the music is very atmospheric. Due to the game’s two intertwining plots, “The Witness” provides a substantial amount of replay potential.

Over told, Resident Evil 2 on the PlayStation 1 is a great game that stands the test of time. A lot of scary stuff, tricky logic problems, and exciting fight scenes make for an exciting time. You should definitely give it a go if you haven’t already because you won’t be let down.


  • Highly detailed and immersive graphics for the PlayStation 1
  • Intense and suspenseful atmosphere
  • The excellent soundtrack to heighten the action
  • Challenging puzzles and objectives
  • Variety of weapons and items available to use
  • Multiple difficulty levels to challenge players


  • Limited camera angles can make navigation difficult
  • Limited voice acting
  • Repetitive enemy AI
  • Limited save points can make the game difficult to complete
  • Lack of variety in enemies and environments


This wraps up our Best PS1 Games of all times guide. Now that you’ve read it, consider going through our Best Nintendo Switch Games, Best Motorcycle Games, and Best Gacha games guides.  


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