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  • Redfall was released earlier today and has been met with lukewarm reception and low user ratings on Steam.
  • Critics and users have commented on the game’s performance issues, small world, stiff gunplay, and weak AI.

The year continues as we see another highly anticipated title launch due to various technical and gameplay-focused shortcomings. Redfall, Arcane Austin’s latest project saw its release earlier today but reviews painted it in a disappointing light. According to review aggregator Metacritic, Redfall currently sits at 62 And 64 On PC and Xbox Series X respectively.

A number of critical reviews share some common points about Redfall’s. Story, performance, Surface designAnd Gameplay elements. Some have even discussed the subpar AI here. A review notes how Arkane’s signature immersive simulation and level design are lacking in Redfall. Additionally, the problem has been exacerbated by constant performance issues and a faulty gun.

Such sentiments are common among the thirty critical reviews Redfall has received. However, on the PC side, the performance is far worse leading to its mostly negative rating. steam. With only 30% positive reviews, players have commented on the gameplay being bad. Poor AI, Random controls, Average visuals, light worldAnd $70 price tag.

Redfall has mostly negative ratings on Steam.
Redfall has mostly negative ratings on Steam.

A review from Steam user Sean reads, “Why do developers think they can charge $70 for games like this?One of the first things you see after landing on Redfall’s Steam page is PCGamesN’s recommendation. they say, “As long as you don’t mind making the really dumb AI stuff a bit silly, Redfall is a good enough co-op action game, but it could have made us an immersive vampire-hunting sim arcane.

Prior to its launch, Redfall caused a lot of controversy due to a lackluster gameplay showcase from IGN. It got worse when it was confirmed that Redfall would not launch with 60fps mode. Further evidence of this surfaced online when retailers were selling copies with a sticker on the back stating the same thing about the 60fps mode.

After a solid start in 2023 with Hi-Fi Rush, a game that overshadowed and surprised everyone, it’s disappointing to see one of Xbox’s most anticipated titles in a state of disrepair. After the 60fps controversy, many fans felt that the game should be delayed to allow Redfall to be at its best.

2023 has been pretty short for video games for one. performance point of view. Last week, we saw the launch Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Which fell into the same boat and suffered in terms of reviews. Last month, we had The Last of Us Part 1. After two broken launches in such a short space of time, the third raises the question of whether games should be delayed to ensure maximum performance.

Great games are often held back by performance hiccups, and Redfall seems to be in a similar position. As of now, we don’t have an official state from Arkane Studios regarding these issues but they are confident that any and all issues will be resolved over time.

Redfall is out now on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC.

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