15 Best Motorcycle Games On Xbox [2023]


The evolution of Xbox One’s motorcycle games over the last several years has been remarkable. There is currently a wide selection of games available, from racing simulations to open-world adventures. We have compiled a list of the top 15 Best Motorcycle Games on Xbox to help you make the right decision. These games have stunning visuals and realistic physics systems that will keep you engrossed for hours. There’s a game here for everyone, whether you like bike racing, virtual world exploration, or simply having a good time. These top Xbox motorbike games range from MotoGP to Trials Rising.

Key Highlights

  • Road Redemption is best known for its furious gameplay and stunning visuals.
  • MotoGP 21 has gotten mixed reviews, and the overall reception has been mostly underwhelming.
  • Ride 4 has the best realistic racing dynamics and several branded bikes that racing enthusiasts will love.
  • Riders Republic is the best at open-world motorcycle gaming multiplayer experience.
  • MXGP 2021 is best known for racing realism and intensity in the bike community.
  • Trials Rising is best for gamers who love motorcycle stunt-oriented video games.
  • MX vs ATV All Out is best at racing, freestyle, and waypoint modes.
  • Urban Trial Tricky is a popular Xbox game with racing and stunts as a specialty. 

Here are our picks, with awards, developer, and release date.

Games Award Developer  Release Date 
Road Redemption Not Available Pixel Dash Studios LLC November 6, 2018
MotoGP 21 Not Available Milestone April 22, 2021
Ride 4 Not Available Milestone October 5, 2020
TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 Not Available Kylotonn March 6, 2018
Riders Republic NAVGTR Award [Winner] Ubisoft Annecy October 28, 2021
Grand Theft Auto V BAFTA Games Award [Winner] Rockstar Games September 17, 2013
MXGP 2021 Not Available Milestone November 29, 2021
Trials Rising Not Available Ubisoft February 21, 2019
The Crew 2 NAVGTR Award [Nominee] Ivory Tower May 31, 2018
MX VS ATV All Out Not Available Rainbow Studios March 23, 2018
MX Nitro: Unleashed  Not Available Saber Interactive February 13, 2017
Monster Energy Supercross Not Available Milestone February 13, 2018
Urban Trial Tricky Casual Game category at the NYX Game Awards Tate Multimedia November 5, 2020
RiMS Racing Not Available RaceWard Studio August 19, 2021
Pure Not Available Black Rock Studio September 16, 2008

Road Redemption

best motorcycles games you can play
Road Redemption
Our Award Motorbike game with the best graphics
Gameplay type action racing game

Road Redemption, like Road Rash, is a thrilling racing game. This Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games game lets players compete in a chaotic motorbike race. Players will fight one other with pipes, bats, and chainsaws on several courses. The game’s graphics are amazing and preserve the original 8-bit flair. Each circuit is bright and full of nuances that increase racing intensity. With a range of high-energy and techno songs, the soundtrack matches the game.

Engine and suspension improvements may be unlocked to personalize motorcycles. This prolongs the game and lets players proceed after the main campaign. A unique online multiplayer option lets friends race and compete. Due to its mechanics, the game is considered the best Motorcycle game on Xbox.


  • Road Redemption’s actions and stunts make driving exhilarate and effective control.
  • The game’s visuals are high-quality and immersive.
  • Its many levels and difficulties keep the game interesting.
  • Its multiplayer option enables up to four people to battle.
  • The single-player campaign option lets you practice before playing multiplayer.


  • Newcomers may struggle with Road Redemption’s high learning curve.
  • The game’s controls may be awkward.
  • The game features a few cars, courses, and customization choices.
  • The tiny player population makes it hard to locate opponents in multiplayer mode.
  • Game problems and glitches may make advancement difficult.

MotoGP 21

best motorcycles games you can play
MotoGP 21
Our Award motorbike game with the best career mode
Gameplay type racing simulator

MotoGP 21 is the latest MotoGP race. MotoGP 21, developed and distributed by Milestone, recreates motorcycle racing with realistic physics, beautiful visuals, and entertaining gameplay. The game offers several courses, riders, and motorcycles with thrilling races and championships. Realistic lighting, textures, and landscapes make the game look great. 

Additionally, Career mode lets players participate in MotoGP races and titles. Online multiplayer lets gamers compete against people from across the globe. MotoGP 21 is an exciting racing game. Its rich visuals and mechanics, and broad customization make it perfect for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Its huge multiplayer mode is fantastic online. This game is essential for motorcyclists. It is regarded as the Best Motorcycle game on Xbox.


  • MotoGP 21’s visuals and performance boost immersion.
  • A new career mode lets riders and teams be customized.
  • The game simulates MotoGP with international courses.
  • Players may now choose their racing style.
  • Friends and other gamers may compete fiercely online.
  • Different motorcycles and rider modes challenge experienced and newbies.


  • The difficulty level might make AI opponents too easy or too challenging.
  • Online multiplayer may lag.
  • The game is pricey. 
  • Friends and other gamers may compete fiercely online.
  •  Different motorcycles and rider modes challenge experienced and newbies.

Ride 4

best motorcycles games you can play
Ride 4
Our Award motorbike game with the best variety of styles 
Gameplay type motorbike racing game

Ride 4, by Milestone, is a fast-paced racing game. It features a large range of motorcycles, tracks, and realistic physics for an exciting, true experience. Moreover, the game has several motorcycles, from beginner-friendly to professional-level. This lets players improve and personalize their motorcycles to suit their riding style. The AI opponents may be adjusted to challenge skill developers.

From the beautiful California coast to the hazardous Alps, the game has trails from across the globe. Detailed visuals provide each course with a distinct racing experience. All skill levels may enjoy the game’s difficulty levels. Immersive physics engine. Players can feel the road via the bike’s detailed and snappy controls. 


  • It includes vivid visuals and accurate controls.
  • This game is for everyone. Every player may find a style, from arcade-style to realistic racing simulators.
  • It lets players compete online, making it more fun.
  • The game is straightforward to play for beginners.


  • Few tracks make it hard to modify the playing experience.
  • New players may struggle with Xbox game controls.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2

best motorcycles games you can play
Our Award Motorbike game with best racing courses
Gameplay-type racing genre

The TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 game is mainly good. The game is praised for its realism and quickness. TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 is a fast and risky racing game sequel. The 37.73-mile Snaefell Mountain Course, with its tree-lined corridors, medieval city streets, and coastal blasts, is the highlight. Navigating the course’s small roads at genuinely sphincter-shriveling speeds is a huge and merciless task, and the number of wrecks I’ve had when on maximum attack has shown why the actual TT is famed for its high casualty rate. 

Due to its surprising speed and narrow roads, Ride on the Edge 2 often resembles WipeOut more than a racing game. The high-quality music, especially wind noise thudding through the speakers as your bike speeds by trackside obstacles, enhances the feeling of speed.


  • It includes enhanced handling.
  • It has more courses to discover.
  • It contains bike upgrading options.


  • The rider still seems glued to the bike.
  • Collisions still happen regularly are drawbacks of the game.

Riders Republic

best motorcycles games you can play
Riders Republic
Our Award Motorbike with the best multiplayer option
Gameplay type massively multiplayer sports game

Riders Republic is an open-world, multiplayer sports game that combines extreme sports and enormous online games. Riders Republic, from Ubisoft, lets players explore a gorgeous, open world full of exhilarating activities and furious competition. The open-world game lets players race, explore, and compete. The game lets users personalize their avatar, bike, and clothes.

Riders Republic looks amazing. The game’s rich surroundings include realistic lighting, weather, and flora. The game plays nicely and has simple controls.

The game has a large narrative mode and many daily, seasonal, and special events. Clubs may participate in team events and challenges. Point Chase and Marathon are equally fun and tough game types. Riders Republic is a great extreme sports and open-world game. The game’s large open world, excellent graphics, and plenty of content keep players interested. Riders Republic is great for open-world extreme sports. 


  • Many areas to explore -Many character modifications -Competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes.
  • Constant content updates.
  • PC-Xbox cross-play.


  • Long load times -Inconsistent frame rates -Limited customizing choices for non-premium gamers -Lack of content variety -Occasional online connection concerns
  • There is no offline play. 

Grand Theft Auto V

best motorcycles games you can play
Grand Theft Auto V
Our Award Best open world game 
Gameplay type action-adventure

In Grand Theft Auto V, riding a motorcycle is a realistic and fun experience. The game’s realistic mechanics make for an exciting and realistic experience. Players can leap and execute acrobatics, as well as make sharp turns and accelerate swiftly. The surroundings are likewise well-detailed, with streets and buildings that give the impression that life is present.

Players may add a multitude of items to their motorcycles thanks to the excellent customization possibilities. Players now have the option to modify their bikes to suit their tastes and style. Numerous modification options exist and may improve the riding experience.

Grand Theft Auto V is a fantastic game overall for fans of motorbikes. The setting, customization possibilities, and game mechanics all contribute to an exciting and fun experience. Grand Theft Auto V is a fantastic option whether you’re seeking an exhilarating journey or just want to travel the globe on two wheels.

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  • A thrilling and exciting experience.
  • A wide selection of motorcycle models to choose from.
  • The ability to go into Grand Theft Auto V’s enormous open world.
  • Simple to maneuver in traffic and confined spaces.


  • Hard for novice players to manage.
  • High potential for collision and severe injury.

MXGP 2021

best motorcycles games you can play
MXGP 2021
Our Award Motorbike game with the most accurate racing action  
Gameplay type dirt bike racing game

It is reviewed as one of the Best Motorcycle games on Xbox by us. MXGP 2021, the newest MotoGP game, sets the standard high for racing games. The game has career, online, and 2021 MXGP modes. Realistic scenery and riders make the pictures amazing. The physics engine enhances riding with realistic crashes, jumps, and corners. Customize your bike, helmet, and clothes in the game.

Great controls also make the game simple to play. Controller vibration feedback improves terrain and bike position awareness. AI Riders are tough and competitive. Mistakes will be used to improve racing. Racing fans will love MXGP 2021. Its features, aesthetics, and difficult AI will have you going back. MXGP 2021 is an excellent racer.


  • Accurate racing action that moves quickly.
  • Better visuals and audio.
  • Many different courses, riders, and bicycles from which to choose.
  • Enhanced player controls for faster reaction times in-game.
  • Several tournaments are available to enter in the “Career” mode.
  • You may have up to 12 people at once in the online multiplayer mode.


  • Intermittent problems with my internet connection.
  • Computer-controlled foes may be quite challenging to defeat.
  • Unwanted humps and jumps may occur as a result of track defects.
  • There is a dearth of ambiance in the game.
  • There is a potential for certain changes to rack up a hefty price tag.
  • Inadequate opportunities for personalization for riders and bikes.

Trials Rising

best motorcycles games you can play
Trials Rising
Our Award motorbike game with the best stunning visuals
Gameplay type fault-based racing game

Trials Rising for Xbox, the best stunt bike racing game, will challenge you! Feel the adrenaline as you race through crazy courses and execute incredible acrobatics against the world’s finest riders! Master the hardest circuits and level up with realistic physics and easy controls. Trials Rising lets you test your limits and improve. Ubisoft’s spectacular Xbox game Trials Rising puts you in the shoes of an extreme stunt motorcyclist. Tracks range from novice to extreme, testing your riding abilities. 

To ride the courses and do acrobatics, you must master bike controls. The game has a realistic physics engine. Because of that, many agree that this is the best Motorcycle game on Xbox. The levels are full of strategic hurdles. To gain the greatest score, go back and polish your runs. Extreme sports and bike stunt fans will enjoy Trials Rising.


  • Trials Rising offers stunning visuals. Levels are detailed and animated realistically.
  • Immersive Gameplay: Players may explore a rich and challenging gaming universe.
  • Fun for Everyone: Trials Rising is created for all ages. During challenging veteran gamers, its basic controls make it easier for younger players to grasp.


  • Steep Difficulty Curve: The game is fun for all ages, but it’s hard. This intimidates new gamers.
  • Lag and other connection difficulties in online gaming.
  • Limited Customization Choices: The game offers a few rider and bike customization options.

The Crew 2

best motorcycles games you can play
The Crew 2
Our Award motorbike game with the best physics-based stunts 
Gameplay-type racing game

The Crew 2 is a thrilling open-world racing game that lets players freely traverse the US. As they progress in racing, players may drive automobiles, aircraft, bikes, boats, and more.

Street, Off-Road, Freestyle, and Pro Racing modes are also available. Racing clubs let gamers engage in races and special events. A unique customization system lets users add components, paint, and more to their cars. There are many great racing games out there, but this game will be highly rated as the best Motorcycle game on Xbox.

The game’s weather and day/night cycle provide authenticity. The music includes various genres to get gamers in the racing mood. Racing enthusiasts love The Crew 2. The open-world game lets players race and explore the US. Race fans will like the game’s many racing modes and customization possibilities.


  • Updated character customization system with additional possibilities.
  • Large open area with dynamic weather and time of day effects.
  • New physics-based stunts and antics.
  • Improved vehicle dynamics and handling of New multiplayer modes and features.


  • Might be too similar to the original game.
  • Certain new features may be too hard for some players. Unlocking features or things may involve a lot of grinding. 
  • Long loading times.


best motorcycles games you can play
Our Award Most vehicle variety 
Gameplay type off-road racing and lifestyle experience

Rainbow Studios and THQ Nordic created MX versus ATV All Out on Xbox One. It is the eighth MX vs ATV game and the sequel to Supercross Encore. Career mode lets players gain new cars and advance in a professional off-road racing career. Race in Motocross, Supercross, Open cross, Rallycross, or Freestyle, and personalize your car. Besides tracks, vehicles and customization are in the game. Dirt bikes, ATVs, and quads are available to players.

Most importantly, MX vs ATV All Out has offline and internet multiplayer options in addition to the career mode. Online races and competitions with friends are available. A robust track editor lets players construct their tunes.MX versus ATV All Out is a wonderful Xbox One off-road racer.

Career modes, tracks, and cars are in the game. Multiplayer modes and an extensive track editor are also included. For serious off-road racing, the game is amazing. For gamers who want to experience the best Motorcycle game on Xbox, this is an ideal choice.


  • ATVs, MX Bikes, Trucks, Buggies, and UTVs are available.
  • Realistic physics engine for racing.
  • Deep career mode to feel like a real motocross/ATV racer.
  • Play multiplayer or against AI opponents.
  • Many tracks and terrains to explore.


  • Game modes lack variety.
  • Vehicle customization is limited.
  • The graphics need work.
  • Career mode lacks advancement.
  • Controls may be clumsy.

MX Nitro: Unleashed

best motorcycles games you can play
MX Nitro Unleashed
Our Award motorbike with the best action-packed racing
Gameplay type Physics-Based Motocross Game

MX Nitro: Unleashed is an off-road racing game. MX Nitro: Unleashed is the perfect game for you to play if you want an experience that is jam-packed with action and full of fast-paced stunts as well as eye-popping graphics. Further, the game includes a wide variety of courses, some of which take place in grassy fields, some on rugged cliffs, and yet others in industrial facilities.

You have a selection of different racers to pick from, and you may modify their look in several ways, including the kind of car they drive. You have several customization options to pick from to make your car go quicker and give you an advantage over the competition. You also have access to various other stunts and tricks in this game, all of which are designed to give you an edge over your rivals.

MX Nitro: Unleashed is, in general, an exciting off-road racing game that is certain to satisfy those individuals who are passionate about racing. This game is a must-play for anyone who enjoys racing because of its many different courses, many possibilities for customization, and amazing aesthetics. 


  • Action-packed racing.
  • HD visuals, several cars, and tracks.
  • Stunts and online leaderboards.
  • Customizable vehicles and characters Multiple game styles and difficulties.


  • Very limited vehicle and character customization. 
  • Occasional technical faults and issues.
  • Limited online matching choices.

Monster Energy Supercross

best motorcycles games you can play
Monster Energy Supercross
Our Award Best realistic visuals
Gameplay type motorbike racing game 

Monster Energy Supercross for Xbox is a thrilling off-road racer. The Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championships’ official game has amazing features and possibilities. This mode lets you construct a Supercross racer and compete on real-world courses. Competing in customizable events and completing tasks for bike improvements will help you develop.

A comprehensive online option lets you compete against others from across the globe. Custom events and races allow AI-controlled competition. Leaderboards and rankings compare you to the greatest players in the globe. This game has great visuals. Further, the tracks and motorcycles are well-detailed.

Excellent motor sounds and surrounding sound effects bring the game to life. Monster Energy Supercross for Xbox is great racing, and it has many features and possibilities that make it fun to play. This is, without a doubt, a great off-road racing game.


  • Realistic visuals and sound.
  • Multiple game types and tracks 
  • Easy to pick up and play game modes for all ability levels.
  • Professional cyclists’ real-time comments
  • Detailed bike customization choices
  • AI opponents
  • Multiplayer online


  • No rider customization 
  • Repetitive song 
  • Confusing menu navigation 
  • Hard to gauge career mode progress.

Urban Trial Tricky

best motorcycles games you can play

Our Award best bike customization 
Gameplay type Casual, Indie, Racing, Sports

Urban Trial Tricky, an Xbox game, puts players riding a motorbike through a dirty city. Players race over obstacle courses, do daring feats and test their reflexes and driving abilities in this unusual racing game. The game’s visuals and audio are amazing and immersive. The fast-paced game’s soundtrack fits wonderfully. The controls are snappy and simple, providing smooth and accurate motions. Vehicles, levels, and goals provide replay value.

The game has city streets, abandoned warehouses, and a variety of cars. Stunt mode lets players do leaps and wheelies in addition to racing. Online competitions and rankings are open to players from all around the globe. The racing in Urban Trial Tricky is intense and exciting. Everything from the graphics and sound to the controls and internet features is top-notch. Players interested in racing or riding motorcycles will like Urban Trial Tricky.


  • Exciting and fast-paced action 
  • Variety of stages with different goals 
  • Detailed visuals and acoustic effects 
  • Intuitive control system Bike customization and upgrades Challenge pals online.


  • Limited replay value
  • Difficulty spikes in several stages 
  • Short single-player campaign 
  • Occasional frame rate decreases 
  • Online play problems

RiMS Racing

best motorcycles games you can play
Rims Racing
Our Award most variety of tracks
Gameplay type motorcycling simulation

RiMS Racing, a new Xbox game, challenges and entertains racing aficionados. This Code masters game combines realistic racing, difficult AI, and amazing graphics. Players will experience real racing with realistic car dynamics, excellent visuals, and genuine sound effects. The game has Time Trial, Sprint, and Endurance races. Players may design the ultimate race vehicle with various components and improvements.

RiMS Racing has great AI, with each AI driver having its unique driving style. AI drivers fighting for the lead make for fascinating races. Online multiplayer lets gamers compete worldwide. For extra diversity, the game offers a track editor.

RiMS Racing is a spectacular and interesting racing experience for racing enthusiasts. This game delivers a thrilling racing experience with realistic car dynamics, excellent visuals, and tough AI. Online multiplayer and considerable customization make this game more fun. RiMS Racing is an essential racing game.


  • RiMS Racing has realistic physics and visuals for a genuine racing experience.
  • Tracks and courses provide different racing challenges.
  • Variety of automobiles — RiMS Racing offers a broad range of cars, from antique muscle cars to current sports cars.
  • Customizable settings—Players may personalize their settings and driving experience.


  • Expensive—RiMS Racing is a premium racing game.
  • Hardware requirements—The game demands a strong gaming machine.
  • Difficulty – Realistic driving dynamics make the game hard to learn.
  • Online multiplayer—The game only supports local multiplayer.


best motorcycles games you can play
Our Award motorbike game with a most immersive  experience
Gameplay type off-road, quad-bike trick-racing

Xbox one motocross racing game Pure by Black Rock Studio is a thrilling experience. Pure’s immersive, fast-paced action is a hit with both casual and hard-core players because the game combines realistic physics, bright visuals, and straightforward controls. Players may personalize their rides to their liking, choose from several different courses, and race against their pals or computer-controlled opponents.

There is a wide variety of strategies and maneuvers available in the game that may be employed to outmaneuver and outperform the opposition.

Moreover, the game’s visuals are stunning, with plenty of brilliant color and remarkable levels of detail. The settings are also quite detailed and contribute to the game’s mood. The music score is likewise superb, blending rock, techno, and funk styles. Pure is a fantastic Xbox game that faithfully recreates the feel of motocross racing. Lastly, Pure will keep you occupied for many hours because of its impressively accurate physics, great visuals, simple but effective controls, and extensive catalog of music and stunts.


  • Immersive gaming experience 
  • Access to Xbox Live 
  • Wide choice of exclusive titles 
  • Consistent game updates and fixes 
  • Support for 4K resolution –
  • Downloading games is simple.


  • No PlayStation or PC compatibility
  • Limited backward compatibility.
  • Expensive console and accessories
  • Online multiplayer needs Xbox Live Gold


The 15 Best Motorcycle Games on Xbox span a variety of genres and offer gamers the chance to experience the thrill of the ride. From realistic simulations to high-octane racing, there is something for everyone. Popular titles include MotoGP 20, Ride 4, TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2, MotoGP 21, MXGP 2021, and The Crew 2.

For a more open-world experience, players can explore Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V or enjoy the classic arcade-style racing of Riders Republic. For a more family-friendly experience, Trials Rising and MX VS ATV All Out are great alternatives. Please let us know if you liked them in the comment section down below!


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