15 BEST Dead Island 2 Weapons [All Types]


Dead Island 2 is a game that does not lack options when it comes to picking a weapon to completely annihilate a horde of zombies. From unique melee weapons such as maces, bats, and katanas to guns such as shotguns, assault rifles, revolvers, and much more, there are way too many weapons that can be considered as the Dead Island 2 Best Weapon.

And that is without even considering the different perks and mods which are associated with each weapon. Combining them with your character’s unique, innate abilities and attributes, you can come up with a slayer that is literally unstoppable. That is why we’ll discuss all possibilities for you and your character so that you can pick out the best possible weapon that suits you.

Important: It is worth understanding your weapon’s type (Demolition, Maiming, Headhunter, etc) and your character’s attributes to choose something that synergizes well in order to maximize your damage output.

Key Takeaways

  • Weapons in Dead Island 2 are defined by their rarities, with Legendary weapons usually being the best.
  • But there are certain weapons from different categories that are equally good.
  • To get a specific weapon, you must complete different tasks, such as completing side quests, or attain certain endings. 

  1. Emma’s Wrath is usually considered as the best weapon in Dead Island 2 due to its remarkable power and perks that let you clear rooms with ease.
  2. Following behind, Blood Rage and Big Shot are two Legendary weapons with very specific playstyles due to their range but offer useful buffs.
  3. The One and Party Starter are two weapons well-suited for aggressive players.
  4. If you want something that hits hard and also looks extremely brutal, then the Brutalizer and Krakatoa are your go-to weapons.
  5. In terms of ranged weapons, the Bodycount is the most ammo-efficient, whereas the Red Dragon is capable of packing a punch.
  6. For more range, you can consider using Peggy and Raven, but be careful of their slow fire rates and reload times.
  7. If you just want to get a few weapons early on, O-Kami and Whiskey, Jade Dragon, and Wildstyle are great options.
  8. And if you’re a revolver-heavy revolver fan, then Extinction Event is the weapon for you.

  • Here are all Weapon types in Dead Island 2
    1. Maiming Weapons: High-powered bladed weapons perfect for dismembering enemies and boosting stamina.
    2. Headhunter Weapons: Deadly accurate weapons specialized in landing critical headshots on foes.
    3. Frenzy Weapons: Fast-hitting weapons capable of consecutive critical hits, ideal for agile characters.
    4. Bulldozer Weapons: Slow but powerful sledgehammer-style weapons suitable for tank characters and crowd control.
    5. Demolition Weapons: Heavy-hitting ranged weapons that excel against vulnerable zombies and provide toughness boosts.
    6. Rapid-fire Weapons: Fast-firing automatic weapons with increasing accuracy and critical damage as they burn through ammo.
    7. Sharpshooter: Long-range weapons for precise head or limb shots, best used from a safe distance.
    8. Tactical Weapons: Balanced blend of rapid-fire and sharpshooter weapon types, offering agility and versatility in combat.
  • While choosing a weapon, its type and rarity should be kept in mind.

Dead Island 2 Best Weapons

Weapons are categorized by their types in Dead Island 2. These weapons are further divided into rarities. Of course, Legendary Weapons are usually going to be placed at the top whenever discussing any best weapon. But there are also some superior and rare weapons that can give them a run for their money.

But, while choosing a weapon, it is also important to consider its type, as certain weapon types suit certain characters more than others. For example, Jacob can make great use of Frenzy Weapons, along with his innate ability to get additional damage. We’ve discussed the different weapon types at the end so that you get a better idea. Regardless, here is a list of the Dead Island 2 Best Weapons.

Emma’s Wrath

Emma’s Wrath [captured by us]

Emma’s Wrath is a coveted weapon in Dead Island 2, prized for its remarkable power and distinctive abilities. Its Shockwave feature, shotgun component, and customizable perks make it an invaluable addition to any slayer’s arsenal, providing both versatility and unparalleled melee strength.

  • Emma’s Wrath is a legendary sledgehammer awarded to you upon completing the final mission, “Hollywood Ending,” in Dead Island 2’s main story.
  • Renowned for its high damage output and unique abilities, this exceptional melee weapon is declared by some as “the best” in the game.

The Shockwave ability sets Emma’s Wrath apart, enabling it to knock down large groups of enemies with ease.

  • The powerful feature is especially useful in boss fights, where its considerable melee strength can quickly dismantle single targets.

As a Bulldozer-class weapon, Emma’s Wrath excels at clearing rooms; it also functions as a hybrid axe/sledgehammer and shotgun.

  • By executing a skull-stomp or counter-move on a zombie, you can activate the shotgun component, delivering a potent blast with the following hit.
  • The combination of area-of-effect and single-target melee damage makes Emma’s Wrath a formidable weapon.

Unique among weapons in Dead Island 2, Emma’s Wrath cannot be sold or scrapped. To prevent accidental loss, misplaced weapons can be retrieved from the Unclaimed Property tab in weapon lockers located in safe houses.

  • Equipped with a fixed Superior Melee Impactor Mod and two perks, Emma’s Wrath allows for further customization with the addition of two perks that you can select yourself.
  • The Guardian Perk is a popular choice, as it enhances the likelihood of critical hits, boosting the weapon’s damage potential.

Obtaining Emma’s Wrath is relatively straightforward compared to other legendary weapons in the game, but its power and unique features make it highly desirable. Attacking traumatized zombies launches them into the air, causing damage to any enemies in their path. A charged shotgun blast is also triggered by stomping on a zombie, resulting in an explosion upon knocking down subsequent enemies.

Big Shot

big shot dead island 2 best weapons
Big Shot showcase [captured by eXputer]

The Big Shot, a Legendary Revolver in Dead Island 2, is a powerful and unique Demolition-type weapon, prized for its explosive rounds that resemble mini-rocket launchers.

  • Firing three bullets simultaneously, this compact yet potent weapon inflicts considerable damage on both single targets and groups of enemies.
  • To obtain the Big Shot, you must complete the side quest “It’s Not Your Fault,” accessible through Luciana at Emma’s Mansion in Bel Air.
  • The quest involves locating seismologists in the sewers and gathering readings from four seismometers.

The Big Shot’s lethality stems from its intrinsic perks.

  • The locked Boomstick perk causes rounds to explode upon impact, stunning and traumatizing zombies.
  • While the Russian Roulette perk boosts the weapon’s damage as the magazine depletes.
  • With only three bullets per magazine, you must maximize each shot’s effectiveness or risk having to switch weapons during combat.

Though its name implies a larger size, the Big Shot is compact enough to be carried in a pocket, making it a practical yet powerful option for clearing confined spaces or tackling large enemy groups.

  • It is often referred to as the “GTFO” gun in the community for its ability to facilitate escapes from precarious situations by dispatching approaching zombies.
  • However, its limited ammunition capacity necessitates strategic use.
  • As a Legendary tier weapon with a unique appearance, the Big Shot stands out among the game’s arsenal.
  • Its Legendary rarity classification signifies its high desirability and late-game acquisition.
  • If you’re seeking to excel in Dead Island 2, you will undoubtedly want to secure the Big Shot for its remarkable damage output and distinctive capabilities.

Blood Rage

Blood Rage showcase [image by us]

The Blood Rage Legendary Dagger is a worthwhile addition for those who value rapid, successive melee strikes. Its exclusive Bleeding status effect and powerful mods and perks make it an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient and agile melee weapon. While completing the Fool’s Gold quest may be challenging, the Blood Rage Legendary Dagger’s acquisition is a worthy pursuit for any dedicated slayer.

  • The Blood Rage Legendary Dagger (Headhunter Type) in Dead Island 2 is a distinctive and potent melee weapon, ideal for you if you prefer close-quarters combat.
  • Its ability to inflict the Bleeding status on enemies makes it a formidable choice for tackling challenging foes.
  • To obtain the dagger, you must complete the challenging Fool’s Gold quest, which begins with defeating a unique zombie called Dante at Santa Monica Pier.
  • After collecting a note from Dante and two additional clues in the same area, you will be led to a specific location where they can open a chest and acquire the Blood Rage Legendary Dagger.

This unique weapon boasts a set of powerful mods and perks that significantly enhance its melee combat capabilities.

  • The Superior Melee Puncturator mod deals bleed damage and provides a substantial damage boost, with each consecutive hit applying the bleeding effect.
  • The Agile perk grants a minor agility increase with each zombie killed and can stack multiple times.
  • Furthermore, the fixed perks include Puncture Wound, which adds extra critical and bleed damage when executing quick successive critical hits.
  • And Infectious, which inflicts additional bleed damage on struck zombies and causes nearby enemies to bleed as well.

While the Blood Rage Legendary Dagger’s range is limited, making it best suited for single-target encounters, the Bleeding status effect can spread to other enemies.

  • The spread allows you to strike an opponent multiple times before retreating to watch nearby enemies lose HP or to apply the Bleeding status effect on several enemies before switching to another weapon to finish them off.

Overall, it is worthy of being referred to as a Dead Island 2 best weapon. It is essential to note that the Fool’s Gold quest, necessary for obtaining the Blood Rage Legendary Dagger, involves solving complex puzzles. However, the resulting reward is an invaluable asset for anyone’s arsenal. The fast-striking dagger inflicts significant Bleed damage and targets enemies’ heads for devastating Critical Strikes.

The One

dead island 2 best legendary weapons
The One Katana showcase [image by us]

The One is a superb weapon choice for any slayer in Dead Island 2, providing exceptional damage and a unique ability to weaken foes. It is ideally suited for tackling both groups of zombies and formidable bosses. To obtain The One, you must ensure they complete the Beacon of Hope sidequest in the Hollywood Boulevard area. The sidequest becomes available in the final unlockable area, and upon completion, you are rewarded with The One sword.

  • The One is a Legendary Maiming type sword reminiscent of the famous Highlander sword.
  • It is well-suited for slicing through zombie hordes and particularly excels in boss battles due to its special Weakened status effect that activates with each successful hit.
  • The One is an essential addition to anyone’s arsenal, capable of decimating Dead Island 2’s most formidable adversaries.
  • The weapon may resemble a movie prop, but its extraordinary sharpness ensures that it effortlessly cuts through the undead.

The One offers a distinctive and invigorating alternative to the katanas typically favored in Dead Island 2.

  • While it may not possess the speed of a katana, it compensates with remarkable damage output.
  • The sword’s ability to debilitate zombies with each successful strike makes it easier to conquer tougher opponents, and it can even cause explosions upon decapitating enemies.

The One is a great weapon for characters that might lack stamina but have the potential to be aggressive.

  • That is because its fixed mod, Superior Melee Mutilator Mod, allows you to apply the Weakened effect on any zombie.
  • And using the same mod, if you strike a weakened zombie, you will regain some stamina, allowing you to strike continuously.

The weapon really starts to shine when you combine its mod abilities with its fixed perks, Headhunter and Swift Blow.

  • Headhunter allows you to regain health and stamina each time you decapitate a zombie.
  • Whereas Swift Blow allows you to charge heavy attacks much faster.

Therefore, if you combine all of these perks and mods, you get yourself a weapon that is great for those that love being aggressive. Activating all the bonuses will allow you to remain in the fight without having to worry about health or stamina.

Party Starter

Dead island 2 best weapons
Party Starter showcase [image by eXputer]

Dead Island 2 has some of the best weapons for you to wield against the undead, and the Party Starter, a legendary set of brass knuckles, stands out among them. Acquiring such a unique weapon involves completing the Lost and Found: Drunk and Disorderly questline.

  • Initiating this quest line necessitates finishing the main story at least once.
  • You can then visit the Lotusville Mall on Ocean Avenue to locate a restroom marked with the number 1.
  • Inside, you’ll discover the Dudes Who Chug journal, beginning the Drunk and Disorderly questline.

You must locate four journals scattered across Ocean Avenue during the Drunk and Disorderly questline.

  • The first journal is in the restroom, while the others are in Roses Tattoos, Lenny’s, and Pier Grill.
  • Upon collecting all four journals, you must head to the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue and use Jordan’s Keys to unlock a white SUV’s trunk in the parking garage.
  • Inside the trunk, you will find the Party Starter brass knuckles and receive 2000 XP.

The Party Starter brass knuckles set themselves apart by inflicting fire damage and providing a significant damage boost for consecutive hits on zombies.

  • Equipped with a Superior Melee Cremator mod, the weapon induces the ignited effect on zombies.
  • Furthermore, the Party Starter offers two fixed perks, Spitting Fire and Skilled.
  • Spitting Fire provides a moderate fire resilience boost and ignites surrounding hostiles when a zombie is knocked down or killed.
  • Skilled moderately increases your damage and heavy attack recharge rates upon killing a zombie.

While brass knuckles are often underrated in Dead Island 2, the Party Starter is an exception.

  • Its fire capabilities and rapid-fire attacks swiftly weaken most foes, enabling you to execute powerful heavy attacks.
  • Party Starter is particularly suitable for quick-strike builds in need of support during boss battles.
  • Additionally, characters that might be low on Resilience can appreciate the additional fire resistance that the perks provide.

The only drawback to the weapon is that to obtain the Party Starter, completing the Lost and Found: Drunk and Disorderly quest is essential.

  • Though the questline is somewhat lengthy and may not appeal to those uninterested in this specific weapon, the Party Starter is a must-have for if you’re looking for a distinctive and entertaining weapon in Dead Island 2.
  • And the fact that it only becomes available only after you’ve completed the game once means that not everyone will get the chance to use them.


dead island 2 best legendary weapons
Brutalizer showcase [image by eXputer]

Brutalizer is a formidable weapon in Dead Island 2, obtained through the completion of the Body Art questline. Its serrated edges and Contagion effect allow you to quickly and efficiently dispatch groups of zombies. The unique Bloodlust and Contagious perks make it an indispensable weapon for anyone striving to survive the zombie apocalypse.

  • In Dead Island 2, the Brutalizer, a legendary machete, has gained a reputation for its remarkable ability to swiftly incapacitate and dismember zombies.
  • Its unique characteristics make it a highly sought-after weapon in the game.
  • Unlike conventional melee weapons, the Brutalizer functions similarly to a buzzsaw shotgun, dealing damage to large groups of enemies through rapid swings.
  • The weapon grows more powerful with each hit, making it effective even against more formidable foes.
  • The Brutalizer’s Contagion effect ensures rapid damage to multiple enemies, positioning it as one of the game’s premier weapons.

To obtain the Brutalizer, you must embark on Francesca’s side quest series, Body Art, which begins in Beverly Hills. But there are a few prerequisites. Upon completing the main mission #15, “Giant Slayer,” and the side mission, “The Ballad of Ricky Rex,” you can undertake the “Body Art” side quest in Beverly Hills.

  • Francesca can be found in the garage of a house with a red roof in the northern part of Beverly Hills.
  • After speaking with her and climbing the front gate, you will be tasked with collecting a multitude of zombie parts for her.
  • The quest involves completing six fetch quests, requiring parts from various zombie types such as Apex Variants, Crushers, and Mutators.
  • Once all six quests are finished, return to Francesca and complete the final quest, Body Art: The Unveiling, to acquire the Brutalizer.

Among the best weapons in the game, the Brutalizer stands alongside Wildstyle and Emma’s Wrath.

Ideal for those who enjoy carving their way through zombie hordes, the Brutalizer is an incredibly efficient weapon. Its serrated metal edges make it easy to slice through zombies, leaving a bloody path of destruction.

  • If we talk specifically about the weapon’s stats and such, it is a Maiming weapon, making it ideal for those that have trouble keeping up their stamina.
  • Additionally, the weapon comes with the Superior Melee Mutilator Mod, which allows you to get a major physical damage boost and also applies the weakened effect on enemies. Hitting enemies with the weakened effect will further regenerate your stamina.

As for the weapon’s unique perks, it comes with Bloodlust and Contagious.

  • Bloodlust allows you to do more limb damage if you land multiple critical hits.
  • As the effect is stackable, it is ideal for fighting against larger enemies, especially bosses.
  • The weapon itself already has great range, but its second perk, Contagious, allows you to spread the status effect of any zombie to nearby zombies whenever you land a heavy attack on them.
  • Considering all of these perks, the Brutalizer is an amazing weapon for crowd control.


dead island 2 best rare weapons
Bodycount [screenshot by eXputer]

If you’re seeking a Dead Island 2 best weapon in terms of a rifle with rapid-fire capabilities and the Bleeding status effect, then you should consider acquiring the Bodycount Legendary Rifle.

  • To secure such a powerful weapon, you must complete the Redacted quest, which can be initiated at the Quonset hut on the left upon entering the Military Barracks in Venice Beach.
  • After vanquishing a unique zombie, you will discover a note directing them to three cargo shipping containers in Venice Beach, each containing a clue to the weapon’s whereabouts.
  • If the zombie is not initially present, you may need to complete the main campaign before attempting the quest.

Once in possession of the Bodycount Legendary Rifle, you can enhance its performance with modifications and perks such as the Superior Ranged Puncturator mod, which causes bleed damage and delivers a significant damage boost with each successive hit on zombies. The rifle comes equipped with two fixed perks:

  • Exit Wound, offering a chance to inflict bleed damage on nearby enemies.
  • Bloodthirsty, providing a moderate damage increase and extra Fury upon killing a zombie.
  • Furthermore, the Tactical Reload perk bestows a moderate reload speed enhancement following a zombie kill.

The Bodycount Legendary Rifle excels in medium-range combat, as its automatic fire capabilities enable it to inflict considerable damage on Apex zombies effortlessly while also affecting other adversaries through its area of effect proc. As one of the two legendary firearms in Dead Island 2, it is a valuable addition to anyone’s arsenal. But it is worth keeping in mind that:

  • While firearms may not always be the optimal choice in Dead Island 2, the Bodycount Legendary Rifle stands out as one of the game’s most powerful weapons, making it a must-have for those who prefer engaging in ranged combat.


dead island 2 best legendary weapons
Krakatoa showcase [image by eXputer]

In Dead Island 2, the Krakatoa legendary axe is a powerful weapon known for its fire-infused capabilities, making it highly effective in destroying and maiming zombies. The axe comes with three inherent perks: Reaper, which activates upon striking ignited enemies; Tear ‘N Sear, creating a pool of burning fuel when dismembering a zombie; and Vampire, restoring health with each zombie killed.

To secure the Krakatoa axe, you must complete the “Missing: Steve” quest.

  • The quest begins by locating Steve’s lost letter on the bulletin board in Ocean Avenue.
  • After acquiring the letter, you should fast-travel to Monarch Studios and enter Stage 3 via the open gate.
  • Inside the studio, a letter awaits on a red bed to the right upon entry.
  • Subsequently, you must investigate the kitchen set, collect soap from the counter, and interact with a box on the floor.
  • Next, they should engage with the phone on the stairs to progress in the quest.
  • The quest marker leads you to Stage 7, where they must use a gun to clear out explosive sacks before entering the trailer.
  • Inside the trailer, a journal on the floor reveals Steve’s next destination.
  • Pursuing Steve’s trail to Beverly Hills, you will find him unharmed on the balcony of a luxurious house in the area.
  • Completing the quest will award you with the weapon.

As Krakatoa is a Maiming weapon type, it is great if you are aggressive and love to jump right in between a horde of zombies. The ignited effect that the weapon is capable of producing will ensure that you can deal with individual zombies quickly and with ease.

Red Dragon

Red Dragon [captured by us]

In Dead Island 2, many slayers eagerly seek the Red Dragon shotgun for its unique and powerful capabilities. Although shotguns can be limited when facing hordes of zombies, the Red Dragon shotgun excels at dispatching large groups and single targets alike, making it an invaluable asset in any weapon collection.

  • Obtaining the Red Dragon shotgun requires you to locate it within the game.
  • Regrettably, there is no specific location designated for the Red Dragon Unique Shotgun in Dead Island 2, necessitating exploration.
  • One option is purchasing it from the Trader on Ocean Avenue, though it can be costly.
  • Alternatively, you may stumble upon it during their in-game journey.

Red Dragon is a Demolition type weapon with Superior rarity. Ideal for those with relatively lesser toughness, as reloading the weapon will boost it. Against vulnerable zombies, you’ll automatically get critical hits, giving you an extra attack bonus.

  • As for the mods and perks, the weapon comes with Superior Ranged Cremator Mod that allows you to apply fire damage and eventually apply the ignited effect on enemies.
  • And if you combine that with the perk, Hazardous, you’re able to deal even more damage.
  • That is because Hazardous causes a forceful explosion when you hit a zombie with any status effect, which, if you’re using Red Dragon to cause the effect, will be the ignited effect.

However, managing ammo can be challenging with shotguns, including the Red Dragon.

  • If you’re seeking an alternative with easier ammo management, you can consider the Assault Shotgun, which, despite lacking the Red Dragon’s firepower, is still a viable option.
  • Another possibility is the Short-Barreled Shotgun, offering adequate damage and less frequent ammo depletion.

Regardless, the Red Dragon shotgun stands out as an exceptional and potent weapon in Dead Island 2, making it well worth the search. While shotguns have inherent limitations, the Red Dragon’s impressive performance compensates for these drawbacks, solidifying its place as a valuable weapon in any arsenal.


Wildstyle stats [screenshot by us]

In Dead Island 2, the Wildstyle is an extraordinary and highly effective Maiming type weapon, a purple rarity (superior) firefighter’s axe that excels in battling zombies. The weapon’s distinctive abilities, including leaving a pool of flames after killing a zombie, make it one of the game’s premier weapons. This melee flamethrower effect is difficult for zombies to evade.

  • You can acquire Wildstyle by completing the “Art of War” side mission once you unlock fast travel to The Metro zone.
  • It’s recommended to play the mission in co-op mode, as you will face a massive horde and two challenging bosses before reaching the abandoned weapons cache that holds Wildstyle.

The weapon features an additional empty slot, allowing you to customize it to their preferences. Wildstyle comes with the Superior Melee Cremator Mod and Tear ‘N Sear perks, giving it similarities to the Krakatoa axe, but it lacks the Reaper perk found in the latter.

  • Wildstyle stands out among other axes in zombie games due to its blowtorch attachment, which heats the blade for a clean and fiery slice.
  • The attachment causes zombies to melt into a “pool of burning fuel,” igniting any zombies that walk through it and creating a large, fiery spectacle.
  • The attribute makes Wildstyle an optimal weapon for clearing out hordes when used in appropriate situations.

Wildstyle is also quite popular because of its unique capabilities and vibrant design. It’s an excellent option for those who prefer engaging in close-quarters combat with zombies. Although the Art of War side mission can be challenging, particularly if you’re going solo, the reward of obtaining this exceptional zombie-slaying weapon makes the effort worthwhile.


dead island 2 weapons showcase
Peggy Hunting Rifle showcase [image by eXputer]

In Dead Island 2, while melee weapons are typically the preferred choice for eliminating zombie hordes, there are instances when you may need to rely on firearms. The Peggy hunting rifle is an exceptional weapon that delivers substantial damage, making it perfect for taking down high-health zombies or bosses.

  • Although its single-shot capacity limits its effectiveness against large groups of zombies, it remains an effective and valuable weapon in the right circumstances.

To acquire the Peggy hunting rifle in Dead Island 2, you must complete the “Creature Comforts” side quest for Curtis Sinclair.

  • This quest becomes available shortly after rescuing Sinclair during the “The Death of the Party” side quest.
  • The “Creature Comforts” side quest involves rescuing the aging actor, Curtis Sinclair.
  • After his rescue, Sinclair tasks you with a mission to fetch him booze and cigars.
  • Upon completing “Creature Comforts,” you will receive Peggy, a bolt-action rifle with significant damage potential once upgraded.
  • The rifle’s name, Peggy, pays homage to one of Curtis Sinclair’s co-stars in his Western film.
  • Notably, the Peggy hunting rifle is likely one of the first unique weapons you will encounter in Dead Island 2.

Initially, Peggy’s primary advantage lies in its increased damage and force, which can knock back zombies. As you upgrade the weapon, it becomes even more powerful, capable of taking down bursters and other formidable enemies in a single shot.

Extinction Event

Extinction Event showcase [screenshot by us]

The Extinction Event is a distinctive heavy revolver that inflicts considerable Caustic damage on individual targets. It is considered as Dead Island 2’s best weapons in terms of revolvers and demolition weapons.

  • The weapon is particularly effective against bosses and other resilient enemies due to its consistent Caustic damage output, which causes targets to weaken with each shot, practically melting them after just a few rounds.
  • Additionally, eliminating enemies with the Extinction Event releases a Caustic cloud that can affect nearby zombies, enhancing its utility in tense situations.

To acquire the Extinction Event, you must first complete the Justifiable Zombicide mission, which takes place in Beverly Hills and is part of the main storyline.

  • Following the mission’s completion, you can obtain the key to Nikki’s Bounty Reward safe by defeating a Butcher named Target Practice, also located in Beverly Hills.
  • After securing the key, you can access the safe situated in Nikki Gutte’s house, where they received their first gun during the Justifiable Zombicide story quest.

The Extinction Event bears similarities to magnums in the Resident Evil series, as both are designed to deliver immense damage to single targets. The heavy revolver stands out as one of the few weapons in Dead Island 2 that can consistently inflict Caustic damage, rendering it particularly effective against formidable adversaries.

Jade Dragon

best legendary weapons in dead island 2
Jade Dragon [screenshot by us]

The Jade Dragon, a unique sword in Dead Island 2, is a high-quality weapon that enhances both attack speed and toughness. Acquired as a reward for completing the side quest “The Terror of Sound Stage 7,” the sword is highly effective and sought-after for its exceptional combat abilities.

  • Upon reaching Monarch Studios, you can initiate the “The Terror of Sound Stage 7″ side quest by locating a letter on a red bed within the set, situated to their right as they enter the studio.
  • The quest entails exploring Monarch Studios in search of a missing director and battling a large horde of zombies. Upon completion, you are rewarded with the Jade Dragon sword.

The sword is particularly advantageous in close-range combat, as its high attack speed allows you to land swift blows on zombies before they have an opportunity to retaliate. Additionally, the Jade Dragon bestows a toughness boost, making you more resistant to enemy attacks and granting them a competitive edge in combat situations, making it a worthy mention in a list of Dead Island 2 best weapons.


raven dead island 2 best legendary weapons
Raven stats showcase [screenshot by eXputer]

In Dead Island 2, the Raven is a distinctive sharpshooter rifle that grants increased damage for each consecutive hit, making it an ideal weapon for eliminating high-health targets. To acquire Raven, you must complete the “My Mailman Was A Zombie” side mission in Bel-Air, which involves tracking down a mailman, obtaining his keys, and unlocking a Special Delivery box.

  • To begin the side mission, you must locate a “Signature Required” note near the mail van on Alpine Drive.
  • They must then visit three specific locations—GOAT Pen, Glitterati Corner, and Colt Swanson’s driveway—to inspect the packages found on trolleys.
  • After defeating the mailman courier at the third location and securing the keys, you can return to the Special Delivery box to claim Raven and receive 2000 XP.

The Raven’s unique ability to deal increased damage with each successive shot makes it a highly coveted weapon in Dead Island 2. Although the process of obtaining the rifle is challenging, the reward is well worth the effort. You must carefully explore Bel-Air and follow the paper trail to find the mailman’s keys, using their map to pinpoint the locations of the packages.

O-Kami And Whiskey

Dead island 2 best legendary weapons
O-kami and Whiskey [captured by us]

In Dead Island 2, the O-Kami and Whiskey sword is a formidable weapon, boasting increased limb damage and durability, making it an excellent choice for you if you’re tackling the game’s most challenging stages.

  • With multiple customization slots, this powerful maiming sword can become nearly unstoppable, provided you strike a balance between attack speed and durability.

To acquire O-Kami and Whiskey, you have two options: either begin Ricky Rex’s quest chain as soon as it becomes available, leading them back to his house in Beverly Hills, or locate the zombified owner in Venice Beach and break into her establishment.

  • With its exceptional limb damage capabilities and enhanced durability, O-Kami and Whiskey is a highly sought-after weapon in Dead Island 2.
  • Customization slots allow you to tailor the sword to their preferred playstyle, ensuring they can face even the most formidable enemies with confidence.

Dead Island 2 Weapon Types Explained

Before we get into talking about the Dead Island 2 Best Weapons, it is quite important to explain the different categories of weapons as they can greatly determine your playstyle. For example, there are certain weapons that are quite slow but are quite heavy-hitting. In contrast, other weapons might be faster but limited in terms of their damage output.

There are eight different weapon types in Dead Island 2. Each of them plays out differently, regardless of their rarity. Certain characters perform better with specific weapon types. Therefore, you should judge accordingly while picking a certain weapon as your main.

Maiming Weapons

Maiming weapons are likely the most common type of weapons in the game and usually the most powerful as well. As the name suggests, they’re quite useful for dismembering enemies and also offer a stamina boost for doing so. These weapons are great for landing critical hits. Usually, weapons with blades, such as axes and swords, will be labeled as Maiming weapons.

Headhunter Weapons

These are your deadly accurate weapons. They are almost certain to land critical hits on your enemy’s head. Usually, single-handed and two-handed weapons come under the category. The former is quite useful against slower enemies, whereas the latter is effective for keeping your range.

Frenzy Weapons

The Frenzy Weapons are your fast-hitting weapons and are capable of landing multiple critical hits in a row if used correctly. They are less common than the other types and require a bit more skill to use due to their lack of range. Characters such as Bruno can make quite the use of such weapons.

Bulldozer Weapons

The complete opposite of the Frenzy weapon is the Bulldozer weapon. These are extremely slow yet equally powerful. When thinking of Bulldozer weapons, think of sledgehammer-styled weapons. If you charge your heavy attacks with these, you are guaranteed to land critical hits and cause a powerful explosion, knocking back even a crowd of zombies. These weapons suit the tank characters such as Jacob and are useful for crowd control.

Demolition Weapons

The next few categories apply to ranged weapons, starting with Demolition Weapons. These are usually your heavy hitters, such as shotguns, and provide you with an additional boost if you deal damage to vulnerable zombies. A zombie is vulnerable when its stability bar has been lowered. If you reload, you also get a slight toughness boost.

Rapid-fire Weapons

Essentially your fast-firing weapons such as submachine guns, machine pistols, and automatic assault rifles. These burn through your ammo really quickly, but luckily for you, there are additional buffs for doing so. The more and faster you shoot, the higher your accuracy and critical damage will be.

Sharpshooter Weapons

Sharpshooters are basically your long-ranged weapons, and the first ranged weapon that you’ll get as part of the story will be a sharpshooter, allowing you to get quite familiar with them. You will get critical hits for aiming down sights and targeting the enemy’s head or limbs. But of course, like many long-ranged and powerful weapons, these could be faster, requiring a lot of time to reload. To add on top of that, these have smaller magazines as well. Therefore, these are best used from a safe distance.

Tactical Weapons

The final category is a blend between the rapid-fire and the sharpshooter. They have the strength of a sharpshooter while the speed of a rapid-fire weapon. With these, you can get relatively closer to your enemies. They also offer buffs, such as a boost to agility while dodging.


With that, you know all about the Dead Island 2 Best Weapons, the weapon types, and how certain weapons can be used alongside different characters. You have multiple options when choosing the right weapon for your character.

But, as most of these weapons require a tedious process of completing side quests or fulfilling other conditions to acquire, it is wise to compare the stats with your own playstyle before committing to finding a weapon. Of course, there are many other things you can use to get an advantage in battle. For example, skill cards can really vary your playstyle. And if you’re looking to do some exploring, consider looking for Brock’s safe keys or fuses.

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