15 Best Dead Island 2 Perks [Weapon Type, Location, Uses]


Dead Island 2 has a wide variety of perks that have been tested out by us and can be used during combat in order to allow for a deadlier battle between zombies. Amongst the different perks made available for each weapon profile, we think that 15 Dead Island 2 Best Perks can be shortlisted, alongside players also getting to know what the best mod and perk might be for each weapon type. 

Important: Players need to know the difference between a weapon perk that can be used for melee weapons and one that can only be used for a firearm.

Key Takeaways

  • Perks can be slotted into the different weapons and they are able to provide damage enhancement and act as an upgrade.
  • Below listed are the best Dead Island 2 perks for each weapon profile: 
    1. The Rapid Fire can use Damaging, Hazardous, Precision Shot perks, 
    2. The Maiming weapon type can work really well with the Tear N Sear, Slaughter, and Contagious. 
    3. As for the Frenzy weapon type, the Precision Strikes, Lightweight, Shockwave and Contagious perks can work really well. 
    4. For the Headhunter weapon profile, the Precision Strikes, Weights, Restoring, and Empowering perks can work excellently. 
    5. The Sharpshooter weapon profile can use perks like Mind Blowing, High Caliber, and Speedloader. 
    6. The Demolition types can work really well with Speedloader, Russian Roulette, Tactical Reload as well as Mindblowing. 
    7. With the Bulldozing types, it can work with Shockwave, Skilled, Unstable, and Hazardous. 
    8. Lastly, the Tactical types of weapons can seamlessly work with the Static Charge, Vigilant, and Russian Roulette. 

Best Dead Island 2 Perks

Best Perks
Best Perks (Image Credits Exputer)

First things first, let’s take a look at some of the Dead Island 2 Best Perks that can be used in combat, and each one of them can also be located and found. 

Perks  Uses  Location
Mind-Blowing  Whenever a headshot kill is carried out on zombies, they end up being exploded with intense force (works only on Firearms). Whenever we went outside the CDC Facility towards the finishing of the Blood Drive, we checked the workbench for the blueprint. 
Damaging  Overall damage output carried out towards the opponent gets enhanced. The Damaging perk was achieved by us after we made our way through the Brentwood Sewers and it was sitting on a workbench there. 
High Caliber  The overall damage as well as force ends up being increased, however, in retrospect, the overall magazine size and accuracy for firearms ends up being decreased This perk can be bought from Rodriguez which is present in Venice Beach by spending a total of 1000 dollars. 
Tactical Reload  Using tactical reload allows any zombie murders that are carried out to increase the overall speed of boost reload for a short while.  Players are able to get their hands on Tactical Reload by getting it from Rodriguez who is present at Venice Beach by spending 1000 dollars after Beach Offensive has been completed. 
Ferocious  Whenever it is used, any kills that occur to an opponent cause extra Fury to be regenerated.  The side quest called Lending A Hand needed to be completed which was located on Ocean Avenue in order to get the perk. 
Bloodthirsty  Overall boost damage ends up getting increased, as well as whenever Fury is gained, it will be enhanced.  The beginning of the Body Art needs to be completed which is a side quest and is located in Beverly Hills through which Francesca becomes a trader and the perk can be bought from the trader by spending 1000 dollars. 
Slaughter  With Slaughter, the overall limb damage that is carried out on opponents ends up being enhanced, and overall durability for melee is also enhanced.  There is a workbench that is present while doing the “O Michael, Where Art Thou” in the Monarch Studios parking area, the perk can be found there. 
Static Charge  Anytime an attack is carried out on zombies, the overall electrified charge that is gained is enhanced, and if many hits are carried out, then it causes an explosion that causes the Electrified status effects to be applied to opponents.  During combat, the Electrified effect needs to be applied to opponents for a total of 50 times and the challenge needs to be completed to get the perk. 
Shockwave  Similar to the location, anytime a zombie is knockback or knocked down, it causes a devastating explosion to take place.  Enemies need to be knocked down for a total of 100 times in order to complete their respective challenges and gain the perk. 
Empowering  Any critical hits or heavier attacks that are carried out on opponents cause the zombies that intake more damage Whenever we went to the water treatment plant area that is present in Beverly Hills, there are a few shelves that are located in the gate room that can be accessed to get the perk. 
Leech  Whenever opponents get hurt, there is a chance that the overall HP can be restored and this works for melee weapons only.  There is a challenge known as the Leechblade challenge which needs to be finished in which 100 zombies need to be assassinated using melee weapons. 
Vampire  Whenever zombies end up being decimated, there is a chance that the HP can be regenerated.  A total of 200 zombie parts need to be collected. 
Hazardous  Any opponent that gets attacked by you and has been inflicted with a status effect will also experience a massive explosion and take damage.  After the metro can be accessed, the perk will be present on one of the first workbenches. 
Precision Shots  Multiple attacks on zombies grant a damage boost with 5 max stacks.  Diaries Of The Dead needs to be completed. 
Contagious A status effect inflicted on a zombie is spread to close-by enemies.  The Contagious 1 Challenge needs to be completed. 

Best Perks For Each Weapon Profile

Moving on, let’s take a look at what mods and Dead Island 2 Best Perks can be used for each weapon profile. Weapons are conveniently divided into 8 different profiles, which allows them to serve different purposes during combat, with some of the weapons being maiming weapons, some being ranged, etc. 


Rapid Fire Weapon
Rapid Fire Weapon (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, one of the first types of weapon that can be used is the Rapid-Fire type weapon. 

  • The main reason why the weapon might be used is to carry out rapid shots through which critical hits can be launched, and anyone wielding the weapon will also gain a small Accuracy boost
Rapid Fire Gameplay
Rapid Fire Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • These critical hits that are carried out by the Rapid-Fire weapons can be stacked to a certain amount. 
  • When it comes to mods, a Liquidator mod can come incredibly handy for this, through which the damage output can be essentially converted to caustic damage and continuous hits will apply the Melting status effect to enemies. 
Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as Best Perks In Dead Island 2 are concerned, the few mentioned below can be used. 

Perks  Uses  Location
Damaging  Overall damage is increased for the weapon.  Can be obtained in the Brentwood Sewers present on a workbench
Hazardous  Carry out an attack on the zombie that already has a status effect on them to trigger an explosion on them.  After the Metro has been unlocked, the first workbench that is present thereafter unlocking it will have the blueprint. 
Precision Shots  Multiple hits one after the other on zombies can grant a small damage enhancement with max 5 stacks.  The side quest known as Diaries of the Dead needs to be completed. 

Maiming Weapon 

Maiming (Image Credits Exputer)

The second type of weapon that can use the Dead Island 2 Best Perks will include the Maiming weapon types. 

  • The main purpose that a maiming weapon serves is that whenever it is used, it is able to regenerate stamina for the player, while anytime an opponent’s limb is targeted during combat, critical hits can be carried out. 
Maiming Gameplay
Maiming Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Maiming weapons typically become useful when we were attempting to tear off limbs such as the legs or arms of zombies.
  • Each weapon will have a mod slot, alongside having a fixed perk that can’t be removed or switched, and a few perk slots that can be embedded with a perk of our choice. 
Maiming Perks
Maiming Perks (Image Credits Exputer)

The Cremator Mod can be used for the maiming weapon through which the weapon can be embued with Fire Damage as well as allow players to carry out higher damage whenever they are locked in a heated battle with enemies. Below listed are the Dead Island 2 Best Perks that can b used for the maiming weapon profile. 

Perks  Uses  Location
Tear N Sear The Tear N Sear perk can be extremely useful here since anytime a zombie has been maimed, it allows for a pool of burning fuel to start gathering underneath it, and it essentially requires the creator weapon mod to work which ties in perfectly with the cremator mod that can be used with the weapon.  The Infernal Combustion Challenge needs to be completed in which the Ignited effect needs to be inflicted on zombies 50 times. 
Slaughter  The overall limb damage as well as durability is increased for melee weapons.  Can be found on a workbench in the Monarch Studios parking area while doing the “O Michael Where Art Thou”.
Contagious Anytime a heavy attack is launched on a zombie, it allows for the status effect that has been currently inflicted on the zombie types to start spreading to opponents that are close by, and this works for melee only.  The Contagioud 1 challenge needs to be completed. 


Frenzy (Image Credits Exputer)

Another type of weapon profile that will be encountered is the Frenzy

Frenzy Perks
Frenzy Perks (Image Credits Exputer)
  • With the frenzy-type weapons, any rapid attacks that are carried out will end up landing critical hits, and it will also grant a minor attack speed increase and can be stacked. 
  • When it comes to mods, the Puncturator mod is a must-have for it, since it is able to inflict bleed damage to opponents, as well as apply the Bleeding status effect to enemies upon hit after hit. 
Perks  Uses  Location 
Precision Strikes  If multiple crit hits are landed on enemies, it grants a crit damage boost but only temporarily. Can be bought from Dougie who is present inside the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue for a total of 1000 dollars. 
Lightweight  Overall attack speed gets increased but it also ends up decreasing the overall force.  The Death of the Party questline needs to be completed. 
Shockwave  A zombie needs to be knocked down through which a high fore explosion is carried out.  The Challenge Shockwave 1 needs to be completed fully
Contagious  Heavy attacks that are launched on enemies will allow the status effect to spread to close enemies.  The Contagious 1 Challenge needs to be completed. 


Headhunter (Image Credits Exputer)

Using the Headhunter weapon profile, we were able to target the heads of the enemies in order to land crit hits. Alongside that, whenever we launched heavy attacks on enemies, it would enhance our agility

Headhunter Perk
Headhunter Perk (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Whenever the headhunter weapon is used, the Mutilator mod can be used through which the overall physical damage can be boosted up, and if successful attacks are carried out on enemies, it will inflict them with the Weakened effect and if a zombie that is weakened is attacked, stamina can be regained. 
Perks  Uses  Location
Empowering Any critical hits as well as heavy attacks will deal more damage.  While going to the gate room in the water treatment plant that is located in Beverly Hills, one of the shelves will contain the perk. 
Restoring  Any crit hits or kills end up regenerating stamina.  While doing the “The End Of The Line“, there are a few zombies that will need to be defeated and when the train arrives, the blueprint will be inside it. 
Weighted  Overall Force is increased, while the attack speed is decreased  Can be found towards the door that is present inside Marissa’s Bedroom. 
Precision Strikes  Continuous critical hits one after the other grant a crit damage enhancement for a short while.   Can be bought from Dougie who is present in the Serling Hotel at the Ocean Venue by spending 1000 dollars. 


Sharpshooter (Image Credits Exputer)

The next weapon profile will be the Sharpshooter and it is also able to make use of the Dead Island 2 Best Perks. 

Sharpshooter Perks
Sharpshooter Perks (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The way that the sharpshooter weapon works is through the use of aim mode, and whenever it is used, it can end up enhancing the overall damage output, and if headshots or limbs are attacked, then it can land critical hits on the zombie.  
  • The cremator mod can be really useful here since it can inflict Fire damage on opponents, and if shots are launched out one after the other, it can really help inflict the Ignited effect on opponents. 
Perks  Uses  Location 
Mind Blowing  Headshots will end up making opponents explode.  After getting out of the CDC Facility, the workbench outside it has the perk. 
High Caliber  Overall damage and force get increased but the magazine size and accuracy are decreased.  Can be bought from Rodriguez who is at Venice Beach for 1000 dollars 
Speedloader Overall reload speed is enhanced.  Present in the gunroom present inside Nikki’s house towards the finishing of the Justifiable Zombicide storyline. 


Demolition Weapons
Demolition Weapons (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next of the Dead Island 2 Best Perks that can be used can also be used on the Demolition type weapons

  • These weapons can be used to land automatic crit hits on opponents that have already been weakened and are vulnerable, and anytime the weapon is reloaded, a toughness boost is also granted. 
Demolition Gameplay
Demolition Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • As far as the mods are concerned, the Impactor mod can be used here, which allows for physical damage and force increase, and if successive attacks are carried out, it causes enemies to become Traumatised. 
  • Alongside that, it also causes opponents that are vulnerable to take in more damage if they are sent flying. 
Perks  Uses  Location 
Speedloader  Overall reload speed is increased.  Present inside the gun room inside Nikki’s house in Beverly Hills. 
Russian Roulette  Enhanced damage if the magazine is low on the weapon.  Upon reaching the Serling Hotel towards Ocean Avenue, the perk can be bought from Dougie for 1000 dollars. 
Tactical Reload  Any zombie kills that occur grant a temporary boost to reload speed Can be bought from Rodriguez inside Venice Beach for about 1000 dollars. 
Mindblowing  If headshot kills are done, it makes the opponents explode.  After leaving the CDC Facility, a workbench will have the perk. 


Bulldozer Weapon
Bulldozer Weapon (Image Credits Exputer)

The second last weapon profile will be of the Bull-dozer, which is able to drain stability as well landing critical hits upon using heavy attacks on enemies. Alongside that, any thrown weapons that are used end up causing forceful explosions to take place. 

Bulldozer Perks
Bulldozer Perks (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The mod in choice by us will be the Liquidator mod since it is able to inflict caustic damage as well as apply the Melting status effect to enemies. 
Perks  Uses  Location
Shockwave  A zombie needs to be knocked down in order to trigger a forceful explosion.  The Challenge Shockwave 1 needs to be completed. 
Skilled  Zombie assassinations end up granting a temporary boost to heavy attacks as well as charge time.  The story quest called Boardwalk Dead needs to be completed. 
Unstable  Any crit hits that are carried out will cause an explosion to take place The perk is obtained while doing The Giant Slayer questline. 
Hazardous  Attack an opponent that already has a status effect inflicted in order to cause an explosion to take place.  After the Metro is unlocked, the blueprint can be found next to a workbench. 


Tactical Weapon
Tactical Weapon (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, we have the Tactical-type best weapons through which any block or dodge that is carried out will end up activating critical hits and it will also increase overall agility and reload speed. 

Tactical Perks
Tactical Perks (Image Credits Exputer)
Perks  Uses 
Russian Roulette  Overall damage output is enhanced if the magazine is low. 
Vigilant  If the weapon is reloaded, it increased damage temporarily. 
Static Charge  Hits are able to generate an Electrified charge, while continuous hits cause an explosion. 


And there we have it! All that players need to know about the Dead Island 2 Best Perks and with that, we will wrap up our guide! While you’re here, why not read up on our Dead Island 2 Cable Guy Key guide will showcase the location of the key! Alongside that, our Dead Island 2 Fast Travel guide will showcase how to unlock it and use it!

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