10 VMware Backup Best Practices


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VMware is the market leader in the virtualization sector, and, for many IT professionals, VMware vSphere is the virtualization platform of choice. But can you keep up with your organization’s changing backup demands, reduce complexity and outsource legacy backups?

Server virtualization has gained widespread adoption globally and remains the foundation of cloud computing. VMware vSphere is the most popular hypervisor, and many VeeamĀ® customers use it as their virtualization platform of choice. \

This white paper describes best practices specific to backup and availability of VMware vSphere with VeeamĀ® Data Platform.

In this guide, you’ll find VMware backup tips and recommendations from experienced members of the Veeam community, which will help you enhance your backup strategy and ensure the safety of your data.

Specifically, this paper addresses data protection recommendations for VMware vSphere (no other hypervisors, cloud, SaaS or physical servers are covered).

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>> 10 VMware Backup Best Practices – White Paper
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